Magus Rise of the Fallen

Chapter 5: The meeting

”The era of the dark terror shall return with your death… ”

”Shit, he awakened faster than I predicted, I wasn able to place the seal mark on him, ”

Lizz took a good look at the incoming attack closing in on her and started to run away from the trajectory of the attack. However, when the attack hit the ground, it created a large blow of wind which pushed Lizz away, but she managed to regain her posture and balance midway.

The sharp tip of her sword started to create a blue thick ball entirely made of Ether, and she immediately launched it toward the demon at full speed.

”I wasn expecting someone without Ether to launch an energy ball… ” The demon said in a low voice.

Despite the demon being surprised, she had launched such an attack, the demon didn have anything to fear and simply flicked his arm to slap the ball away and change its trajectory.

Thus, the ball landed somewhere in the forest, causing a large explosion to be heard from afar.

”It seems you and your sword have nothing else to offer to me… ” the dark demon said, ”If thats the case, then I shall finish you here, ”

”My sword is out of Ether… and without that, there will be nothing more I will be able to do, however, this small exchange was enough for the real process to start, the objective of that ball wasn to damage the demon, but it was just for him to touch it, ”

”Let me show you what a real energy ball is, even though this will be made out of cursed energy… ” The demon then lifted his hand toward Lizs direction and started to create a black energy ball similar to that of Lizz.

However, the energy ball was getting bigger and bigger to the point it was as big as a full-grown elephant.

Lizz came up to the conclusion that there was no reason to dodge the attack for everything was going as planned. She looked at the demon and simply shrugged with a nonchalant expression to encourage him in launching his attack.

”You are testing my composure human… ”

Veins started to pop out of the demons forehead as he was getting annoyed that a lower life form disrespects him in such a way.

”If you want me to demonstrate my full power, then you should have demanded it since the beginning, ”

He then started to increase the amount of cursed Ether in his energy ball making it bigger and bigger until it had reached a point the energy ball was releasing electricity around it, and everything around it started to float in the air.

”If you wish to die without a fight, then I will make it a reality, ” The demon said as the large energy ball was about to be launched.

However, at that very moment, the energy ball started to lose in cursed Ether and therefore started to shrink gradually.

When she looked at the dark demon, the latter seemed to be in conflict with his own body. The demon grabbed his head and fell on his knees while veins were popping out of his whole body.

”This can be possible, ” He exclaimed while saliva was drooling out of his mouth, ”the owner of the body is regaining possession of it, but how!? My spirit force is stronger than his! ”

He turned his head to Lizz and saw her delighted and cocky expression, and it didn take him another thought to understand she was the cause of the.

As he felt his spirit force slowly being stripped away from him, a burning sensation started to emerge on the palmar side of his right hand, the same spot and hand he used to deflect Lizzs energy ball.

”A sealing mark… so that was your goal when you launched that energy ball at me! ” He shouted

”The energy ball was imbued with a sealing spell, so anyone that would happen to touch this ball would have his spirit force sealed, however, as you only deflected the ball, only a small amount of Ether was transferred to the sealing mark, this is why I needed you to release as much cursed Ether as possible so the sealing mark could feed on your Ether, thus stripping your spirit force. At the moment your spirit force is sealed, then Calebs spirit force will eventually be the one dominant over the body, ”

The only reason this could work, however, was because the demon had underestimated Lizz due to her not having any Ether. The demons ignorance and arrogance are what brought him to this conclusion.

”You impudent human, do you know who I am and what Ive done? ” The demon shouted.

His face was full of rage, just like a wild animal on a rampage, while he looked at Lizz who was now walking toward him.

”No I don , ” Lizz said as she crouched near the dark demons face, ”but all I know is at the moment, you are as harmless as a bug, ”

To the dark demon, this situation was both humiliating and infuriating. Of all his years of existence had someone spoken to him in such a way, that person would be dead without a chance to even realise his fate.

However, this mere human who was barely half his strength was looking down on him, and even worse, she disrespected him multiple times!

”You little piece of shit! ” the demon shouted, ”don think this seal will be able to contain me for long, once I free myself, you will be the first one on my list, ”

The demon gave Lizz a death stare before his eyes rolled back, and a moment of silence followed.

Suddenly, he took a few blinks and opened his eyes once again. His eye colour was still, however, it was not glowing like before, and appeared to be a dark red colour now.

”Lizz, what are you doing here… ”

Caleb had regained possession of his body once again, and it seemed like he forgot everything about the recent events that had happened.

The mark on his hand had stopped glowing too, and it showed a black and thick spiral tattoo which was surrounded by a diamond shape.

”Are you ok? ” Lizz asked him reaching for his hand to help him get up.

”Why do I feel so dizzy, did I fall asleep or something? ” Caleb asked holding his forehead.

He slowly stood up with Lizz supporting him.

”Where is Roy… ”

When he spoke about Roy, Lizz chose to not respond for the first few seconds. She had seen his wound, and even though it was a thin one, it had burst a nerve inside his leg, and his skin was pierced.

”One of the nerves on his leg had bursted… by now, he must have lost too much blood, ”

”What do you mean, we just came here to bury a ring and… ”

However, Caleb sighted a trail of blood which was coming from behind him.

When he looked along the trail, he ended up spotting Roys body lying in a flood of blood.

”Roy? ”

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