Mage of the Abyss

Chapter 4.5 ~ So This is the Path I Chose (Part 2)

t hits me again, my intro felt the same as I was back then when I first boot the game up but then why is he asking this? Does it mean that he has a completely different intro then?

Gah, I can make any sense of it! so I answered, ”Met them on the first layer, I just kind of went with the flow and this happens. ”

”You sure they
e not dragging you down? ”

”Hah, ” closing in on him with my forearm on his stomach, ”We kind of scratched each others back so no loss on both sides, ” tapping him as I walk away, ”Come on, lets get you out of here. ”

Him smiling as he joined our little group eased me a little bit, particularly about him not hating on NPCs.

But not long after, that smile faded as he saw me lagged way behind, panting.

”Hey, whats up? You ran out of stamina or something? ”

”F-Fatigue. ”

”You mean, you wanna sleep? ”

”No, I kind of enabled the Realism Mode. ”

”What? ” his gasp can tell it all, ”Dude, thats just insane. Are you sure you can get me out of this place? ”

”Don worry about it, my plan for our escape won change just because of this. Not involved in me fainting as long as we can get past the South Gate. ”

”Lass, ” Boland came, ”You all right? ”

*Pant *Pant

”Just exhausted, nothing to worry about. Hehe. ”

Trying to keep that positive mindset and making the group not worried about this little miscalculation I did, Shit, I was supposed to lead these guys!

”Come, we gotta move, ” posing in a weird yet familiar way, ”Don keep me waiting now, lass. We have to hurry, I sensed something is coming for us. ”

A piggyback pose!

My face red all the way right now, ”Uwu, thanks, sir Boland. ”

”Wait, why don I do it for you instead? ” asked Galliano.

”No, we need to optimize our firepower. Sir Boland will not have a problem with me in his back but you and your attacks would be hindered. ”

He is a Monk after all. At least if I go with Boland, he can still attack with his sword without shaking much from this uncomfortable posture. Besides, his back is much… thicker.

Galliano accepted it without grief, ”All right, shall we move on then? ”

I nodded at him.

About an hour later, weve arrived at the so-called South Gate.

Its freaking enormous.

The height and width of this gate are like a fully grown skyscraper but so much wider. It feels like the gate was meant for a giant to go through. Not only that, its so extravagantly ornated.

I never know much about Prison Realm, mainly because this place is the ”Starter Camp ”, a place that is meant to serve as a Tutorial are for players to get a hang of what they are going to be doing, and never to be visited again.

”Wait, why is it closed? ” confused Galliano, ”Ive walked through here before and it was so wide open before. In fact, Ive seen some Travelers went in. ”

… okay that was confusing, But why is he also calling players, Travelers?

Boland put me down and I noticed that some geared undead are closing in, ”There must be a trigger to open it, but weve arrived now. All the wounded stick close to the wall. Kenmartha, you guard them while we take care of these things. ”

”Kid, wait! ” Dura, the bearded old man called out to me, ”Take this with you! ” throwing me an ax.

”Gyaaaaahhh! ”


! {Item Received}

~ {Rooted Spirit Axe / Rank F-Rare / Physical Attack: 20 / Magical Attack: 15 / Innate Ability: Can be used as a Catalyst}

*Pant *Pant

”You wanna kill me, old man?! ” noticing something, ”Wait, why did you even have something like this when you
e a Rogue? ”

”Hah, didn notice the blade in your hand? ”

”Ah. ”

With a one-sided tilt on his mouth, he said, ”Don you dare lose them, you hear? ”


The undead is too close for comfort.

Turning my head around, ”Hmph! ” so he was hiding the item that was meant for the players, huh. Rotating the ax with the appearance of a big ass root, I readied myself along with the other two and tell him, ”I got this, old man. ”

==== Quick Status ====


Physical Attack: 20 (+7) / Physical Defense: 0

Magical Attack: 15 (+5) / Magical Defense: 0

Health Regeneration: 1 / Mana Regeneration: 2 / Stamina Regeneration: 1

==== Quick Status ====

Now that I have a Magical Attack, the bonus from my Intelligence stats finally kicks in which is roughly +5 per 10 points. This works the same for Physical Attack with the Strength/Dexterity weapons, just a bit more complicated since its hard to differentiate it sometimes between which one is the Strength Weapon and which is the Dexterity one.

Lets talk about that a little bit later though, these undead feels like they want to chew on my skin.

Even without magic, I can still fight.

Dashing forward as we scattered, I smoothly and stylishly play with my new toy before swinging it down and rip the armor off the draugr. I don like to move around like this, and sometimes, I would even make a totally fatal mistake when in close-quarter combat, but it doesn mean that I can do it!

*Slash *Stab *SLASH

{+100 Exp}

More and more are coming, but something is weighing my mind down. Even though there is already a player in my group and hes already killing it with his fists, why am I still not receiving the party bonus?


Ducking as the draugr attacked.

I just reached a conclusion to the problem. Basically, that just renders any teamwork contribution I did and will be doing… useless, Damn shitty System!


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