the city.

During his trip, Hong Dae plays EDM songs in his sports car and enjoys the beats of the songs.

”Go crazy for me and my music.. be crazy for me and make me rich.. ” Hong Dae mumbled singing in his head while enjoying the EDM music.

A few moments later, Hong Dae arrived at a t-junction in the center of the city.

Hong Dae continued to drive his sports car straight towards a wall of a tall radiant blue building that was right in front of him.

Hong Dae pressed a button on the steering wheel of his sports car and the wall in front of him opened inward.

Hong Dae drove his sports car into the open wall and when he got in, it turned out to be a parking lot inside the building.

Hong Dae parked his sports car in a special place that had a red carpet right in front of an elevator that was only for the CEO.

Hong Dae is the owner and CEO of the Moonlight Company, he is also the largest shareholder in there by ninety-seven percent shareholding.

Hong Dae got out of his sports car and go to the elevator.

When Hong Dae was standing in front of the elevator, the elevator doors opened and he entered the elevator.

As soon as he entered the elevator, the elevator doors closed, and the atmosphere became quiet.

Theres only one way to use the elevator, there are two devices in the elevator that requires Hong Daes fingerprints and identification of his corneas.

Hong Dae put his fingerprints on the device and then there was another device that came down from above him that was to identify his corneas.

After scanning his corneas, the device returned to its place, and then the elevator started moving upwards.

The elevator stopped and the elevator doors opened.

Hong Dae stepped out of the elevator and walked into a room that looked spacious and tidy that had piles of documents everywhere.

The room was none other than Hong Daes office room.

Hong Dae walked to his desk and sat in his chair which looked so futuristic and comfortable.

Hong Dae read the documents on his desk one by one.

”We would like to ask for charitable donations… the senders name is Hollow Day Company, I never heard their name, ” Hong Dae muttered in his mind while reading the document. ”Sigh… trash. ”

Hong Dae tore up the document and then put it in the trash can next to his desk.

Hong Dae took another document and then read it.

e from a High-end Beach Company, we want to offer you an exotic vacation… vacation, huh? Maybe Ill think about it later, ” Hong Dae thought as he put the document in his drawer where there were piles of other documents about vacations.

Hong Dae continued to read the other documents.

Sometimes he tore them apart, sometimes he squeezed them into a ball, and rarely did he sign it.

Hong Dae used to have a secretary to help him read and go through every document, but a few weeks ago he fired his secretary because his secretary had embezzled twenty billion dollars in company funds which wasn much for him.

He fired his secretary not because his secretary embezzled twenty billion dollars of company funds, but he fired his secretary because his secretary had betrayed his trust.

”Sigh… if only I had someone I could trust and wouldn betray me, ” Hong Dae complained because he was tired of reading the endless pile of documents in front of him.

Morning turned into afternoon, the afternoon turned into evening, the evening turned into night, and Hong Dae still hadn finished reading and going through all the piles of documents in front of him.

”I need a cup of coffee, ” Hong Dae thought as he tried to get up from his chair.

Hong Daes vision slowly blurred and darkened, he held his head and felt very dizzy.

He tried to sit back in his chair but he fell to the floor of his office room.

He slowly lost his consciousness and passed out on the spot.

The next day, Hong Dae is reported to have passed away.

His death became very phenomenal news in all corners of the world.

He was reported to have died from overwork, and there was some gossip that he died either by murder or suicide.

Many women all over the world and their children came to his residence and claimed that they were his illegitimate wife and children, but all of that was useless because from the start, Hong Dae was not at all interested in love and such.

In the end, his father acquired his entire wealth.

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