Mage of the Abyss

Chapter 2 ~ So This is My Return

September 28, 2080.

The Clock is slowly striking in.


The icy atmosphere in the Throne Room is chilling the air inside, and the cold blue crystals are radiating their blinding light.

A group of women stood on the opposite of the throne. A girl, standing behind all alone with her friends already making their move at the front. With one standing on the side and the other is flying high, they are attempting the impossible.

Wearing a majestic dreaded robe and wield a skull-shaped staff, the girl stood there… Menacingly.

Standing against the humongous creature, her friends are ready to engage. One of them is an Assassin and the other is a flying Wizard.

The former carries daggers, dual-wielding it in both hands. Wearing a stalker-like armor and her face is covered by a metallic silver mask, it smiles in fangs.

While the latter is wielding a wand in each hand. Wearing a skimpy robe outfit, her voluptuous figure is bare in the open for everyone to see, though no one present at the moment has the leisure of enjoying that view.

The monster they are facing, a Dragon, cloaked in a dark purple mist with some enormously large teeth and sharp fangs with 8 dusty old horns, grown eerily on its head.

A skeleton stood on the top of its back. Their presence is domineering. The skeleton wore a jet-black robe and a staff in his hand, and at the tip of his forehead lies a Symbol… No one in this room aside himself knows what the symbol means, except for one girl.

Mentioning the unobvious, there seems to be a disturbing silver-black smoke slowly flooding out of his robe.


A blast of an explosion destroyed the flow of air around the skeletons face.

”Woo-hoo! ” shouted the wizard flying in the sky, ”Hell yeah! The effects just popped inside his ass! Shit clear for you, bitch! ”

”Shut UP! ”

Upon hearing the Wizard, the Assassin tapped the ground hard with her foot, crushing the crystal platform she was standing on, and then dashed forward at an extremely fast speed, rushing towards the dragon.

The dragon itself noticed her. Moving its head like an eel and then hurled a giant black flame, swirling like a flowing spiral of a wind.


Repositioned her daggers tightly, the Assassin tapped the ground once again and maneuver to the side. Ducking her head down, her light beautiful face behind that mask has managed to barely avoid the flame.

Sliding with her knees on the ground, she reached the bottom of the dragon. Maneuvering her body again, she repelled herself to the back end of its tail.

Stepping over it, she stabbed the middle of it.


”Wundunndiir! ” roared the dragon with his flame shooting up to the ceiling.

The Assassin didn stop, she dragged the dragger all the way to the dragons back, slicing them up. Tons of dark-colored blood was gushing out of it.

Turning his head slightly, the skeletons eyes turned red. Spark of red electricity formed at the tip of his bony fingers, violently growing larger and larger, striking his hand. But it has no effect on him. However, when his tiny red iris grew larger within an instant as it narrowed down. Doom was about to fall.

She noticed his movement. The Assassin stopped her moves entirely and formed her hands together, a sign. The Skeleton turned around and releases the spark in his hand, aiming it directly to strike the Assassin.

Smoke coming out of her hand, sinister dark aura emerging outwardly from her body, she mumbled, ”Transcendental Law of Shadow, Murciélago. ”



A storm of lightning blasts through the Assassin, but as soon as it hits, her entire body splintered into shadowy bats and scattered throughout the room, dissipated.

She re-emerges right under the Skeletons shadow with her eyes in a dark tone. Her pupils disturbingly turned bright, shining like the moon.

”True Aspect of the Blade, Edged Continuity Reflection. ”

The dragon flinched, shouting, ”Ahr Kir! ”

Hearing that, the Skeleton moves further to the dragons head. As soon as he turned around, the Assassin appeared right in front of him.

She swings her arms slicing the Skeletons head with her sharp dagger, he was staggered but her attack was blocked by an invisible wall.

But she doesn stop.

No, she continues to slice the staggered Skeleton repeatedly in rapid succession. Her movement appears to be delayed by 2 seconds before the impact hits but it was actually faster than that, 0.0001 second is the correct speed before her dagger reaches the barrier. Multiplying it to the 2 seconds, her hits are uncountable by normal means.


Using her leg, she swung her foot straight to the Skeletons head, destructively breaking the invisible wall. He staggers to the back, then she propelled herself to the front again, and continues the strike.

*Klash *Klash *Klash

*Bam *Bam

She stabs, slashed his chest, and slicing his bony throat. Her attacks are hard to follow for a normal human eye to see, and it is even unheard of a human that is able to move at such speed.

But each time she attacks, the Skeleton keeps regenerating his body, completely healing himself in a matter of seconds.

This irritates the Assassin, no matter how much she cut them, his bone keeps reattaching themselves back.


The Assassin kicked him right on his face and back away to the air, she flew away as she shouted, ”Kurira! ” calling out her companion.

Putting her hand together, she summoned a new dagger out of thin air, its appearance is that of a jagged knife with a black and blue color line. She then muttered, ”Core Lightning Infusion. ”

Two balls of lightning appeared just at the side of her shoulders. The sparkling balls flow like a stream of water, enveloping her two daggers.

*Zzzzzzzt *Crackle *Crackle

The Wizard noticed her call and went flying straight down to her. Grabbing the Assassins clothes on the back of the neck, she gripped her tightly.

”Kick his ass, hon! ” The Wizard said.

Narrowing her eyes down to a slit, one can detect a slight grin underneath that mask. ”Leave it to me. ”

The Wizard bent her head to the back and turned around to swing the Assassin girl around, and throw her body right to the skeleton direction. He noticed that they
e attacking, the Skeleton raised his arm and opened his palm.

Silver-black flame spirals from his hand and then shot them like a laser.


As if the Air has been cut in half, the Assassin managed to pass through the scorching heat, and the Wizard survived through it by making a globe of an invisible wall around herself.

”Haaaah ” charging her hands, ”LIGHTNING STORM!! ”

The Assassin yelled as she put her hands on the back. At the moment she was about to hit the Skeleton, she swings her arms and stabbed the Skeletons head, her blade has been carved deep inside its head.


The dagger sparked, she turned the dagger on her left-hand around and stab the Skeletons neck with it. The electricity on her weapons are violently clashing with one another and then!


Its spiraling to an explosion. The spark of the electricity created a dome of lightning and it continues to zaps all over the place like thunder viciously striking around.

Stunned by the Lightning Explosion, the skeleton raises his staff and created a black miniature of a sun. Slowly, his and the dragons wounds are healing.

The impact of her attack was massive. Unfortunately, the Skeleton recovered quickly from it. However, the dragon on the other hand, was damaged badly.

”Hwooo! Kriih Dahas, Man Tahn durr ” roared the Dragon, ”Zuu Fen Ni Sil Nahlaas. Dir… ”


The dragon swings its tail striking the Assassin with an enormously strong force.


The Assassin got hit by it. Flew all across the field, destroying the many crystals in her path, and ended up sitting on the throne with blood splashing behind her back as she dropped to the seat.

The dragon was enraged.

Spreading its wing wide, the dragon let out another destructive roar, causing the entire space around it to shake. Opening its mouth even wider, he then burst out a jet-black flame from its body to the surroundings.


The flame managed to crack the wizards invisible barrier.

”Holy shit, man! We can hold it out much longer, babe! How long are you going to stand there!? Are you touching yourself??? ” she said as she flew around, dodging the spark of the flame with another invisible barrier protecting her.


A striking sound of a bell echoes across the hall. The sound came from the staff-wielding girl who has been standing behind the battle all this time, there is a large transparent gold-white clock, ticking behind her back.

She noticed that her comrades are in trouble, ”H-Hang in there! ”


Another explosion of lightning has struck the Skeleton. It was the Assassin, shes still alive and kicking. Not only that, the mask was broken in half, revealing one cat-like eye.

Moving with the speed of the wind, she strikes the dragons tail, trying to cut them again as she did before. However, her attacks were in vain. The dragons body has become even thicker and stronger than before.

She gave up on that idea and headed to strike the Skeleton instead. Both the Assassin and the Wizard are holding him for the staff-wielding girl to make her move.

Gritting her teeth. She thought to herself, Come on, baby. Almost done, you can do this… just like before… remember the puzzle… convincing herself for something that is yet to be decided, she wishes her comrade to be able to buy her some more time.

Sweats dripping from her chin with each second of the clock passing by.

*Pant *Pant

Her eyes are getting desperate as her breath gets heavier.


She felt tingles coming from her neck, then suddenly… a smile cracked on her face, and her eyes widened like a madman.

Shaking uncontrollably, she starts laughing sinisterly, ”Heheheh, Hyahahahah! Capital!!! Ill be there soon, baby! ”


A loud deafening sound of a bell ring across the entire hall.


Striking exactly at 00.000, a burst of powerful wind burst out of the clock, shattering the ground to pieces.

Her eyes turned from brown to golden white color. Many new symbols start appearing from her clothes, and itself upgraded to a brighter color and lining. At the center of her forehead lies a symbol.

The same as the one on the skeletons forehead, and it translated into… Judgment.

She pulled her staff to the back and then slam it to the ground.


It creates an earthquake. Disrupting the Dragons Roar and stopped it from unleashing any more flames.

Stretching her arms wide, she then slapped her hands together. Shining ever so brightly, a glowing white flame slowly emerges from her the inside of hands. The clock behind her turned completely white and then a divine creature emerged.

”Hruuooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! ”

With an appearance to that of a high-ranking angel with 6 wings on its back along with a crown-like horn growing out of its head.

The ghost then formed its hand, imitating the girls movement. Completely in sync. Narrowing her eyes down to a slit, the girl mumbled, ”True Art of Chronomancy. ”


Echoes the belling clock.

Opening her palms, she directed it towards the skeleton and the ghost follows her hand movement. Slowly, she – they – opened it wide. Grasping the air slowly, and then, with many echoing voices spitting out of their mouth, she and the ghost mumbled the sinister forbidden spell, ”Life Distortion. ”


Suddenly, her whole vision became black and white. As if the whole world is slowing down. The space around the Skeleton started to spirals… its whirling.

He saw all of it happening like normal, but he couldn do anything about it, neither is the Dragon. They are stuck in slow motion, in this Monochrome world.

Her comrades, both the Assassin and the Wizard have also got caught in her spell, unmoving from their spot. Thankfully, they are quite far away from the enemies.

The girl moved her hand, pointing directly at the Skeleton, and said, ”Too bad, huh. Looks like its my win. ”

The whirling slowly sucking them in as if its a black hole.

Forming her fingers to a flick, she was ready to snap it. ”Somewhat short, but… Guess its my time to shine, in this cold lifeless world of mine. ”

The rotation of the air is getting faster and faster at a rapid pace. The skeleton is staring at her fiercely, holding remorse in his round heart of his. The girl cracked a grin, ”Welcome to my world, Skelly. ”




Massive destruction like a Nuclear Explosion just blasted through the spiraling force at the center of the Skeleton.

The dragon has lost its upper half and the Skeleton stood with only his upper half. Still holding on to his staff, screaming as if the death itself can feel pain.

The girl who inflicted all of this… formed a grin of satisfaction on her face.

Because of the nature of her spell, she did not cause any other damage aside from her target location, the remaining area outside of it is completely unaffected. That means her companions are lucky that they were far enough for her spell not to reach them.

They have stayed out of range from the explosion.

But the skeleton is still alive, in another sense of life. He glared at her, to the one who inflicted this much damage upon him. An eerily disturbing tone coming out of his mouth, he spoke for the first time, ”You… ”

The girl flinched as she notices him talking, he never spoke all this time.

His eyes turned white like pure silver, ”Why did you… do this to us… Traveler… ” his staff slip from his hand and then…


Its head fell to the ground, and it turned to ashes.

The girl saw it all. She heard the last word of that skeleton. She felt his emotion, his resentment, his… hatred.

The smile on her face soon faded.

Left with confusion and quite possibly even… regret.

The ghost behind her submerge into the clock and then along with the clock itself, they disappeared.

Suddenly, a ding sound. Some kind of notification echoed in her head and then following it is a series of messages displayed in her vision.

! {Congratulations, you have defeated a Demigod!}

~ {+320.000.000.000 Experience Points have been received}

! {Congratulations, you are the first—

The girl waved her hand, stopping the notification to appear. It seems that she doesn want to be bothered right now.

Usually, she would be ecstatic and start jumping around after defeating such a powerful enemy. However, it definitely not the case this time.

Something is wrong.

Her face hardened, she has many thoughts flowing through her mind right. Contemplating on everything.

What just happened?

Why did that thing say that?

What do you mean why…

Isn this what we were supposed to do?

What did I just kill, wasn he an undead, an enemy?

Just what is going on here?!

Suddenly, she felt something else.

Its a completely different thing, and its not here… but on the other side… somewhere beyond the scope of this world, her home in the real world.

The Wizard shouted in joy, ”Woo-hoo! Look at all these points and loot, baby! See those gems over there!? ” pointing at the dragon, many items have appeared on the side of it. ”We
e gonna be rich! Shit, Im gonna buy some shoes, dildos, and might even buy… Hm? ”

The Wizard notices that her friend is not being her usual self.

”Whats up with that bitch… ”


She flew down to her.


Descended from the sky.

Upon approaching her friend, the Wizard spoke, ”Dola, whats wrong? You don like the loot or something? ”

The staff-wielding girl, Dola, shook her head, ”No, its just ” sighing, ”Im sorry, but I have to go. Something is going on at my house. ”

The Wizards eyes narrowed down to a slit, ”You okay? ”

”No, I don think so. ”

”Hmm… Alright, well be there. ”

Turning her body around. She stares at the Assassin, who is still slicing the now dead dragon. Still angry about how the dragon just smashed her out of nowhere.

The Wizard yelled at her, ”Hey, you bitch! We got an emergency! Go collect those loot, log out, and lets go! ”

The Assassin stopped, she looked at the Wizard for a moment and then nodded. She raised her hand to the side and then all of the ”Loot ” got absorbed into her hand.

Then, with a blink of an eye, all of them disappeared.

Stuttering images of black and white, 101, flowing in and out and then disappeared. That was what Dola sees when logging out of the game.

She reaches her hands out of the Capsule, gripping its edges. Slowly, she rose from it sluggishly, ”Fuck… me. ”

Dola lives in a small apartment. However big enough for someone that is living alone, she kept the place tidy and clean, just like herself. Though the neon red color to a white background is a bit of a questionable fashion.

She is such a beautiful young woman. Silky long hair, ample enough breast, and a slender body. Wearing a simple white tank-top and black-colored spats.

Calmly, she went to her desk and took out a round object. Its a computer, but it looks kind of like a projector. Navigating through it, she opened up the CCTV footage.

People in shade are coming straight to her apartment.

Dola frowned as she saw them, the footage was a minute ago. ”Not good. ” Suddenly she heard a loud thud coming from the outside, as if someone is running.

And then…


A loud deafening sound coming out of the door, someone knocking on them hard. It was loud, loud enough to wake up King-Kong from its sleep.

Dola started to sweat a little bit. Looking around, she went to a drawer, taking out one of the contents within it, a silver-white gun.

She hides it at the back of her hip and hesitantly approach the door, her heart is beating so fast.

Slowly unlocking the door, two muscular men walked in and behind them, is a guy in shade and a fancy suit.

Dola recognizes this fellow. He was her fiancé from the past and he kept visiting her from time to time to extort her out of her wealth, slowly sucking all the money that she made with her own sweat and blood.

Trying to hold back her anger, she formed a glaring expression on her face.

Dola spoke, ”What do you want, Leon? ”

The guy in shade, Leon, shook his head and chuckled, ”I want all of them. ”

People would just tilt their head when a guy suddenly just came in out of nowhere and suddenly said that. Of course, Dola however, understood what he meant.

”But I just gave you 5 million last week. ”

”Bwahaha ” Leon burst into laughter, ”You really don understand, huh ”

He waved his hand, signaling his subordinates to make their moves. They start approaching her.

Dola notices what is going on, ”W-Wait, you… you can be serious, Leon. ”

Slowly rubbing his hand, ”Siola… I knew you have a lot more with you, but you chose to lie to me. ”

”Wh-Why do you even need so much money anyway?! ”

”Well, of course, its for my future… with your sister. ”

Dola gasped. His blunt response was truly shameless, to bring something like that upright when hes begging for money… though, in this context, he is not begging.

The image of the past started flowing back to her, the image of her sister. Her sweet and beautiful older sister who always caresses her suddenly turned evil.

Not only that she stole her fiancé, but she also ruins Dolas relationship with the family, and turned her life to ruin, leading to her now living outside of high society.

She bit her lips, ”You… ” stuttering, trembling as she spoke. ”Leon, I… I gave you everything, I devoted my entire life for you, even now… and yet… ”

Leon rolled his eyes, tired of hearing her overdramatic tone. He spoke to his subordinates, ”Get it done. ”

They nodded, directing their gun and aiming it right at Dola. They wasted not another second and quickly pulled the trigger.


Blood splashed out of her head, and Dola fell.

Leon rubbed his ears. The sound of that shot was too loud for him.

Fixing his jacket, ”Hmph! How come a low life like you, deserve to be with someone like me! Goodbye, Siola. ”

Dola is lying there, on the ground. Blood flowing out of her head, but then suddenly… a wide grin formed on her face.

Her eyes opened and she quickly pulled out her gun, aiming it directly at Leons head, and then pulled the trigger.

*Boom *Boom!

Dola shot him accurately on his head… twice.

*Boom *Boom *Boom

She continues to shot him again repeatedly, consecutively headshot him multiple times in mere seconds. His subordinates startled by the gunshot. They turned around and then shot her again.

*Bang *Bang *Bang

Blood splattered out of her body, many of their bullets went through to her. Luckily, she protected her head, but some of them went through.

And they shot her again.

Unfortunately for them, it was too late to save their boss from the grave calling.

The gun Dola used is one of the deadliest Magnum ever created, just one shot, and it will pierce through anything. 7 was put on his head, her shot was accurate enough that each one of them hits perfectly.

Soon after, other people came into the room, two women walked in with a shotgun and they pulled the trigger as they jump.


They shot them right on their heads, splattering its inside all over the place.

One of them defended, but the girl bodied him to the ground, and then she sticks her shotgun to his stomach.


His intestines splattered all over the place.


Shot another two rounds to his chest and then…


On his head.

The floor flooded with his blood.

*Pant *Pant

She rushes to Dola, lifting her head. Speaking in a panicking tone, ”Hey, hey. Come on, don go dark on me, babe. ”

It was the Wizard.

Checking out her head.

The metal substance on Dolas skeleton protected her head from being splattered, however, the wound is another story.

Waving one of her hands, she signals the other woman for aid, ”Rakuri, the Meds! ”

The other girl, Rakuri, paused with watery eyes and rapidly thumping hearts.

”What are you still standing here for!? Hurry the ** up, YOU STUPID BITCH! ”

Rakuri nodded repeatedly and left the room. The girl shifted her eyes back to Dola, ”Come on, you
e gonna make it, just hold on. ”

Unfortunately, Dola didn respond. However, she is still conscious. Lifting her hand, she grabbed the girls arm, looking at her stunningly charming face.

Dola couldn muster up the strength to talk, she realizes that her time is about to come, which is funny. Made her almost laugh how everything she has built was done by a single buffoon coming to her house.

Shedding tears, she wishes that she has more time, but she knows that she won have it… everything has always gone against her.

She looked at her friend deeply in the eye.

… and then smiled.

Her eyes widened, ”No, no, no. Please don , no! ” gently grabbing Dola by the back of her head, looking her in the eye, ”Don do this to me. ”

But Dola keeps smiling.

Suddenly, her arms went limp.

Her friends expression hardened, her eyes shaking as she spoke, ”No… Dola… Dola, come back. Please, Dola… you bitch, please. You promised me youll stay with us. Dola, please. DOLAAAAAAAA! ”

She held Dolas hand tight and kept shouting her name, but Dolas vision started to fade as shes seeing the image of her friend shedding tears for her.

But soon after, the image is gone and Dola… is no more.

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