Chapter 2: Ibere mi ( My beginning) 2

My name is Morenikeji, the first female and the first born of my mothers


Born on a Sunday on the eleventh of july at the year of 1997.

I have two male siblings behind me who watches every little steps I take as their elder sister.

My mother, Mrs Florence Aduramigba, the daughter of pastor and pastor (Mrs) Ademi, a single parent, separated from my father since a long time ago.

We are all a bonafide Yoruba people and a proud citizens of Nigeria.

Well, my name is a Yoruba which means in foreign language, ” I have found a companion ”.

Maybe my mother prayed for a companion before giving birth to me, And Olorun listened and granted her wish, by giving her a bouncy baby girl, which is me…. Her companion. Before giving her my brothers; Oluwadamilare and Oluwapamilerin.

I was little when my mom and dad got separated, very little.

My mother suffered in the hands of my father, he turned her to his personal gongon ( talking drum), every day and night, in front of my siblings and I.

I saw her suffering in silence, I couldn just do anything, I watched her suffer. I hated myself …. I was so useless…I cried in painful guilt, my little brothers were just little, not understanding anything but they saw it all. I knew they saw it.

I once asked my mother why she was still staying, what she told me sounded absurd, but now I understood it clearly. ”Im here for my children, a proper home training needs both the parents ”

One time that made my hatred for men grew was on my fathers birthday, he wanted to celebrate it with my siblings and I, with his mistress; Miss Damilola.

Also that day was Faith clinic in church, which my mom attends. We were supposed to attend, but due to…..ah…. well, my mom suffered, just because she didn release my brothers and I to him.But she was willingly to release us to him on one condition, which is taking her along with him, she can just release her children anytime. My dad, due to anger denied her…His wife…. can you believe that.

Then I made up my mind to become a Lawyer, to stop violent behavior towards females. I never want any woman to go through what my mom suffered in the hands of a man and society.

And I know my mom doesn want me to go through it.

I never want my brothers to turn out to like our father… Never.

I will talk about my life and education next time.

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