Magus Rise of the Fallen

Chapter 8: Didn\'t go as planned

The Ether test is a yearly event that occurred in all cities of the two kingdoms. It is the entrance requirement to be accepted into the Magus Academy.

It is not mandatory to take the test, however, if one wishes to become a Magus there is no other way. The Ether test confirms the presence of Ether inside a person, but also shows the Ether limit.

Ether limit is the amount of Ether someone has, whether it may be a small quantity or a big one. The Ether limit doesn decide how strong a person is, however, it shows how much potential someone has.

For people that do not have a high Ether limit, one of the only ways they can fill this gap is with Ether control. The Ether limit is something that cannot be trained or improved, however, Ether control is an attribute which allows someone to use Ether effectively.

Nonetheless, having a too-low Ether limit might prove to be dangerous, for it is more likely that even with a high level of Ether control, the person might run low in Ether due to his low quantity of it.

For this reason, many people assume that people with a high Ether limit are more likely to succeed.

As for the Ether test, technology and Ether are combined to display a persons Ether limit.

Etherium releases a large amount of Ether, and anyone that has Ether is immediately attracted by it, just like a magnetic field.

To figure out the Ether limit of a person by using Etherium, the free Ether rotating around the material must be cancelled.

However, the general law about Ether is that it cannot be cancelled or destroyed, it can only be recreated into something else, such as a spell.

The technology humans use for the Ether test detects how much Ether is roaming around the Etherium, however, the number will be inaccurate, because there is already a large amount of Ether roaming around the material originally.

The humans managed to overcome this problem fortunately with the use of cursed ether.

Cursed ether has a negative charge, which is the polar opposite of Ether, which has a positive charge. If a room has an equal quantity of Ether and cursed Ether, the charge will be neutral.

The entrance of someone with a positive charge, in other words, Ether, will cause the charge to change from neutral to positive or negative if the individual who entered the room is a demon, and depending on the Ether limit of the person, the charge can be highly positive, indicating a high Ether limit, or slightly positive, indicating a low Ether limit.

To do this, the humans built the Etherium chamber, in which they confined an equal quantity of Ether and cursed Ether in order to prevent either energy from escaping and neutralise the charge in the chamber.




In the business district of Tyggstral young men and women no more than in their 20s queuing in rows of more than 20 forming long lines from outside a large arena which displayed a gold statue of a Magus with his hands in his hips and looking at the sky. Inside the arena was the main hall and reception, with as many receptionists as there are queue rows.

The queue started from the reception, and that was where people would sign up for the ether test. At the reception, they would leave their contact, and ID information.

”Next please! ” One of the receptionists said, and a good-looking silver-haired boy presented himself to her.

”Well good morning sir, ” the woman said enthusiastically.

”Do you happen to be here to sign up for the Ether test? ”

”Yes maam, ” Caleb responded.

”Very well, as a starter, could I please have your full name, date of birth and blood type, ”

”Caleb Lance, February 24, 2077, and blood type O+ ”

”Very well, and do you have a printed copy of your ID? ”

Caleb nodded and handed her what she had asked for. She analysed the copy and placed it on her desk.

”Youve made a wise choice Caleb, choosing this path will not only benefit you, but it will potentially benefit the whole world, ” The receptionist told him.

”Unlike the other participants, you do not have to go through a questionnaire concerning your motivations. or ambitions. You have completed your registrations and all you have to do is wait for tomorrow, we will be looking forward to seeing you, demon host, ”

Thinking that the registrations were faster than he thought, he walked out of the stadium, and it was nearly night when he walked out.

Outside, Lizz and the turquoise-haired individual were waiting for Caleb behind a black car.

”Is this the famous Caleb Lance, the host of the dark demon? ” Alexa asked leaning her arm forward to Caleb for a handshake.

”Good evening maam, ” Caleb said respectfully, ”I am indeed the one you are referring to, ”

”Nice to meet you, Caleb, we
e happy youve chosen to register of your own free will, ”

She then moved aside and gestured for Caleb to enter the back seat of the car. When he entered, he realised that the car had 6 back seats, 3 seats on one side, and another 3 facing the opposite direction.

”If you
e still unsure about who we are, please allow me to explain. Your sister and I both work at the Magus Academy as Magi. Normally, after graduating from the Magus Academy, you join a guild to execute tasks and receive a wage; however, there are certain exceptions; the Magus Academy may also recruit you if they believe you would be of use to them.

This is our situation, but it comes with the threat of a demon or someone with malicious intentions kidnapping us and gathering knowledge about the Magus Academys actions. For this reason, the Magus Academy has decided to make all their employees anonymous.

Our purpose is to deal with situations like yours and find a solution that benefits us all. The answer weve devised for your circumstance is simply to train you so that your abilities can assist us.

I believe there is no need to describe what will happen to you if this solution fails completely…. ”

Her look was joyful, yet menacing at the same time causing a cold chill that rose through his body.

It was clear that the woman in front of him was hiding her true personality through that innocent smile and pretty face of hers.

I wouldn be surprised if she were the one to kill me.. Caleb thought.

”Give him a break, I already explained all this, ” Lizz said interrupting the conversation.

The two had been in the same year and were taken by the Magus academy at the same time. So they both had a strong bond and understood each other perfectly.

”If that is the case, then there is not much to add to it anymore, ” Alexa said

The car stopped, and the door opened in front of Calebs house. The sky was already, dark, and it appeared Calebs parents weren home because their car wasn there.

”We hope to see you tomorrow Caleb and remember, all eyes of the higher-ups in the Magus Academy will be looking at you from now on, ” Alexa said as her last words while Caleb was getting out of the car.

”To the hotel, ” Alexa then ordered the driver once Caleb was out.

”Your brother doesn seem like the type of person that has his head on his shoulders, ”

Lizz crossed her arms and looked away from Alexas stare.

”He is just a bit touched by his friends death, ”

”I hope he won be touched for too long, ” Alexa said as she removed her black suit jacket and breathed a sigh of relief.

She then started to stretch her arms and twist her neck.

”Its been such a stressful week, ” She sighed, ”people keep calling me concerning the demons host, every single day. They can even give me a break, ”

While she lamented her stressful situation, Lizz took a cigarette from her pocket and lit it up.

”Thats why Ive always been telling you to try and smoke now and then, its the best type of stress reliever, ”

”You know I do not stand unhealthy items such as that, ”

Alexa slowly unbuttoned the first few buttons of her white shirt showing her cleavage

”Stop being so boring and just try something new for once, ” Lizz responded trying to hand Alexa a cigarette.

”I already told you I won … ” Alexa replied pushing the cigarette away.

”If you say so, ”

Alexa was fixing her hair and had a more relaxed and human attitude unlike usual. She was not smiling, however, she did seem to be in a joyful mood.

”But tell me one thing Alexa, why do you want Caleb to go through all this fuss when we could just transfer him to the Academy already… ”

Indeed, Caleb was already reserved a spot in the Magus Academy, however, it is Alexa personally who requested for Caleb to follow the same process as the rest.

”Caleb has a high Ether limit, and he will most likely have the highest in his generation, but he has a demon inside of him. Im afraid the demons cursed Ether mixed with your brothers pure Ether will hinder him from reaching his full potential. Caleb probably believes he is stronger than everyone else because of how unique he is, so going through the same procedure as others will serve as a type of reality check for him to realize he is in the same boat as everyone else and must work just as hard to become strong. I just don want him to overestimate himself. After all, your greatest adversary is you… ”




Caleb was lying on his bed staring at the ceiling thinking of why they would make him go through all this trouble when his place was guaranteed.

”That woman with Lizz, she was most likely to have a strong part in me still being alive. The way she explained things seemed like she was the one in charge of my case, so I can only assume every decision that was made so far was by her. But seriously, I don know what shes thinking, if the demon inside me is really that strong, then wouldn it be better to hide the power I have? ”

It was still unclear to him why she took certain decisions, but he knew they weren stupid decisions. If what she says is true and she was chosen to work for the Magus Academy, then without a doubt, everything she does is for a specific reason.

”Anyways, I guess there isn anything to worry about, plus if I were to show how much power Ive got, then there might be high chances I get popular in the Magus Academy! ”

He exclaimed with a smile on his face seeming to be more and more motivated.

”I can wait for the results tomorrow… ”

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