One house

Four vampires

Three oppressors

One broken piece with little bits of hope.

That practically sums up my life for as long as I can remember. I do remember being loved at one point in my life for probably a year before the hate started.

It all happened because I decided to be a vegetarian. A vegetarian vampire is one who decides to only drink animal blood.

I am the total opposite of my perfect sister, Diana. She drinks human blood, is skilful in her kills and ready for anything.

What hurts most is that Diana and I look so much alike that we can be mistaken for twins so when she tortures me its like Im torturing myself.

My parents are the leaders of the vampire hunters, commonly known as hunters. They plan to drink a whole pack dry.

You see drinking human blood makes you strong and you can survive longer without drinking blood. But drinking other supernatural creatures blood makes you powerful.

Im seventeen years old and I have only attended elementary school unlike Diana who is currently in senior year in high school at eighteen because she was held back.

They always compare me to her. It hurts but I have learnt to live with it.

One thing I am happy about they only hurts when I do something wrong and that happens very often.

”Kate! ” my father yelled from his study downstairs.

I quickly rushed down in order not to keep him waiting.

When I got to the door of his study, I knocked before going in.

”You asked for me. ” I said with my head bowed.

”You will be going to school with Diana. I want you to at least have some form of high school education. You are dismissed. ” he said and I left feeling excited for this new stage of my life.

I was so excited the next day but I had to reign it in before Diana tried to kill me because she was already giving me murderous looks.


Diana helped me get sorted out. She didn want me embarrassing her. She also made me promise not to tell anyone we were related.

I don understand why she would ask me not to tell anyone when its quite clear.

I thought I would be going to a vampire school but boy was I wrong. It was a mixed school. And by mixed, I mean both humans and werewolves were here. I thought werewolves were against us since we always tried to hunt down different Alphas. By we I mean the hunters. Because the hunters population is more than the other good vampires, everyone has branded vampires as evil.

I shook off the thought and went to class. Although, it never really left as I kept wondering how they agreed to go to school with us.

My first class was English. It was quite interesting. I left the class with a small smile on my face but that was short lived when some werewolves growled at me and gave me nasty looks.

My next class was Math. Now Im going to learn about numbers. I took my seat in the middle of the class. I was still setting up when a vampire came up to me, ”This is my seat, ” he said with a cold voice and hard face.

I didn know people owned seats so I got up and sat at the front since all the other seats where taken.

As the class progressed the human boy who sat beside me kept pestering me.

Oh no. Please stopping talking to me.

”My names Matthew whats yours? ” he asked.

Oh great! I didn reply because if I did I would get punished.

I ignored him through out the class but he was persistent so I took a risk.

”My name is Kate, now please leave me alone! ” I said in the harshest tone I could muster.

He left, but when I turned around, there was a smirking Diana in front of me, ”Someones been a bad girl, ” she told me. I visibly gulped as she left.

When I was younger and up till now I have never been allowed to talk to anyone other than my family. They believe that I can be trusted and that anything I say can put them in danger.


The vampire couple cooed at me as they passed by.

The female bent down to my level and pinched my cheeks.

”Where are your parents? ” she asked.

”They went to go hunt. ” I told her.

They don let me hunt with them because I don drink human blood. Its also the reason they beat me. Why are my parents so mean? I wondered. I was only three for crying out loud.

The couple in front of me gasped.

Did I say that out loud?

Before I knew it thy were gone and I was staring at my angry family.

I was definitely in for a beating but I didn expect what they did. For the first time ever they sprayed me with garlic and Holy water. My skin burned off and they didn even care.


School is over and I am in no desire to go home. I was walking when I saw something, something so gruesome that I wanted to barf.


Diana was drinking the blood of a human guy, blood was all over both of them. I sighed and continued my journey home. I couldn understand why they would willing kill people.

When I got home, I met Luca and his parents in the living room. His family is part of the vampire hunters.

The King of vampires is trying to make a treaty with the Werewolves as he is against the ideas that the hunters have. But the Werewolves don listen.

On my way to my room I heard Dianas voice, ”Where are you going? You still have to be punished, ” she snared. I tensed because my father and mom were in the living room. They turned to Diana and were discussing with her while I was asked not to leave.

After a while everything became silent. Then I felt my skin burn. They sprayed me.

Everyone was laughing while I was crying in pain. It hurt so much, my skin was burning and all the did was laugh.

After about thirty minutes of spraying I was left to crawl back to my room. I would heal as long as I rest, but knowing my family, I wasn going to heal quickly. I laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling wondering why my life was like this.

As I guessed I was forced to go to school. So today I wore my most baggy attire and a pair of gloves. I didn want anyone to see my skin.

I thought the day was already terrible, but no, it had to get worse.


I had gym class and this time no humans. It was crazy, we vampires were to go against werewolves who had shifted. With my current condition I was definitely dead. To make matters worse I was first up against a beautiful black wolf which kept glaring and growling at me. I gulped.

As soon as the whistle blew the wolf attacked. I used my speed to dodge but I wasn lucky as it clawed at my leg.

Dang! That hurt. But I still had to fight and by fight I mean dodge. It tried to strike but I was swifter. I was really weak and unfortunately for me I got kicked from behind. I was forced to stay on the ground. My vision was getting blurry and my hearing was getting weaker. All I could hear was cheering for the wolf and angry mumbling for me. I blacked out.

I woke up in my room and I heard my parents voices outside.

”She is such a disgrace. A simple wolf was a problem, ” my father spat.

”We sprayed her and didn let her heal. I know that if it was Diana she would have taken down the wolf. ” my mom scoffed.

I held back my sobs and shed silent tears. They left while I was silently begging for death.

Was a loving family too much to ask?


Kate is 17

Diana is 18. Both are in their senior year.

Hey guys, this is my first vampire and werewolf story so if there are any mistakes do let me know.

Pls vote and comment. Thanks for reading.

Love you

– Carsyne

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