At a very young age, I dreamt of becoming a great lawyer.

As a Yoruba woman, who would later marry to a man someday, thereafter ending up in the kitchen.

I never let that happen to me, everyone are equal,both man and woman.

God made them all perfectly and equally.

A woman can do what a man can do, like my mom, shes a woman…. But manly in character.

Without any mans help, she worked hard and did all the things my father could do for my siblings and I…. which he didn .

Also, a man can do what a woman can do, apart from giving birth to a baby.

My siblings, which are men, they cook, do house chores, go to market, and alot of things that a woman does.

I never let Gender inequality or any type of inequalities affect my dreams.

Because I know I will be great as a black woman.

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