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Final Verdict

In the year RE-500, a remarkable discovery was made – The Keltar potion.

Humans were injected with this unique formula that could change and mutate their genes, giving them stronger bodies and longer lifespans.

Humans could now live to 380~400 years old.

The results were spectacular. At the age of 50, people still looked like they were in their late teen years of 17 or 18.

This was a big advancement.

It was discovered that a person born could grow up till the age of 16 before looking ultimately the same for the following decades, aging slowly until they died.

This was why 16 was the adult age in the New Age.


Blue Sails Planet, Year RE-4000.

Oven Country, Supreme Honey City.


The city of Honeycomb was a beautiful region, with every plant having an exterior texture resembling a honeycomb.

The city was known to have the purest grade of honey and nectarine in the entirety of Blue Sails. But today, many were not gathered to admire the stunning city sites.

The sun was up, and a massive crowd had flocked around the Grand Resolute Court Of Order.

Camera crews, regular folks, and many others stared at the live-streamed court proceedings inside.

Its been 3500 years since the worlds leading administration, the Absolutes, took the stage in humanitys greatest pivotal points. And now, once every 6 months, the Absolute Court gives its absolute judgment to all major cases deemed too terrible for ordinary courts to handle.

These cases all make headlines due to their grotesque and hideous natures.

In just a day, over 500 people will have their fates decided by the Absolute Court!

Blue pill or red?… Guilty or Not Guilty?

In every Capital of every country or nation, there was an Absolute Court.

It was the highest form of Judgment the world had ever known, with the Absolutes having their separate Enforcement Powers built on one of the largest islands in the world — The Absolute Fortitude of Justice.

All nation leaders worked alongside the Absolutes. That was the order of the world. And today, all major cases in Oven Country would be dealt with by the Absolute judges of justice!

If proclaimed Guilty, it was assumed all evidence had been looked at, with every nuke and cranny checked.

It was called the Absolute Court because there was no need to argue with the results.

To get to the level where ones case reached the Absolute court meant that the crime in question was too unspeakable and mentally disturbing.

Many looked at the massive live broadcasts, raising their fists to those proclaimed Guilty.

”Die scums! ”

You all don deserve to live! ”

”Get out! Get out of here! ”

”Leave! Leave! Leave! ”

”Leave our precious Oven Country!!! ”



In the live broadcast, one by one, the accused all line up with chained hands.

”Itachi Guru… Charges: Manslaughtering 123 victims, assaulting 111 women, 59 robbery cases… Guilty! ”


The mallet fell hard.


It wasn a debate. There wasn even a lawyer in sight for the accused.

This was the Absolute court. They were never wrong.

”Next! ”

The Chief judge didn even raise his head at the lineup of accused persons, reading each sentence and passing the accuseds file to the side. And seated beside him were 9 other Judges in immaculate white attires, who all sat in absolute silence.

Their faces were expressionless.

They stared at every accused person with cold eyes that could chill a fish to a popsicle. And apart from the judges, the 2000 guards in the room weren easy either.

Bain took a step forward, realizing there were 3 more court cases away from his.


The person behind him caught him just in time after missing his step.

”Thank you… ” Bain politely thanked the youngster behind him, who looked no older than 16.

16 or 50? It was indeed very hard to say, making it hard for Bain to figure out what way to address the youth.

”Thank you, sir… brother? ”

The youngster behind him chuckled. ”18. ”


Bain inwardly registered the youngsters age, thinking that he too just turned 16 three months back.

The strange youth had a strange glint in his eyes when staring at Bain. ”Soon, it will be your turn. But before that, why don we play a little game to pass the time? ”


An uneasy feeling tumbled in Bains belly when staring at the youth behind him.

The youth had an air of mystery behind his smile, with an attractive but lazy aura that made anyone around him want to pay attention to whatever he said or did.

The corners of the youngsters mouth raised higher, and his eyes squinted in unison. ”Take a look at the man about to be judged. ”



Bains attention fell on the arrogant 25-year-old-looking man at the front of the line. And simultaneously, the Judge raised his head for the first time, briefly looking at the man in question.

Since the many judgments were read out, the judge had kept his head down, passing through every file and proclaiming the final verdicts swiftly. But this was the first time he raised his head, showing that this accused man should be either someone powerful and wealthy or someone too damnable.

”Chico Polliard, age 87. Charged with slaughtering 19 entire households and selling 67 women and children in trafficking. ”

Bain observed the arrogant man whose crimes were being read.

He stretched his neck, trying to see if the man in question would show signs of pity, remorse, or even disbelief. But when the man tilted his face sideways, Bain caught a glimpse of his smug look.

Bain watched in silence. From the mans deposition, he was likely guilty. In that case, the Absolutes would never let him go!

The mysterious youngster behind Bain chuckled, seeing his naive but firm expression.

The Absolutes?…

The youngsters grin broadened even more. ”Guess… Why don we guess what verdict the judge will proclaim? ”

Of course, Guilty!

Bain was about to whisper his thoughts but was silenced by the judges thundering words.



The mallet slammed on the table, and the judge lightly coughed. And thought nothing of it, Bain could see the judge was hiding his emotions.

”Next! ”

Bain stepped forward in a daze.

Weren the Absolutes the true symbol of justice? Weren they the protectors who swore to bring all true criminals to justice?

The youth behind Bain licked his lips with a hint of enjoyment, watching Bains many expressions.

When the veil comes undone, the worlds true nature shines.

This world called Blue Sails was a rotten one.

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