There will be some trigger scenes so please be careful. If you can read it you don have to.

Its been a week and I can finally go and hunt. I have never been so excited to hunt.

I don think I will be able to drink to my fill though, since Diana was following me.

”Lets get this over with I have things to do, ” she said in an irritated voice. I didn reply. I just went off into the forest that was close to our house.

The first animal I spotted was a fox. I didn want to go after it because I thought that was all Diana would let me have and foxes don really have much blood.

Hunger got the better of me as I stalked the creature and drank it dry. By the time I was done I spotted a deer and went after it, Diana made no move to stop me. So I continued to go after my prey.

We got home pretty late so I went to bed as soon as we got there.

I had a peaceful rest and woke up fresh with a little bit more energy.

I was so ready for the day.


At school we continued with the werewolf history lesson.

Today we talked more about mates considering they are important to the werewolf race.

Our focus for the day was rejection. According to our teacher, the moon goddess gave wolves the ability to reject their mate, but if they did that they would be mateless forever.

Who would want to reject their soulmate?

If you reject your mate both of you would go through one year of emotional pain but after that it would be like you never met.

I would never reject my mate no matter how bad he is or whatever happens between us because he is made to love me no matter what in the end.

Class ended and on my way out I felt like I was being followed. I looked around and saw no sign that anyone was following me.

It must probably be my anxiety kicking in. I shrugged off the weird feeling and continued on my way.


Its been a couple of weeks and my family hasn done anything to hurt me and I started to get worried.

Don get me wrong, Im enjoying the freedom but it can only mean that something big was going to happen.

There is no way that I could stay this long without being punished, even if the reason didn make sense.

I tried racking my brain to see if anything important was happening this month or maybe their coming week but nothing came to mind.

All I hope is that whatever it is that they are planning won be too painful.


It feels so bizarre. They haven sprayed me or done something out of the blue. Although its nice, it just makes me more paranoid than ever.

Take today for an example, I have been jumping at any sound and it sounds like there are people or at least voices that are mocking my every move.

I was starting to think I was going crazy. If this was their plan then its working.

I was on my way to my locker to exchange my books for the next class when I heard : ”HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ”

I turned around to see if maybe someone was greeting a friend but all I saw was Diana smiling at me.

The smile was fake but to everyone around it seemed so genuine.

A lot of people in the hall way were confused, surprised while some didn bother to care.

She walked away only a few moments later leaving me to face reality.

My birthday was today. How does one forget their own birthday?

Thats why my family did nothing to me, they were planning towards today.

I turn eighteen today. I couldn help but worry about what they had planned as I rushed to class. What if they decide to finally kill me, it maybe theyll sell me to the highest bidder.

Lost in my worried mind, I bumped into those three werewolves again.

This is getting scary. What do they want with me and why are they following me?

Right now I had more important things to worry about. If I don die and Im still able to come to school, then maybe I can worry about them but now is definitely not the time.

The rest of the day was full of me having panic attacks. I almost fainted at one point. I was dreading what was waiting for me at my living space. Im pretty sure that if I had blood in my veins, my blood pressure would have spiked.

When the last bell rang I paled even more. I visibly gulped as I made my way to my locker. I grabbed my books and slowly made my way to my house.

The journey seemed too short and I just wished that I could rewind time and then stop it so that I could get away. When I got home I met my mom, father and different boys in the living room.

Were they going to beat me up?

”Well if it isn the birthday girl. Weve been waiting for you. My little girl is eighteen today, ” mom said with evil laced in every word.

I didn want to understand what exactly was going to happen. I had a faint idea but I didn want to process it, I didn want to understand how cruel my family could truly be.

”Have fun with her boys. But be as quiet as possible, ” father said as he and mom left the living room.

It felt like time stopped. Right now, that wasn what I wanted. If anything, I wanted it to rewind so that maybe I could have a chance to run away. To get away from all this.

I had begun to cry. How could they do this to me? Im their daughter as much as Diana is.

Some of you are probably wondering why I don run away right?

Let me put it this way for you. I am practically a baby antelope in a den full of lions. I may be at the exit but they would out run me, catch me and drag me back. So why run in the first place?

Suddenly, I felt something prick my neck. I touched my neck then turned to look at who did it. It was Luca.

He was one of the meanest of the kids. He wouldn pick on me but he always had some sinister smile on his face whenever he saw me and now was no different.

I was starting to feel a bit light headed. It was like I was sleep walking. I couldn control anything I did but I could see and think, I just couldn respond.

Whatever he injected me with took away my ability to respond to anything; touch, sound, sight, smell. I don know about taste though.

Luca led me upstairs while the other boys stayed behind.

I didn want to accept it. I didn . I didn want to believe that my family had such a dark and wicked heart.

Even as they all came and had me, I just didn want to comprehend. I didn . It was too much. I have suffered years of physical, emotional and mental abuse but this, this takes the cake.

When they left after the horrible crime they commited, I was left alone with my tears as I finally gained control of myself. I dragged myself to my tiny bathroom, I cleaned myself up, changed to my PJs and cried. It was at that moment I wished I was a werewolf in the arms of my mate. I was too broken heartened.

Is this what heart break feels like?

I wish I were never born!


I didn enjoy school. I was still sore from last night and I could tell from the way Luca was looking at me that there was going to be another visit.

My life is hell.

I was slowly dragging myself out of class when the P.A system announced that my class would be having gym instead of Math.

What?! No! I can do gym. Especially not in my current condition.

I found out that for vampires and werewolves we have their gym class together without humans.

I was in the gym , my whole body racking with fear. I was having a panic attack. Everything was blurrying, my breaths were getting heavier. My head was spinning and my body started to shake and I started to ache more than before. I was starting to slowly lose consciousness when I heard the door open. With my blurry vision I was still able to tell that it was one of the guys that used to stare at me, the auburn haired one.

No one had come to the gym yet, it was only me. Were they following me?

Whoever it was, I don know their names, started to yell at someone to get the nurse. It obviously wasn the human nurse they were going to get.

”Hey, stay with me, help is on its way, ” he told me. My vision was getting dimmer. I was loosing my grip.

”Don close your eyes, ” he said. It was too late. I had already let the darkness take over. This is what happens when I let anxiety overwhelm me.

Oh my gosh.

I feel so bad for Kate. Shes going through so much.

Pls and pls don walk by and let someone be bullied or hurt when you can stop it.


Pls vote and comment

Love you


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