*20 minutes ago*


”What did you say, ”I asked Angel

”What do you mean, I didn say anything ”

”Ohh really, I thought I heard something ”

”hmmm okay ”Angel replied


”Okay this time is sure you said something ”No I didn , is everything fine with you, ” she said.

But I heard something now ”Yes everything is fine, it should just be my image….*MORE VOICES BUT AT AN HIGHER PITCH*AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MY EAR ”

With fear, Angel shouts ”WHATS WRONG ANON!! ”

The pain didn even let me respond, it was excruciating, it was like rocks pounding on my head, I grabbed my head with both hands and fell to the ground, I thought to myself, why do I have to be the one with almost a billion death experiences?

Gradually the voices in my head started depreciating as I was getting hold of myself.

”I am taking you to the nurses bay ”Angel inferred but I didn want to go.

with lesser pain in me, I could reply and say ”No I am fine, no need for that ”I resisted.

”No, I am talking to you there ” she insisted

”Seriously am fine and besides I can take the likeliness of taking away your chance to being SUPREME ENCHANTRESS again ”

”Alright, since you insisted lets go ” she helped me up and we were heading to the library

”Hmph, talk about two weirdos in a relationship ”Felicia commented

”We aren in a relationship ”Angel retorted

”Leave her be Angel, its not like someone with shit for a brain can understand what happens around them ”

”ahh!! I hate you both ”Felicia screams as she stomps away.

We both laughed hard and headed to the library.



”Alright, judging from the way you are blissful you must have gotten something nice and what could that be? ”

I replied as I watch Felicia stare at us spitefully ”*smiles* oh yes, to me it is nice but to others, it might be normal, I got light magic, and emmm this old grimoire, what is this, is this word,o kay word magic, what kind of magic is that? ”

”I don know, try asking the instructor ”

”Okay ”

”Sir, Sir, please excuse me (he turns and asks what the problem was), Okay I got this grimoire that says ”word magic ” but I don understand how it works ”

”Stop joking and get back to your position ”The instructor responded.

”I am not lying, take a look for yourself ”

He took the grimoire from me and saw I wasn lying ”Wow you weren lying, how is this possible ”

”Yeah I told you so, why did you think I was lying. ”

The instructor whispers while he gives me back the grimoire ”See what you have there is also called the creation grimoire or the world grimoire, this is the first grimoire that existed and the grimoire that brought about other grimoires and it has only been wielded by the creator himself ”

Is this what she meant by potentials? ”Wow that is Soo cool, so are you saying am a creator now ”No he responded

”You mustn let anyone know you have this grimoire except the managerial board and the principal, no go. ”

”Wait one of my friends knows I have this grimoire ” ”Then keep it between you guys alone, ”he said. ”Go now and don let anyone see that grimoire, especially my fellow instructors. ”

I had more questions to ask him but since he said I can tell the principal I didn bother him and I left.

”Okay, what did he say? ”Angel asked

”wait, lets get to somewhere quieter and with lesser people. ”

She looked at me like she was irritated and asked why, I just smiled and said trust me, its this grimoire related.

she said okay and decided we should go to the sickbay since people are hardly there and we got there, luckily for us Rose wasn there.

I started whispering all that he told me to her, and she was surprised and shocked to the core. ” Wow so this is the creation grimoire and now I know why those writings on it were so familiar ”she whispered back.

”what do you mean ”I mumbled

”I have read about the creation grimoire before and these writings around the edges of this grimoire mean something (the writings*Lets undefined creation wallet us undefined Lucius put together laura*)

I thought they were just designs, thank goodness I didn say anything or I would have sounded like a fool.

”Okay wait here, I am coming ” before I could ask her where she was going she had already dashed out of the room and I just sat there trying to open the creation grimoire but it wouldn budge, then after Angel came back this time with a book.

”Okay I have gotten it, ” she said

”gotten what ” I replied

”The book where I read about those writings on this grimoire ”

”oh okay, so what does it mean ”

she turns a few pages until she got to the right side

”okay it means ”Lets make the creation and all things shall know Lucius and laura ” she quoted

”Wow that sounds badass, but who are Lucius and laura ”.

Angel replies ” Lucius is the creator himself, it was stated in the book but I don know about Laura ”

”maybe his wife, ” I said

”N,o I doubt that everybody knows he has one wife and that is CREATION, who is the mother to the DIVINE SIBLINGS. ”

”I don understand ”

”let me bring this to your level, creation is not a metaphor, she is an actual being and she is his wife, she gave birth to the divine siblings, the divine siblings are the reason why there is balance in every world, they are Death, Destiny, Dream, Desire, Emotion and the luck twins(Good luck and bad luck). Creation herself is the reason why we are still living and that is because she is life itself, if she is destroyed by any chance all living things will vanish alongside her.

”Wow and I have just met only two divine siblings ”

”stop joking with yourself no one is buying that ”Angel laughs as she said. ”well you wouldn understand, ”I said and she just ignored me.

”Okay thats that but who is this Laura ”Angel murmured.

”Are you sure you read it well give the book to me, let me see ”I implied, She did as I said and gave me the book.

I read it this time ”Lets make the creation and all things shall know Lucius and laura ”little did we know that as I read that line the writings on the grimoire began to glow and as I finished it, it became very much visible, it lit up the room with a bright light that shone on every corner in the room.

We couldn see for a while then the light was getting dimmer revealing a small-looking girl with elf-like ears and ocean-blue eyes

She said ”*yawns*where have you been Master ” her voice was euphonious.

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