Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 16 - Nothing to Do With Me

Chapter 15: A Sea in His Heart

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Li Xiaoran saw the desolation in Qiao Ans eyes and couldnt help but reach out to pat her little head. But in the end, his raised hand silently lowered behind her back.

He had to restrain himself from liking her. He turned around and entered the ward.

Qiao An leaned against the door panel and surreptitiously surveyed the room.

For some reason, the patient burst into tears. her pretty face became hideous and twisted.

She was completely devastated. Because shed broken down and lost her composure. But for some reason, Qiao An envied her. She could cry freely and vent the pain in her heart.

On the other hand, she remembered her own humiliation. She didnt dare cry or make a fuss. She even tried her best to pretend that she was very strong.

Li Xiaoran walked to the window and reached out his hand. He said gently, “Come down. Lets talk slowly.”

The female patient threw herself into his arms, crying her eyes out.

A doctor quietly stepped forward and was about to inject her with a tranquilizer when Li Xiaoran stopped him.

“She needs to vent.” As Li Xiaoran said this, he looked at Qiao An, who was poking her head in.

“She needs to vent.” The words seemed to resonate with Qiao An. She froze in place.

Yes. She also needed catharsis.

Her hatred for Li Zecheng was like an inflatable balloon, squeezing her body into a very small space. She felt like she was about to suffocate.

She felt she needed to do something to vent these annoying emotions.

Patient Eight was still crying.

“Doctor Li, can you like me?”

“Sure.” Li Xiaorans healing voice was like a spring breeze.

“Dr. Li, your voice is so gentle. I really like you.”

… .

Goose bumps broke out all over Qiao Ans skin. She crossed her arms, feeling the air suddenly chill.

Li Xiaoran was like a puppet, obediently agreeing to all the patients requests.

After her emotions stabilized, Li Xiaoran asked her gently, “Can you rest now? Sleeping is helpful to your recovery.”

“Okay.” The patient was as obedient as Li Xiaorans pet dog.

After comforting the patient, Li Xiaoran walked straight towards Qiao An and pushed her wheelchair to force her to leave.

“Does it look good?” he asked teasingly.

Qiao An smiled slyly. “Dr. Li, youre a man like the sun.”

Li Xiaoran curled his lips and asked with uncertainty, “Are you praising me?”

Jo Ann nodded. “Well, universal love is like the sun, allocating its light to everyone.”

Li Xiaorans face darkened.

Was she still calling him a philanderer?

“I am not the sun. I am a star.”

Qiao An could not associate the warm Li Xiaoran with stars. She asked humbly, “Why a star?”

“Without the weight of green mountains, without the love of the sea, without the heat of the sun, without the unpredictability of the wind. I am what I am, a tiny, insignificant star in a vast universe.”

“Doctor Li, youre too humble. When you treat patients, youre more majestic than a green mountain. When you pick up girls, youre more loving than the sea. When you flirt, youre hotter than the sun. When you chase women, you dont even let go of female patients. Youre even more promiscuous than the wind…”

“Qiao An…”

Li Xiaorans voice was wrapped in a strong threat.

Qiao An turned to stare at him. “Am I wrong?”

Li Xiaoran gritted his teeth and smiled. “Do you believe that I can fix your bones and break them?”

Qiao An patted her mouth in lingering fear. “Dr. Li, youre not the kind of person who uses his position for personal revenge, are you?”

“That may not be true.”

Qiao An immediately became very quiet. Li Xiaoran smiled smugly.

“Qiao An!” Suddenly, Li Zechengs voice came from behind.

Then, a whirlwind swept over. Li Zecheng knocked Li Xiaoran away and pushed Qiao Ans wheelchair. He declared his sovereignty domineeringly, “This is my wife. Ill push her myself.”

Qiao An looked grim.

Li Xiaorans expression darkened.

Qiao An pulled a long face and immediately decided to embarrass him. She asked calmly, “Hubby, when are you going to buy the house at the Riverside Mansion? The sales staff informed me that they only have one left. If we dont hurry, there wont be any left.”

“I didnt say I wouldnt buy it. Its just that the time isnt right,” Li Zecheng replied.

Qiao An said, “In my opinion, you dont want to buy a house at all. Or you dont want to buy a riverside mansion, do you?”

Li Zecheng felt guilty. He and Wei Xin were a couple at the riverside mansion. If Qiao An stayed at the riverside mansion, he was afraid that his nosy neighbors would gossip.

Li Zecheng was anxious and very unhappy. His tone turned cold as he said, “Qiao An, Im the one earning money at home. You have to consider your husbands ability to earn money.”

Qiao An looked at the enraged Li Zecheng; her eyes were filled with disappointment.

Li Zecheng had once said that after they got married, he would be in charge of earning money to support the family, and she would be in charge of looking beautiful. She could do whatever she wanted with all the money he earned.

However, after getting married, Li Zecheng gave the money to his mistress, while she became a free nanny at home.

It was hard for Qiao An to swallow.

“What if I insist on buying it?”

Li Zecheng said angrily, “Youre forcing me.”

At the side, Li Xiaoran stirred the mud. “Zecheng, this is your fault. Isnt it just a house? If Qiao An wants to buy it, buy it for her. Its not like it would cost you half your life.”

Li Zecheng glared at him. “Do you think a villa worth 100 million dollars is a small sum?”

“If you need money, I can lend it to you. After all, I dont want to see my beloved nephews family unhappy,” Li Xiaoran said.

Li Zecheng looked at him disdainfully. “How much can you lend me with your meager salary as a doctor?”

Li Xiaoran glanced at the unhappy Qiao An and said, “For Qiao Ans sake, I can lend you all my belongings.”

Li Xiaorans generosity made Li Zecheng appear extremely petty.

“You…” Li Zecheng was so angry that he wanted to cut his uncle with a knife.

“Youre just running your mouth. If I really want to borrow money, do you have money to lend me?”

Li Xiaoran said, “Try it.”

Qiao An was angered by Li Zechengs pettiness. She said coldly to Li Zecheng, “Im tired and want to rest. You can go back.”

With that, she swung her wheelchair and slid into the ward.

Li Zecheng said behind her, “Anan, Grandpa, Uncle, and Aunt will come to the hospital to visit you tomorrow. Treat them well.”

Qiao Ans grip tightened on the armrest.

She was a patient and yet Li Zecheng was only concerned about using her to please his elders.

It was Li Xiaoran who said, “Shes a half-paralyzed patient, and you want her to entertain Grandpa? Heh, nephew, youre indeed very business-minded. This is called making the best use of things, right?”

Li Zecheng glared at him fiercely and said, “Im just concerned about being respectful to Grandpa.”

Li Zecheng left angrily.

Li Xiaoran looked towards Qiao An and said, “Youre really blind.”

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