amed but proud. This proud expression was extremely charming, but it made Qiao An feel extremely uncomfortable.

She was hurt by love, so she didnt want other girls to follow her path. In order to help Lu Mo give up on a sun-like man like Li Xiaoran, Qiao An said mischievously, “Doctor Li didnt tell you that he has many suitors, right? Hes a popular man whos loved by everyone. You have to be careful when chasing him.”

Li Xiaoran did not know whether to laugh or cry.


He teased Qiao An. “So, Qian An, do you love me too?”

Qiao An stared at him. “Uncle!” she called numbly.

The light in Li Xiaorans eyes dimmed. Then, he was no longer in the mood to joke. With a straight face, he returned to his working state. “Take off your clothes.”

Qiao An was dumbfounded.

Although she had taken off her clothes in front of Li Xiaoran many times, she could not face him with a clear conscience the next moment after joking with him.

Li Xiaoran smiled.

Qiao An thought he was probably taking his revenge on her on purpose.

“Hurry up, dont waste time. Doctor Li is busy.” Lu Mo was simply a loyal fan of Li Xiaorans.

Determined, Qiao An unbuttoned her shirt.

Li Xiaoran reached out and poked her already scabbed wound. Qiao An frowned slightly.

Li Xiaoran asked her, “Has the pain lessened?”

QIao An nodded.

Li Xiaoran reached out and pinched her leg again, from her ankle to the top of her thigh. He asked her, “Do you feel anything?”

Compared to before, Qiao An felt less numb.

Therefore, she looked at Li Xiaoran in confusion, not knowing how to describe this feeling.

Li Xiaoran suddenly suggested, “Qiao An, why dont you try getting off the bed?”

Qiao An shook her head in defiance.

“I dont want to.”

Her legs had not fully recovered. She would surely fall if she treaded the ground.

To her surprise, Li Xiaoran suddenly lifted the blanket and carried her.

“Qiao An, be brave. Ill carry you to the ground. Try stepping on the ground to feel it.”

Qiao An was so startled that she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Li Xiaoran placed her on the ground and slowly let go of her. Qiao An was sweating nervously.

“Can you walk?” Li Xiaoran asked.

Qiao An wanted to cry, but no tears came. She shook her head.

Li Xiaoran said, “Qiao An, in my experience, your injuries are almost healed. If a patient lies in bed for too long, they will have the illusion of losing the ability to walk. You have to take this step. This is your next challenge.”

Qiao An felt that her lower body was as heavy as lead. That feeling made her especially uncomfortable. She was so anxious that she was about to cry. “How old are you? What experience can you have? Li Xiaoran, I said I cant. I cant feel anything.”

Li Xiaoran said, “A doctors experience has nothing to do with age. Qiao An, you have to believe me. Otherwise, it will extend your time in the hospital.”

Qiao An said, “Im happy to lie down.”

Lu Mo pouted and said, “Its your good fortune that my senior is willing to help you with your rehabilitation training. Dont be so ungrateful.”

Qiao An was dumbfounded.

She glared at Li Xiaoran. “Your girlfriend is jealous. Let go of me.”

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