Chapter 4: Ibere mi (my beginning) 4

When I got inside the house expecting my mom to attack me, but nothing happened. Inside me, Im scared, mom is very unpredictable, she can attack at any time.

So without anyone telling me, I went on my knees on my own accord. Maybe she can forget everything or probably forgive me, when she sees me kneeling in front of her room.

I knew deep down that nothing will help me and I can never change….. Id done this several times and my mom….I know shes tired of listening to the same conclusions, complains about I….her daughter.

I was there for several minutes before she came out of her room with red eyes….she cried….I made her cry.

I immediately bowed my head, but she never held the koboko…. will she punish me instead. ” Morenikeji mi, oko mi ”

She was calling me, If were not to be I was in this situation….I will be happy, that my called that.

My mom calls me that Everytime making me feel so special….. but right now… Im scared and filled with guilt.

I felt two strong hands on my shoulder, they pulled me….. I found myself in my mothers arms…my head placed on her pillow-like breasts. They felt so comfortable. Our mothers breasts and laps are our very first comforting pillows before we grow up….but, I will never grow old of putting my head on my mothers laps, because it is comforting.

” Omo mi ” She used the back of her hand to wipe my tears. She start saying my oriki in pure ijebu tone:

”anike- agbo

Àníké Àgbò

Àníké Agbo

Àníké of the Arena (where people gather)/Agbo

Àgbò ti o nfi orí ti òpó

The ram that forges ahead resiliently despite existing structures or obstructions such as Pillars or Totem poles/ (Òpó)

Òpó MOja A Lekàn

The Pillar, Mother of Fish (MOja/Omo Eja/Yemoja: Yeye Omo Eja)

Òpómúléró MOja A Lekàn

The Sturdy Pillar of Strength, Mother of Fish

Òpó Ró Aso, Òpó Gbàjá

The Pillar that ties a wrapper (fabric/cloth) around/Ró aso ; Adds an extra Cloth (like a baby carrier) to further support (facilitate/nurture) the weight or load of others/Gbaja or Gbé Òjá

Òpó Kan Dudu, Keke Ta Didun

The Single Pillar, like the sound of the weavers spindle

Aso Ni Èdìdì Omo Ènìyàn

Clothes we human beings wear, tend to conceal, obstruct transparency, be deceitful and become a form of bondage/èdìdì

Bi Ko Ba Si Aso; Bi Ko Ba Si Èjìgbàrà Ìlèkè

Yet, without these Clothes, without the expensive double strings of waist & hip beads

Iniruuru Ìdí LAoba Maa Ri

The buttocks will be exposed

Omo Elomiran Ìbá Bo Ara Sile A Jo Àayà

Unlike you, Others de-robe and behold theyll resemble the fast and playful Red Colobus Monkey

Imiran Ko Ba Bo Ara Sílè A Jo Òbo

Some others de-robe and behold resemble a plain monkey

Èmi, Èmí, Èmími

I Am, A Life-giving essence, My life-giving essence

Àníké Àníké Àníké-Àgbò ”

Shes the only person that knows my oriki and is allowed to sing my oriki….My brothers have theirs also given by my mom….she sings it inorder to encourage,scold, teach a lesson and praise us.

I knew she said this, indirectly telling me to never give up and strive.

My mom never whipped me nor punish me…..I was comforted end encouraged by my mom…

I made up my mind that I will become like a ram which never gives up….and works very hard.

I will never make her cry over me again…. instead…. she will shed the tears of joy over me.

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