Madam Has An Amazing Life After Her Divorce

Chapter 18 - The Husband Protects the Mistress

o Qiao An. “Qiao An, look at yourself. Youre like a shrew. No wonder Brother Zecheng doesnt like you. Let me tell you, Brother Zecheng doesnt love you anymore. He despises you for being like a salted fish in bed. He also despises you for not knowing how to live and being boring. If Brother Zecheng didnt need a marriage with no problems to maintain his perfect image in front of the media, he would have abandoned you long ago.”

Qiao An trembled at Wei Xins insults.

Li Zecheng had actually exposed their private affair. This man was simply shameless to the extreme.

Qiao Ans blood surged. She immediately picked up the fitness stick beside her and smashed the expensive appliances like a madman.

“Wei Xin, whether Li Zecheng loves me or despises me, I want you to understand that Im his legal wife. And youll always be a mole living in the dark. If Im happy, I can send you away with some money. If Im unhappy, dont even think about getting anything from Li Zecheng. After all, youre just a dog he raised.”

Wei Xin didnt expect Qiao An to be so eloquent. Her face turned pale with anger.

Li Zecheng rushed to the Riverside Mansion. He was probably too anxious and did not realize that the flash downstairs was aimed at him.

He only cared about running forward and finally arrived at Wei Xins house. He heaved a sigh of relief.

Pushing open the door, he saw the mess on the floor. At this moment, a few bodyguards were rebelling in the bedroom, and there was only Qiao An, Wei Xin, and Loco in the living room.

Li Zecheng glared at Qiao An angrily and roared, “Qiao An, what are you doing?”

Qiao An gave him a level look. “Rent collection. The tenant cheated and didnt pay. I had to kick her out.”

Wei Xin, who was originally a fighter jet with a high fighting spirit, immediately became a boneless mollusk when she saw Li Zecheng. She placed her hand on Li Zechengs shoulder and cried.

“Brother Zecheng, Qiao An is such a bully.”

Li Zecheng pushed Wei Xin away and walked up to Qiao An angrily. He questioned Qiao An like a ferocious lion, “Why are you taking rent? This house belongs to Wei Xin…”

Glancing at Qiao Ans cold gaze, Li Zecheng realized that she had probably checked the name of the house long ago. He changed his words and said, “I rented the house to Wei Xin. Dont mess around.”

“Since its a rental, what about the lease?”

Li Zecheng was stunned. After a long while, he squeezed out a few words. “A verbal agreement.”

“What about the rent?”

“She gives it to me regularly.”

Qiao An stood up lazily. “Okay, give me the bank card. Ill check the accounts at the bank. If she did pay the rent, Ill compensate her for the loss.”

Li Zecheng and Wei Xins expressions changed instantly. If she really wanted to check the accounts, the bank card would only show that Li Zecheng had transferred large sums of money to Wei Xin.

At that time, Li Zechengs relationship with Wei Xin would be exposed.

Compelled by Qiao An, Li Zecheng was furious. “Qiao An, look at yourself. Youre acting like a shrew. Go back now.”

Qiao An raised her head and stared coldly at Li Zecheng. “Shrew? Li Zecheng, do you know why I became a shrew? It was all because of you.”

She approached Li Zecheng and accused him of his original sin. “You bought a house and raised a woman behind my back. After the matter was exposed, you didnt repent and instead slandered me as a shrew? What about you? Youre a two-timing scumbag…”

Li Zecheng raised his hand and slapped Qiao An hard across the face.

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