Name: Kate Vladim

Age: 17

DOB: 17th April 2004

Sibling(s): Diana Vladim

Name of parents: unattainable but it is to be known that they are the leaders of the Vampire Hunters. The subject has been abused since the age of two.

That was the information that Ryan was able to get from the Scout he sent out.

When I read the information, I immediately felt guilty for what I wanted to do.

I wanted to use her. That isn fair or right to anyone whether abused or not.

I could tell that even Grant and Ryan were shocked and saddened by it.

My heart went out to her. No one should be abused especially not by family.

With all that we gathered we decided that we would watch her and see what happens and help her if we could.


The week after I defeated her in gym was when we started to watch her.

On Monday, she looked so drained and pained. It was like she was dying from the inside out.

I could feel myself hurt just seeing her like that.

On Tuesday, she looked a bit better than Monday but it was still obvious that she was hurting. And that saddened me.

Throughout the week we watched her and nothing happened. The only important thing that happened was that she caught us watching her. I could tell that she was getting scared and that sliced my heart.

I admire her for her endurance and inner strength. Very few people can withstand what she is going through. I know that I can . I can imagine my bubbling mom abusing me or my serious yet funny dad torturing me.

This administration I had for her was drawing me to her. I didn notice at first but when I did I started to panic. I didn want a situation where this admiration would turn into something else and affect my relationship with my mate.

I didn bother telling Ryan and Grant. This was something that I had to sort out on my own.

”Any update from our Scout? ” I asked as I entered our office.

”Nope. ” Ryan said without lifting up his head from whatever it is he was doing.

”Why are you so eager to know if theres any update? ” Grant asked with a sly smirk.

”This could be the breakthrough that we need to end the Hunters. ” I said as I sat down and started getting absorbed in my work.

”Or, is it just a way to get a little closer to a certain mint green eyed vampire? ” Ryan asked with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes and pursed my lips at him.

”No. ” I said sternly with narrowed eyes.

He raised his hands in surrender while Grant shook his head.

Was I that obvious?


Its another week in school and Im exhausted.

How do you combine pack work and school work? Its so exhausting.

”Why can mid terms be today? ” Ryan groaned out.

What are mid terms?

”Do you want to write your mid term tests today? ” Grant asked.

Ryan widened his eyes and shook his head.

Grant laughed at that.

”Child. ” Grant muttered and Ryan scowled.

I shook my head wondering what I would do without these guys. They are my brothers.


Something was definitely wrong.

Kate looked somewhat happy. Okay, she didn look happy, she just looked like no one was torturing her.

Why is that wrong?

Unless her parents have decided to leave her alone, this is the calm before the storm.

How do I know this?

I have talked to some torture victims from my pack and other packs when I started my Alpha training. They said that if nothing happens for a long time, something big is on the way.

So you see why something is wrong.

e staring too hard. ” Grant whispered.

I turned to him, ”I wasn . ”

He gave that look that says, Believe what you want.

Throughout out the week and the next, nothing happened. I was starting to get worried.

”You look like your mate is about to give birth. ” Ryan commented.

I had a huge gut feeling something was going to happen today.

”Whats todays date? ” I asked from the back seat.

Ryan checked his phone.

”Its the seventeenth. ” he said from the passenger seat.

Seventeenth, as the seventeenth day of April? As in, Kates birthday?

Maybe I feel this way because Ill find out we
e not mates. Might as well get this over with before my mate turns up.

”Try not to stare too hard today. ” Grant said as we go out of the car.

I was about to reply when I smelt it. It was roses and mints. It was drawing my wolf and that drew me.

I just nodded at Grant and made my way into school to find my mate. If I find her then I will surely get over this pull I have to Kate.

I was looking out for another werewolf that was probably looking for my scent or maybe an unsuspecting human.

It was when I entered my English class that I found the owner. When I found out who it was that owned the scent my heart was doing stunts and hula hoops in my chest. I could practically hear my wolf giving a happy howl in my head.

She didn seem to know anything about what was going. Well, I can blame her, vampires don have mates.

I paid zero attention in class. My attention was her one hundred percent. She is just so cute.

Now I could take her in without the fear of getting too attached.

Her round face and button nose was framed with black hair.

Like I said before, shes just so cute.

Unfortunately for me, English was the only class I had with her and that was the first class. I have been moody since then. I wanted to see her.

I was on my way to Chemistry when the P.A system announced that my class will be having gym instead of Chemistry.

I was ecstatic because I knew we had gym together.

It took a while for me to get to the changing rooms and by the time that I was done Ryan mind linked to get the nurse for Kate.

I immediately when to get the nurse. I didn know what happened and that scared me.

By the time the nurse and I got to the gym, the whole class had gathered round her and some were making nasty comments about her. It made me angry but I didn do anything because Kates health was more important.

”Can one of you take her to the clinic? ” the nurse asked.

I volunteered but made sure not to show too much excitement. The sparks that danced on my skin when I touched her made me want to do a happy dance but I had to control myself.

I dropped her and left because if I stayed I wouldn leave.


My mind wasn in any of my classes. My mind was on Kate. When lunch came around, my wolf urged me to go check on her and I gladly obliged.

My wolf took total control of my body when we entered the clinic.

”Mate ” he said with so much tenderness.

It was at that moment that my senses came back to me. I was so focused on Kate and the fact that shes my mate that I forgot what might happen.

I quickly asked the guys to come meet me at the back of the school.

”I found my mate. ” I told them plainly.

”Is it Kate? ” Ryan asked.

”Yes, and that is exactly the problem. What if they use her against me? ” I complained and told them what happened in the clinic.

”Did anyone hear you? ” Grant asked.

”No, I don think so. ” I said.

”Then we should be good for now. ” Grant said.

With that we went to our classes but I was worried throughout.


”Whats wrong with you? ” my mom asked while leaning on my door frame, her brown hair resting on her shoulders.

When did she get here?

”I found my mate but shes the daughter of the leader of the Hunters. Im scared that if I make it known, shell be used against me or treated even worse. ” I told my mom.

Her features softened after what I told her. She hugged me.

”Talk to your dad. He will definitely have a solution or at least a way to help you. ” my mom said.

”Thanks mom. ” I said as I made my way out to find my dad.


I found him by the river near the East side of the border.

I didn waste time and immediately told him everything.

”Well, thats a slight pickle. ” he said as he continued to look forward.

He was silent for a while.

”Watch her and protect her from afar. Maybe ask Ryan and Grant to become friends with her then you slowly enter the equation. ” he said.

My father is so wise. When will I be wise like this?

Why didn I even think of this in the first place?

Oh right, the mate bond and joy of Kate being my mate took over my senses.

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