Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 14 - Unrestrained Indulgence

d a hooligan. Qiao An, theres a saying that criticizes one for measuring the heart of a gentleman with a petty heart.”

Qiao An fumed.

At this moment, a nurse ran in in a panic and reported to Li Xiaoran while panting, “Doctor Li, the patient in Ward 8 is clamoring to see you. Shes agitated and no one can stop her.”

Li Xiaoran frowned. “Didnt I just observe her wound? Shes recovering well. You guys can take responsibility in the future.”

The nurse stammered, “Doctor Li, the patient strongly requested that you be her doctor in charge. She said that she likes you very much… She even said that she wanted to confess to you…”

Qiao An felt that if Li Xiaoran could be her doctor in charge, he could also be the doctor in charge of Patient Eight. She blurted out, “Then… let Doctor Li be her doctor in charge.”

The nurse became anxious. “Miss Qiao, Dr. Li is a surgeon, but hes putting his energy into taking care of one patient. Isnt this an overkill?”

Qiao Ans face was suddenly as dark as ink.

Li Xiaoran looked at her and smiled. “Qiao An, you should know how good I am to you now, right?”

Qiao An choked on his words.

Li Xiaoran smiled and left.

When Qiao An heard that someone was going to confess to Li Xiaoran, she slowly moved into the wheelchair and followed behind Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran sensed a little tail following behind him and turned to look at her in surprise. “Why are you following me?”

Qiao An said, “A free romance blockbuster. Its a waste not to watch it.”

Li Xiaoran was speechless.

If he didnt let her see it, she might overthink.

He might as well be a good person and help her push the wheelchair to ward eight.

The patient sat on the window and did not allow anyone to approach her. When she saw Li Xiaoran walk in, she cried. “Doctor Li, I heard from them that the patient in Ward 13 is your experimental subject. Youre extremely good to her. Not only are you personally operating on her, but youre also in charge of her food and drinks. I want to be your experimental subject…”

Qiao An was petrified.

Someone else liked the treatment?

The male doctor attended to the female patients needs. God only knew how long shed need to overcome her sense of shame.

Li Xiaoran whispered in her ear, “Did you hear that? The other patients are very envious of your treatment.”

Qiao An lifted her foot to step on his. “Then why dont you change your subject?”

Li Xiaoran lowered his eyes and couldnt help but laugh when he saw Qiao Ans red ears.

“Doctor Li, if you dont promise me, then I dont want to live anymore. Ill jump down from here and get it over with,” the patient said.

Qiao An muttered, “If you really wanted to jump, you would have done so a long time ago. What are you yammering about?”

For Qiao An, there was no hesitation. That was the mentality of jumping off a building.

Li Xiaoran heard Qiao Ans words that angered the female patient. He covered her mouth and dragged her out of the ward.

“What are you doing?” Qiao An asked.

Li Xiaoran said, “The patient has a serious psychological problem after being abused by her husband. You shouldnt anger her.”

Qiao Ans pupils dilated in shock. “I dont see her having any mental problems?”

Li Xiaoran said, “Then are you willing to tear open the pain in your heart for me to see?”

Qiao Ans brilliant eyes darkened.

Li Xiaoran was right. There was a universe hidden in her heart. The universe was the cause of this catastrophe. As long as she opened her mouth, she would be dominated by hatred and become someone else.

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