Chapter 8: Ibere mi ( My beginning)8

After Baba moonlighting story for tonight, I was the first to after telling him that I was on my way home. He smiled and blessed me.

I never want to miss curfew, it just forty minutes before curfew, I need to be home before that time. Baba house to my house is an hour walk, so I ran as fast as my little legs could carry.

Last time I accidentally missed curfew was when I six years old, now Im ten,

I was just ten minutes late, My Mom locked out ordering me to sleep outside, I cried as I afraid of the dark, because of the story about the village. Spirit of those who are treated unjustly before death or after death, walks around the village having revenge on people who are still outside. They come out of their graves when the time struck twelve, I was scared even when the time wasn twelve.

Thats why before twelve, everyone must be in their house, it like a president of our country declaring state of emergency. That night I learnt my lesson by almost sleeping outside, cold, mosquitoes, rain, Ghosts, I was scared..

But my mom wasn that wicked, leaving a six years old child, to sleep outside all by herself. She let me inside to sleep asking whether I have learnt my lesson. What could I do, just nodding my head and saying yes. Being inside is different from being outside. Inside is warm and safe because my mom was there with me and outside, it is like an horror movie …Ah, scary.

” Ahhh ” That was me screaming, I didn see that a big stone was ahead of me as I fell down, thank you stone. Thanks so much. Now I be late.

I managed to get back to my feet, not minding the bleed or the pain, the only thing I care about was that I must be home before curfew because my mom should be expecting me,by now.

The melodious voice of my mom rung in my ears as I ran ” Ibo lo wa?(Where are you?) ”

”Mama, Emi yoo wa ni ile laipẹ (Mommy, I will be home soon) ” I replied to her voice as I continued to run, breathing heavily through my mouth and nose. Cold sweat were dripping down my forehead to the ground, my body is sweaty, it worth it. At least, my mom won cry because of me.

Finally i have gotten to the huge compound of my house, my mom was sitting on a bench outside the house. its looks like she waiting for me. Her hands were under chin as she was fighting sleep and mosquitoes. I chuckled at how silly but caring my mom could be.

Before I could call her, she sighted me from Oluwa knows where.

” Morenikeji mi ” Her eyes litted at the sight of me as she ran to me , she carried me in her arms. She hugged me like I have gone for a year or so, my mom is very important to me, She searched through my body, maybe searching for scars. She might have known that I ran home.

She laughed at my sweaty little frame. ”O sá padà sílé (You ran back home) ”

I felt it wasn a question but a.. I don know…. Before replying yes, but I know she knew I ran back home, I wrapped my little hands around her neck and comfortably put my head on her breasts, home, I whispered to myself. Home finally.

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