*12 minutes ago*

”Okay repeat now ”Laura







”now you know the words And pronunciation now say that all together ”


In an instant the lock on the bars came off.

Laura ”that is a freedom spell used when someone is trapped. ”

I ordered Laura to go back into the creation grimoire so as for me to not faint the the process of me escaping.

Laura ”correction Laura does not live inside the creation grimoire,Laura is the grimoire ”

Anon ”Then why do you always come out of the grimoire instead of transforming from the grimoire into you ”

Laura ”Well Laura can do both,she just chooses to come out separate so you can cast spells easier why looking at the words since you are a dumdum ”

Anon ”enough talk get back ”

She obliged and like a brighten light that soar through the dungeon and when I looked she wasn there anymore.

Guards ”What was that light ”

Guard 1 ”lets go check ”

I noticed the guards where coming and started running the other way but guards started coming for from the other exist,I tried hiding.

I wasn sure of what to do next and then I looked down just to find the grimoire I was holding ,let me try this out.


What happened next mesmerized furthermore I was right and this spell I just casted doesn work on only objects because after the spell was casted all guards turned around like something was controlling them and left the dungeon.Freedom huh,this is awesome.

I continued my quest of getting out of there as soon as I could before the guards could recall what they where doing.

I got out ,finally now should I go for my other grimoire or for Angel.

Let me just get my grimoire first then go to Angel.

I fled towards the principals office.


Guards ”whats going on,what are we doing back outside. ”

Lead guard ”hope he didn escape us,find him and capture him no one must know he is still in this academy.

Other guards ”yes sir ”

They scrambled into the dungeon and found my cell opened .

Guard ”Sir he escaped ”

Lead guard ”what do you mean escaped ,weren you the one on duty ,clearly you aren doing your job and this can cost you your job now look for him ,he might still be in the school. ”

I got to the principals office and by good luck he wasn there and became the search for my grimoire from his locker to the shells.

I spent more than three minutes looking for it and I heard foot steps and I peeped through the key hole and was alerted when I saw the principal anticipating with my grimoire at hand.

I didn know what to do because if I try running out he will see me and alert the guards ,I looked around and so a rod close to his seat,I quickly reached for him and waited for him behind the door.

”Time for payback ”I said

As he entered without noticing me I hit him on the head and he became unconscious.i took my grimoire from him and fled but I didn consider my surroundings before doing that and as I departed from the office I was spotted by one of the guards

guards ”there he is ,get him!!!!! ”

That alerted a bunch of guards which started following.In the pursuit I began looking for Angel,going from rooms to classrooms to toilets until I got to the sick bay and saw her.

Anon ”Angel I have to get out of here ”

Angel how did you get….. ”

Guards ”Get himmm!!!!!! ”


”come in quickly ”Angel hasted as she dragged him inside.

”What how did you get out ”

”Laura taught me a new spell, its called the freedom spell and apparently it will free me from any lock no matter the what is is made up of,I will give you all the details later I have to find away out ”

Angel ”the door is the only way out. ”

Guards ”come out we saw you going in here or else we will burst the door open,we give you fifteen seconds ”

”15 ”

Anon ”we are trapped let me just go back ”

Angel ”and everything you did will be in vain,no you are staying here ,this time we going down together ”

”14 ”

Anon ”what of your chances to becoming Supreme enchantress ”

”13 ”

Angel ”I would rather be a prisoner to being in a academy that students aren safe ”

”12…3 ”

”2 ”

1 ”

Guard 1 ”open it up Felix ”

Felix being a guard swordsman used his sword to cut through the door.

Guard ”ohh!!!no one is here? ”

Guard 1 ”he must be in here they is no way out except the door ”

Lead Guard ”search the room ”

The guards searched the room thick and thin for a minute and didn still find a trace of us.

”Lead guard ”Somehow he escaped,lets check other rooms before someone notices him ”

Anon ”Thank goodness,they are finally gone ”

Angel ”thats a really cool trick that could come one handy ”.

*1 minute 20 secs ago*

”we have just got fourteen secs more let me go out ”

”13 ”

”no ”

”yes I insist I am not jeopardizing your future and I insist take my grimoires ”

”12 ”

”wait my grimoire I got a spell in my light grimoire named the unseen, I couldn use earlier ”

”11 ”

Angel ”try it now ”


”10 ”

At first I thought nothing happened until

Angel ”Anon where are you?!! ”

”9 ”

Anon ”what do you mean by….,where are you Angel? ”

Angel ”what spell did you cast ”

”8 ”

Anon ”a spell to make the seen unseen according to what I could understand ”

”7 ”

Angel ”dumdum and you are getting us all worked up,that was an invisibility spell lets just wait for them to do what they want and then we can run ”

”6….3 ”

”2 ”

”1 ”

Guard 1 ”open it up Felix ”


Anon ”Thank goodness,they are finally gone ”

Angel ”thats a really cool trick that could come one handy ”.

Angel ”Okay you can undo the spell now or you just go out like a light ”

Anon ”okay ma but there is a problem ”

angel ”don you know how to undo a spell ”

Anon ”well unlike my freedom spell it doesn need undoing so no ”

Angel ”well let me educate you again,you just need to focus had and it will work or since you can only cast a spell with your grimoire open some spells will deactivate when the grimoire is closed ”

Anon ”no time for number one lets go for two ”

I closed the grimoire and luckily it worked and the spell undid. ”

Anon ”I thank you Angel for being a best friend to me and helping out am so sad because this is where we path ways ,goodbye. ”

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