*17 minutes ago ”

Principal ”Look let me tell you something,you wield great power you know nothing about,which can come in handy for us here at the academy ”

Anon ”Now that you are keeping me here,can you at least tell me why I am here ”

Principal ”No I can ,I can imagine if what I tell you will give you your memories back ,so the only thing you get is this jail. ”

Anon ”People will notice I am missing and when they find out where I am they… ”

principal ”I have to stop you there,nobody will find out that you are here because all they will know is that you resigned and thats all ”

Anon ”You are evil,I will get you when I am out of here ”

Principal ”You can keeps your hopes up but I assure you,you are not getting out ”. ”

Principal ”I didn come here for to be chatting with you,now tell me where is your second grimoire cos I went to your room but they said you have never come to the room ”

Anon ”I don know and if I knew I wouldn tell you for sure ”

principal ”oh really thats how you want to play the game ”

principal ”we got you,we just need Serena ”

Anon ”So you do know what my dream was about ”

Principal ”of course why do you think you are here ,for a cup of tea ”.

Anon ”hmmm then who is Serena? ”

Principal ”Okay let me just tell you this.A boy appeared 9 months ago in this realm and he was feared because he had a great and immersely powerful ability,he called himself the death inhabitance and he formed alliance with a woman called Serena she wielded magic and CHEMISTRY MANIPULATION ”

ANON ”Huh and what does this have to do with me ”

Principal ”you will see ”

Anon ”if you are not useful to me now you can as well go to your office ,I thought you didn come here to chat ”

That really pissed off the principal and he went.

Principal ”you will regret what you said Anon ,if thats your real name ”

Anon ”if thats my real name,What does that maggot-brain mean ”


Angel ”how do I get you out of here? ”

Anon ”well the key to this lock is with one of the guards ”

Angel ”which of the guards ”

Anon ”It is with the guard that.. ”

Guard ”Who is over there? ”

Anon ”you need to find away out of here,it wouldn help if we are both locked up in here ”

Angel ”thats true,oh Laura could help you out,take ”

She gave me the creation grimoire which i hid behind my back as i quickly sat against the wall facing the bars and she ran towards the other direction of where the guard was coming from and luckily for her there was a gate leading out and there was not guard there too.

Guard ”Who were you talking to? ”

Anon ”a young man isn allowed to talk to himself ”

Guard ”I heard a females voice ”

Anon ”Looks like someone is going to visit the psychiatric hospital ”

Guard ”who were you talking to? ”

Anon ”I told you no one you can check for yourself ”

The guard checked the dungeon really fast and came back to his cell in next 3 minutes.

Guard ”I couldn find anyone ”

Anon ”like I said no one is here ,as for the female voice you heard I think it is a sign that you should get married*laughs out loud* ”

Guard ”stop that right now, a prisoner should know his place ”

Anon ”And a guard shouldn have mental issues ahahahah!!!,Am so funny right? ”

Guard ”No you aren but you are surely annoying and that is why I will never leave this post again unless my shift is over ”

Anon ”Well no one asked you ”

Guard ”*grrrrrrr*well no one asked for your opinion too ”


Well this is a big problem ,now that I have a grimoire the problem is how and when to use it.

Everything sucks.

Well he said he wouldn go away,lets see about that,what if there is an event or a disaster where all guards are needed how will he handle that all I have to do is to find a way to interact with Angel.

*27 minutes later *

*Stomach groans*

Anon ”looks like someone wants to feed the toilet.

”Guard ”Don get your hopes up I am not leav… ”

”stomach groans harder ”

”Sorry excuse I will be back,don perform any mischievous act ”Guard said as he ran towards the exist.

”So communicating to Angel would have been unnecessary ”


Laura appears

”Why did you summon Laura ”she said

”Am in danger ”

”And how does that concern Laura ”

”it concerns you a lot because you need me to find lucius ”

”No Laura doesn need you help ”

”As far I can see it you need to be awaken to track down Julius ,the person that knows where Lucius is I assume that because you mentioned his name the first time we met and for you to be awaken you need someone to say your magic word which is me,so without me you are just a mere book which is useless,so therefore you have to listen to my every command. ”

Laura ”hmmmm!!What do you want Laura to do then ”she said with anger

Anon ”I want to get out of here. ”

”open your grimoire Laura has granted you a spell you just have to cast it

”hope you are not trying to trick me cos you know if am gone ,it always means means bye bye to you and bye bye to Lucius ”

”Laura knows, now do as she says ”

I opened it and as I did that the spell started appearing word by word until when done it was fascinating but this word was different compared to the other spell on my light grimoire and I couldn read it.

”why are the words different from other grimoires but they were still understandable it was like an old gen english ”

”you are so pathetic,how do you expect the language used during creation and new languages be the same,just repeat after Laura ”

(*the spell*FREEDOM)

”Okay repeat now ”Laura







”now you know the words And pronunciation now say that all together ”


In an instant the lock on the bars came off.

Laura ”that is a freedom spell used when someone is trapped. ”

Anon ”Angel I have to get out of here ”

Angel how did you get….. ”

Guards ”Get himmm!!!!!! ”

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