A radiant blue sports car driven in a residential area.

The sports car stopped in front of a mansion and a man wearing an office coat came out of the sports car.

The man walked towards the mansion gate and opened the padlock of the gate using a key he was holding.

The man opened the gate, and then he got back into his car.

The man drove his car into the area of the mansion and he parked his car right in front of the staircase that led to the entrance of the mansion.

The man got out of his car and walked through the staircase.

In front of the entrance of the mansion, an old man with white hair and brown eyes wearing a butler uniform was seen waiting for the mans arrival.

”Welcome back master Hong Dae, ” the old man in butler uniform said to the man while taking off the office coat the man was wearing.

”Thanks for your hard work, Sebastian, ” Hong Dae said to the old man wearing the butler uniform.

Hong Dae entered the mansion and there was a living room with luxurious types of furniture.

He went straight to a sofa and sat down.

Hong Dae closed his eyes and then he fell asleep without changing his clothes or taking off his shoes.

Hong Dae is a rich conglomerate that manages the largest trading company in the world.

The company he manages is the Moonlight Company which can be shortened to MC.

MC is a trading company engaged in all fields, from food, clothing, houses, land, vehicles, etc.

This trading company can engage in all these fields only because of one reason and that reason is a person called Hong Dae.

Hong Dae was originally just a teenager who wanted to run his own trading company when he was eighteen.

He opened the trading company because his father who was also a rich conglomerate who managed the largest trading company in his country gave him an obligation.

The obligation that his father gave him is to double the ten billion dollars his father gave him on his eighteenth birthday within one year.

”Doubling ten billion dollars in one year? Isn that too easy? Ill kick that old mans ass from the trading company world, ” said the young and confident Hong Dae.

The young and confident Hong Dae used the help of Sebastian to build his trading company from scratch until it eventually became the largest trading company in the world.

Hong Dae multiplied the ten billion dollars from his father a thousand times and he also bought most of the shares of his fathers trading company which ended with his fathers trading company falling into his hands.

The white horizon in the east began to disappear, the sun began to reveal itself accompanied by the chirping of the birds in the sky.

The sound of the cell phone alarm in Hong Daes pocket woke him who had only been asleep for a few hours.

Hong Dae stood up from the sofa and stretched his body then he walked to the bathroom not far away from there.

He opened the door of the bathroom and went straight to wash his face.

After washing his face, Hong Dae saw his reflection in the mirror in front of him.

A handsome face with neat short jet-black hair accompanied by charming sky-blue eyes, thats how Hong Daes face looks.

Hong Dae straightened his shirt then he came out of the bathroom.

As soon as Hong Dae came out of the bathroom, he met one of his maids who was carrying a laundry basket.

”Oh, Good morning master Hong Dae~ ” a friendly greeting with a smile from his maid to him.

”Good morning Elaine, and thanks for your hard work, ” Hong Dae said to his maid.

Hong Dae exited the mansion and went straight to his car.

In front of his sports car, Sebastian is already waiting for him while carrying his office coat.

”Good morning master Hong Dae, do your best again for today, ” Sebastian said to Hong Dae as he handed the office coat to Hong Dae.

”Good morning Sebastian, thanks for your hard work, ” Hong Dae said to Sebastian as he took the office coat that Sebastian had given to him and then he put it on.

Hong De opened his sports car door and got in.

He closed the sports car door and started the car engine.

Hong Dae opened his sports car window and waved his hand to Sebastian and his maids who escorted him off.

A cold breeze in the morning accompanied by a lot of sound from passing vehicles greeted Hong Daes departure.

Hong Dae drives his sports car to his office which is in the center of

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