Mage of the Abyss

Chapter 3 ~ So This is My New Life

Tring-ring-ring!! Sound of an old alarm, waking up the sun. Slowly, I open my eyes, ”Mm… nuh-uh? ” trying to reach out to anything I can hold onto.


”Ouch, my b… ”

Accidentally rolling around made me fell from the sofa.

”Hm? ” I smell something narcotic, ”What the hell is that smell… no wait, its me. ”

”… ”

As it turns out, my armpits just became a bio-weapon. ”Might even be able to kill the masses with this, bwahahaha! ”

”Wait a sec. ” I look around, gazing up and down, to found myself in a place that Im familiar with. Its cramped and dusty.

”No, more importantly, Im still alive? ”

Certainly feels like it.

Stretching my thin arms to the back I let out a bit moan, ”Hnnn… I sighed, ”All right where the hell am I? Did somebody kidnap the beautiful me or what? ”

Sluggishly, I stood up and survey around. Something like an abandoned restaurant, ”its small, and what are these cheap ass wood chairs? ”

”Wait, don tell me… ”

Walking out, I can see the whole building. ”Fuck. ” Walking back inside, seeing the living room or should I say, the diner, got mixed up with the kitchen, there are two doors. One leads to a bathroom and the other is to a storage room full of empty boxes, I assume.

”Oh, shit… ”

Something definitely feels off though. ”No wonder that it feels so familiar, this is the **ing house where I got dumped by those fu– I mean, awful people. ”

My family.

It takes some time for it to hit me. My legs gave up and I fell to the sofa, ”Reincarnated… ”

Looking at the paper calendar, a flash of memories where I rip things apart and crying, lifeless on top of the sofa. September 28, 2076.

”… But why here? At the time where I was about to kill myself. ”

Was it to remind me that I once had a family?

”Nothing can really fix it though. I don know why they were so against me, aren I their beloved child? Why did it have to be Rosa? Shes just a loose bi– I mean, bad girl. ”

I sighed when suddenly, a faint flow of smell passes through my nose. ”Bah, this is bad, what a disaster! My armpits just turned into an aphrodisiac. ”

Rising from my seat, I walk to the bathroom.

”Dammit, so itchy… ”

As soon as I entered, my eyes stopped at a mirror just the opposite of the shower. Chuckled when I look at myself, ”Heh, so I went back to this ugly face, huh. ”

A nerdy kind of look with freckles and no makeup.

”Hmm, somehow I kind of like it though. ”

It put a smile on my face, seeing it went back to the origin. I had numerous surgeries back in my past life, made myself look like a Diva. People can remake their faces if they want to yeah, as long as they have the money to pay for them of course.

”Hehehe, if I look at it again… Im really… hot. ”

This narcissistic side of me still looking strong too, I like it.

The name is Siola Mithra. I used to be some kind of princess but because of my sisters jealousy, my life turned upside down and this is long before I made a living off a video game, and got shot dead.

Talking back about the family, I erm… no longer have the energy or desire to get back at them ever since I got flipped to this place.

Even now.

I know I was a coward, might be still am. The stupid me never really know much of what they call Society. I was too detached from reality.

Wealth, Power, and Connection.

These three are the core foundation that makes someone truly important. At least in this world, you can just walk up to a household, confronting and announcing your non-existent presence when you barely have any of those.

How do I know this?

Well, it happened to me. I did that stupid shit and look where I am now. Miserable is the word for it and I don like it at all.

”Haa… ” stripping down my clothes, revealing my tight skinny figure with my **ing board chest. I sighed once again and turned the shower on, enjoying my miserable fate.

”I wanna play that game again ” recalling back the memory of my OP character, ”Ugh, and there I was about to reach Eternal Rank… that buffoon. I swear to god if I meet him in this life, Im gonna shove an 18-inch vibrating dildo straight up his ass. ”

In this lifetime, the **er married Rosa a few months ago.

Tapping my head lightly to the wall, ”Dammit, just forget about that already. ”

Back then when I started making money, that jerk would just pop out of nowhere and extort me every single week. Threatening me that he would ruin my family.

Clenching my fist with my head on the wall, ”Why did I even fall for him anyway. ”

I shook my head, ”No, I shouldn have said that. ”

Back in the day, he wasn always being such a jerk. Yeah, believe it or not, Leon used to be a timid and gentle boy. We used to play together all the time back when we were still dripping in snot. Him at least, the beautiful me always perfect at all time.

I wonder what made him change so much.

Looking out from a window at the bathroom, I saw large green plants and a greenish substance. Its a swamp… and it feels so empty.

Living in the abandoned part of the Desolated Sector on the 6th Island.

Just as the name said, the place is being deserted. Might not have some flying cars, but you bet this place has some flying ants. They can shoot bullets through your skull too.

This godforsaken Sector is filled with what of the government called ”The Waste of Society ”, lots of sick people and I mean it both ways.

Turning off and on, playing with the shower… I tried to use the warm one.

”O-Ooh… this is… ”

The shower is not bad.

Now that I think about it, this should be the time when I was about to break. Had many opportunities, but I wasted them all. Quite the miracle that I even survived back then.

Giggling to myself, ”Hehe, not a bad time to do a restart. ”

There is one thing that made my life, my situation flip around. One that catapults me up to the sky, reaching the highlife. Not quite the high life you might expect, but it was amazing.

And that is indeed… because of that one single game.

Ekolia, the Broken World. I don know who named it but it sure is cringe and generic as **. I mean of course, I know who, but its just the name, you know… its weird.

But anyway, its been 2 years since the game came out, and the time I start playing was around one and a half years later maybe?

I had a really fun time with it, and it was quite a gamble.

Oh, and let me tell you a little secret, well its not really a secret since Im going to tell you anyway, but still…

Back then, I used to ignore the game. Thing is, I just don play popular games. But when I saw those Futa ads on a billboard down the road, for the first time in my whole life, my pussy getting wild– I mean, ahem, I was entranced by it.

I thought to myself, ”What did I miss? ”

I didn have any money and never rent anything either, imagine talking to some lowlifes when you
e one of them, hah!

So instead, I purposely injured myself by falling off of this one tall building. Looked for one thats near a hospital, for the reason of me being easily spotted by the passerby…

I mean seriously, my legs were broken, tons of blood gushing out, it was truly a miracle that I was able to survive that. Ah, I said that twice. Whatever, and its not that I was thinking much of it back then.

But it was damn worth it.

Thing is, most Hospital has been implementing this virtual reality program, so they have these capsules, right, its so damn high-tech that people would even pay a huge ton of cash just to play Ekolia in that thing.

And I got it for free.

I started playing the hell out of it. Making money while having fun, and it was easy if you aim it low, but not for me. I always aim higher, and I mean it real high.

Becoming a pro at the game net me quite the network, I remember spending my entire days loitering around IRL but ferociously being so active in-game.

That was the good times.

What I like to do most is beating up noobs who think they
e some hot shit just after playing a hundred hours or so. What a joke. So, when Im done making a new character, I just go at it with like Level 10 and those **ing noobs were about Level 100 or so.

Heh, Im sure you know what happened.

Well, Im not really the best of the best though. I was a newcomer to the e-sport and I got more losses than wins in my records.

Blame it on me not having an Eternal Rank character.

”Haa… ”

But enough with the past or the future, whatever, I don have the time to think about every single thing. Stepping out of the shower, I wore my clothes again. A long sleeve shirt and old fashion jeans, its the only ones I have so…

Checking out the only box I have with me. Cheap clothes and pants, ”Even the maids children have a better one than these. Must be Rosas doing, or mom. Those bit- I mean… ” sighing.

Saddened when I think about it, my sad life.

”Hm, I don have a phone? ”

Of course, I don have a phone.

Almost nobody uses that thing nowadays anyway. Though Ive heard that its still common in the Earth Sector.

Only $16 left, that wouldn even be enough for a single day in the Sky Sector, but here, it should be enough for me to last… 3 days maybe? Assuming that I can get the Capsule soon, Id last even more.

But if not, welp, Id be going straight to a coffin.

”Oh wait, I got an idea. Yeah, yeah. Lets do that thing. ”

Telling you later about it, k?

If its not working out?

Well, I might need to sell this body. That would be a surefire way to earn money, but I wonder if there is someone out there that would even want this body.

”Haa… and just a moment ago, I praised myself for being pretty. ”

I don want it.

My purity will have to stay intact, its the only way for me to get back at them. Those fu– I mean, awful people in my family. Im going to prove to them that Im worth a diamond– No, even more than that.

”Those two as well. ”

My friends, my girlfriends, ”I wonder what those two are doing now. ”

Maybe Ill have the chance to encounter them when Im in-game.

”Heheh, can wait for that to happen. ”

I walked out, resting my back on the metal fences of the wooden bridge. The water underneath is… disgusting. Looking at the scenery of the swamp makes me want to vomit. I sighed as theres nothing I can do but to accept this.

After all, I did this to myself.

I need money, the cost of the capsule is as thick as my aunts ass, and its impossible for the current me to get that much. Wish I have an inhaler right now, Im totally in need of breathing.

Alas, I can only enjoy what I have…

But I don have anything though…

The sun…

So bright…

Closing my eyes, I let all of its warm light soothing me up.

A tear just shed.

My mouth opens as my lips trembled, I smiled.


A quick break…

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Love you


It feels as if the streets are covered by clouds with all the smokes and fogs going around. Walking here, in this place, makes me feel anxious, ”Should be around here somewhere. ”

These people seem to ignore me too. Its weird, especially with how beautiful I am, only idiots wouldn want a piece of this. Even though Ive had a shower, Hm, maybe I shouldve used soap or something.

”Right, Ill buy one when I have the cash. ”

Still, even though its called a Desolated Sector, there are too many people here to call it desolated.

Kinda remember how that, hing, wen,t down. All the police flock onto me and even sent a Hunter, just because I exploited all these peoples augment to give me their cash.

Good days, and its a good thing that those two were around that time. Had they not, I mightve already reincarnated there and then.


Quite funny.

Right, why am I going out?

I need to do something outside obviously. Its to look for a rental. Theres someone I know that provides that ancient service. People called him Merchant, and that is what he becomes.

”There it is. ”

Quite a beautiful park, but its filled with people that are absolutely not trying to do morning routing, to jog, or something. No, they
e here for business.

Guns, drugs, and just about anything that screams illegal are out in the open here and they
e casually doing the exchange without a care in the world. Theres almost no security, but if one were to break the law… Well, lets just say that a burst of flames would start surrounding the area and quite possibly, burning everyone who is involved.

Been saying this again but, my appearance is that of a nerdy commoner kid so they might look down on me. Not that I mind though, I like being looked down, stepped on, dominated fully till my eyes rolled out but anyway… I still have my past life experience and I know how to act properly. Wouldn want to accidentally offend someone, that would be bad.

”Old electronics. Finally. ”

Sitting down under a tree with the ancient stuff lying around him. Shrouded himself so that people can see both his face and any of his skin. I still remember when someone tried to rob him and he succeeded. Though, the next day, he ended up in the sewer, parts of his decapitated body that is.

The Merchant sells just about anything, and all kinds of service, though just not ”that ” kind of service. Don get dirty-minded now. His collection may not be at the top best, but you won find anyone else selling the things he has.

”Hey there. ”

”Pretty gal… welcome, take a look at these goods. Got just about everything. ”

His muffled voice, I can tell it belong to a middle-aged man to an elderly, somewhere in between, I think. Leaning my upper body down, ”Hoo… they
e a diamond all right, but I need something else. Do any call service? ”

”Of course, part of the sect you wanna link to? ”

”Sky Sect, 3rd island. ”

The Merchant stroke his jaw. He paused for a moment before muttering the price, ”… Hmm, too many obstacles, but for a price, I can give you it. ”

e eight dollars sound? ”

”Hmm… For you, seven should be enough. ”

”Really? ”

Thats quite unexpected. I mean, this is the first time weve met and I know that Im beautiful and all, but I wonder if theres a catch. A dollar is practically nothing but for some, its worth gold.

Sliding out of his forearm, his coat, ”Here, can only give you an hour or two. Pass that and you gotta pay more. ”

Sparkles in my eyes, ”Th-Thanks. ”

He nodded.

I took the phone from his hand, and then dial a number. Standing behind a tree, I rest my back to its trunk. Im calling my aunt. Shes the only one that is ”friendly ” towards me and the only person I can rely on when I need some pocket money.

*Beep … *Beep … *Beep

Hah, still remember the time where I got spanked just because I took a cookie from her room… fantasizing the taste of it again, Ahh, if only I can make it.

I wonder what did she put in it to make it so… addicting. Anyway, Im sure shell help me with my money problem. She always is.

[No!] said the voice on the phone

Lightning struck, ”B-But, aunt Linda… ”

[I said no]

[Goodness, its not even a week since you disgrace the name of our family and now, you
e asking us for money?]

”N-No, auntie. Im not asking the familys money, j-just you. I don want to owe anything to those bas– I mean, awful people. ”

[Was that…]

”Th-The point is, I really need that money, auntie. Please… ”


Panicked, I was hit with a truly unexpected response.

Guess I have no choice after all.

Cute Distress Mode Activated, ”Auntie… I really need it. Just one last time, I promise Ill do anything you ask. Can you please help me? I promise I will return it later. ”

[Humph! Thats what I heard from you last time, and you still haven returned a single digit of them!]

Guh, I took phantom damage. It felt like I was being punched right in the gut.

”Th-That was… well… ” stuttering as I tried to give a good answer.

Damn it! How could I forget that I still owe her the 30 Mil?! Guh, and I even lost those because grandpa found out about it, and he didn return it to aunt Linda!

[When your mother not giving you things, you always turn to me. What am I, your backup storage or something? Should I remind you that…]

Well, its kind of true that I always borrowed money from her… but always forgot to return it…

And so, I got caught by the binding spell, Lectures of Aunt Linda.

Shes been taking care of me for as long as I can remember, and even stood up for me when I was about to be kicked out of the house, unfortunately to no avail… I got kicked out of the entire household instead, pretty much losing just about everything… especially, those dolls I collected since I was a brat.

A few moments later.

[… and that is why you should think before you act, missy!]

I feel like someone who masturbated 5 times a day, still blinking in tiredness, ”… Yes, Auntie. I understand. ”


[Humph! Good. Failure is a good lesson for anyone that seeks success but that doesn mean you should be on the low side all the time, Siola. I will transfer the money, but remember… this is the last one, princess]

My eyes glittering right after hearing the sound of that beautiful voice… and words, ”Yes, Auntie!! Goodness, thank you, I promise that this will be the last one! clenching my fist tightly in blissful joy, ”Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I love you, Auntie. ”

”I hope we will be able to meet soon. I so miss you already. ”

[Hmph, alright, alright. Ill be hanging up now, do take care of yourself, Siola]

”Yes, Auntie, I will. Goodbye. ”

I hung up and quickly punched the air a few times, Hell yeah!! then returned the phone to the Merchant.

”Quite the interesting exchange. Do forgive me for… eavesdropping? ”

Why did he end it with a question?

”I don mind. Sorry, that took a bit longer than 2 hours, hehe… here you go. ” Both the extra dollar and the phone.

”Keep them. Youll need it. ”

”Ah. ”

Mustve heard that part too, huh.

Rustling inside his coat, ”Once you have enough money to treat yourself to some kit, then you can return that here. While you
e at it, take this too. ”

A golden metal black card has all the info and location of when and where hes available. Theres his number in it too.

Extending the business, huh. I wonder if he only sees me as a number on his list. ”Thank you. ” Not that I mind it, and theres no reason to refuse the best dealer in town.

He nodded.

Looking at him returning his focus on his wares, reminded me of how close we were when that incident happens. Even Kurira and Rakuri didn know that he ever existed until I introduce them. I got that gun from him too. Made me smile just thinking about it.

”Yo, MC. That your kid? ”

A loud one coming from the back, a tall muscular guy with tattoos all over his body.

”Malek. ”

With a big smile on his face, ”Damn, shes fine. Ya might wanna have some blade in your back pocket, girl, cause this town ain as pretty as you. ”

”Uh… huh. ”

Im not really good with this kind of people.

”Here, take this. A little gift from the ol me. ”

”Ahh, b-but Im not really his daughter or anything. I was just here to do business and I just finished it. ”

”Oh? Business, eh. Well, whatever, just take it. Mine has been getting slow lately, wouldn mind takin one off the clearance. Right, let me teach you how to roll with it. ”

Standard 9mm handgun, the appearance is sleek and compact.

”Truth is, I already know how to use a gun so… ”

”Oh? Then here. See that guy over there ” pointing at the back, ”I want one of that bullets to go straight up his ass. ”

He gave me a suppressor. I was quite taken aback by it, but I didn question nor do I refuse it. After adjusting it to my gun, I checked on the bullet.


Its actually loaded.

The guy he pointed at is currently assembling the armaments on the table, minding his own business until…


”Guoooooooh!!! ”

I doubt it did any real damage since his body looks to be augmented.

”Bwahahaha, now thats what Im talkin about! Ya might even be a sharpshooter if ya go to the army, girl. ”

”Aight, you can keep that thing too. Double gift from me. Though, if ya want more of those bullets, my shop always around. ”

I nodded, ”Thank you. ”

Quite nerve-wracking that I receive a gun from a total stranger, but when I look at the Merchant, he was nodding at me. Maybe it was a good choice to keep it.


As Siola left the vision of the two with Malek waving away at her, the atmosphere changes as Malek put his hand down and asked, ”Was it really her? ”

”Hmm… ”

The merchant only grunted to his question, and then his phone beeping. Receiving a message from a bank that stated $1.000.000 was received.

”Uncertain. ”

”Don play dumb with me. You better tell me or I will- ”

*Clack *Clack *Clasp

The people around, from store owners to buyers, started to surround them both with each wielding their own weapon. The only exception is Maleks partner who is dumbstruck with what is happening.

”You will… what? ”

Maleks expression hardened.

Another message to the Merchant, another bill was received, $500.000.000.

He grunted, ”Hmph. 15%, only her name matches with the registry. ”

”That tells me nothing. ”

”Is it? ”

His face turns ugly, as he grinds his teeth looking at the road she walked to, his fist was clenched tightly as his eyes shooting blood. An immense killing intent was directed at the air, ”Just you wait… Mithra. ”


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