MMORPG: Phantasm Prodigy

Hong Dae\'s Fake Death

d their foreheads.

”Oi… old man, take care of the Moonlight Company, but all the assets are still in my name, ” Hong Dae said to his father as he turned his face to his father.

”Alright, anything for my beloved son, ” Hong Daes father replied while smiling at his son.

So, in reality, Hong Daes father really loves his son, unfortunately, he rarely makes time for his son because he is too busy taking care of his trading company.

”Then for you, Sebastian, tell the media that I have passed away, Im sick of all this, ” Hong Dae said to Sebastian as he turned his face to Sebastian.

Hearing what Hong Dae had just said, his father and Sebastian were astonished by him.

However, because it was Hong Dae himself who asked, his father and Sebastian believe Hong Dae has his own reasons.

”Understood, master Hong Dae, Ill do it right away, ” Sebastian replied to Hong Daes order.

Sebastian immediately carried out orders from Hong Dae and his father took over the Moonlight Company and all of its assets, but these assets were still in Hong Daes name.

A few days later, Hong Dae was declared to be healthy by the Midas Hospital and he was allowed to go home.

”Then, what do you need master Hong Dae? ” Sebastian asked Hong Dae as he tidied up his messy butler uniform.

”Tell the media that Moonlight Company will imprison anyone who claims to be my illegitimate wife and if they have children, say that Moonlight Company will set up a special orphanage for those children, ” Hong Dae said as he jumped onto his bed.

”Understood, master Hong Dae, have a good rest, ” Sebastian said as he leave Hong Daes room.

Hong Dae scrolled through his phone screen until he found a video stream.

The video has a thumbnail of a muscular man wearing medieval armor with a unique design like a white tiger.

The video is being watched by over five hundred thousand people.

The curious Hong Dae clicked on the video to watch it too.

”Hey, guys!!~ Welcome to my stream channel for all of you new faces!!~ Today..!!~ We will hunt the area boss in the western region of the Alvenix kingdom!!~ ” the streamer said excitedly with a friendly tone to the camera as he clenched his fist.

The streamer then ran while using his medieval armor which looked very heavy.

The streamer ran towards the western region of the Alvenix kingdom which was a forest.

The forest is called the Sorcerers Forest.

A forest filled with all kinds of monsters that have forest-related characteristics.

Among the monsters, there was one of the most famous types of monsters from the Sorcerers Forest.

The monster was the area boss of the Sorcerers Forest.

A big lion that has skin as hard as steel and a mane as beautiful as silk.

They said its sharp fangs are sharper than a unique grade spear, and they said its sharp claws are sharper than a unique grade sword.

Thats how the area boss was described.

Moments later, the streamer tripped over a tree root and fell down making a very loud sound.

[: Lol, he fell XD]

[ Donated 100 coins]

[: Oh, look! Uncle stinky fart donated 100 coins for something like that??!!]

[: He is here!!! Uncle stinky fart!!!]

”Thanks for the donation uncle stinky fart!~ ” The streamer excitedly said with a friendly tone to the camera as he stood up.

”Coins? Is this some kind of currency? ” Hong Dae thought as he searched about it on the internet.

Hong Dae found on the internet that one coin was the main currency in Phantasm Prodigy and that one coin was equivalent to ten USD.

Hong Dae counted for a short time and then he realized that the guy with the nickname uncle stinky fart had wasted around a thousand USD in a short time on the streamer.

”The heck? I work hard day and night to earn money and this guy can earn a thousand dollars in a short time by just playing a game? Are you serious??!! ” Hong Dae complained as he frowned.

Hong Dae checked the account of the streamer he had previously watched.

The account is named Tora Sama.

The account has over ten million followers.

Each of the videos is about a game that is very popular lately and has over twenty million views each video.

That very popular game is Phantasm Prodigy.

A full dive VRMMORPG game that got released by Imoogi Tech.

A game that emphasizes the elements of fantasy and reality at the same time.

A game with over five billion active players that don have any specific objective and lets players play this game as they please.

However, there are rumors about the existence of the main quest that leads to the ending of the game whose the conditions to get it, are still unknown.

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