ecting Qiao Ans leg and applying medicine.

But Li Xiaorans gaze inadvertently landed on Qiao Ans face.

Qiao An grew unusually quiet. The air was inexplicably tense.

“Anan, you seem to have gained weight.” Li Zecheng was very gratified to see Qiao Ans increasingly plump body.

Li Xiaoran interrupted at the wrong time. “She went from 102 kilograms to 68 kilograms. Now, shes recovering at the speed of 5 grams a day. Today, she weighs 76 kilograms.”

Li Zecheng looked very embarrassed. As a husband, he actually did not understand his wifes body as well as his uncle. Fortunately, his uncle was a doctor and could comfort him.

“No wonder Little Uncle is known as the youngest and most outstanding surgeon. Little Uncle is so attentive to patients. My Anan is really lucky to have met Little Uncle.” Li Zecheng said politely.

Qiao An hated Li Zechengs duplicitous behavior. He had always had a problem with Li Xiaoran and often criticized Li Xiaoran in front of Qiao An for being immoral and not doing his job properly. All of Qiao Ans bad impression of Li Xiaoran was instilled by Li Zecheng.

Now that she saw Li Ze deliberately flattering Li Xiaoran to put on a front, Qiao An wanted to vomit.

She changed the topic. “Hubby, your tie clip is quite beautiful.” She forced herself to smile at him to dispel Li Zechengs guard against her.

Although it was disgusting to do it, Loco told Qiao An to learn from the King of Wu, Gou Jian, and to show her courage and boldness.

Li Zecheng lowered his head and glanced at his tie. A trace of confusion flashed across his eyes, but he immediately regained his composure.

He thought of the surveillance cameras at home, so he, who was already on guard, could deal with whatever came his way.

Oh, this was on my birthday the other day. Wei Xin gave me a tie clip.

A mocking smile flashed in Qiao Ans eyes. For a man like him to be so open and aboveboard after doing something wrong, he had to be shameless to the brink.

In the past, she had fallen for his tricks. The more brazenly he acted, the more she trusted him.

But now, knowing what the tie clip meant, she could only give him a wide berth.

“Right, your birthday. I forgot to give you a present. Honey, youre not going to blame me, are you?” Qiao An remembered his birthday, but she didnt want to please him.

In the future, she never wanted to please him again.

Li Zecheng was magnanimous. “Youre recuperating in the hospital. Its understandable that you didnt buy me a gift.”

Qiao An closed her eyes. She didnt want to talk to Li Zecheng anymore, so she deliberately pretended to be tired.

Li Zecheng was someone who would not give up until he achieved his goal. He had come today for the reward plan for his grandfathers shares.

“Anan, Mommy wants to have a grandson. We should put the matter of giving birth on the agenda.”

Qiao An refused decisively. “Im afraid I wont be able to do it for a year or so. Well talk about giving birth later.”

“Do you not want to have children with me?” Li Zechengs voice turned cold.

Qiao An opened her eyes and looked at him steadily. “Yes.”

“Why?” Li Zecheng was furious.

“Because childbirth is harmful to the body, and I only want to protect my own body. Because I know that the only person I can trust when something happens to me is myself,” Qiao An teased Li Zecheng mercilessly.

Li Zechengs face was ashen. “How long are you going to hold a grudge for this?”

Qiao An said, “I dont know.”

She supposed she would do it all her life.

A vicious glint flashed across Li Zechengs eyes. He turned to ask Li Xiaoran, “Uncle, is Anan about to be discharged?”

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