Married To The Prince Of Hell

Prologue ~ Lucifer\'s Visit

A beautiful Young looking woman stood under the bright moonlight. She had long silver hair and a strange set of blue and red eyes.

The womans long hair has silver lines on each side of her face. She looked happy and expectant as she raised her head to look at the sky. She let out a long sigh at what she saw.

The prophecy has finally been fulfilled.

The thunderstorm and heavy rainfall. The whooshing winds and the rustling trees are all a symbol of one thing.

The Queens arrival.

”She has arrived! ” The woman laughed loudly and took her stick before walking away. She went inside and sat down.

She looked to the side where another woman was sitting. She had a deep frown on her face. Likewise, she was fuming with rage, her legs were shaking as she listened to what the other woman said earlier.

The occurrence of the woman was only reminding her of her failure. Susan was angry because she didn succeed in bringing the child away.

”What would Alan think of me now? Susan finally spoke. She moved closer to her mother, Alice.

Alice was a witch with extraordinary abilities. She was one of the three witches of the Supreme order.

The three witches of the Supreme order were created after Lucifer took Ramiel and abandoned Reynard.

Ramiels last wish was to have someone watch over his son. Hence, Lucifer ordered the three witches to be Reynards guardians here on earth, until he comes of age.

Though Alice was one of the three chosen witches, she never showed herself to Reynard or appear before him. She protected him in the shadows.

”Mom! What should we do now? Alan wants the baby, He wants to raise her and teach her to hate Reynard. Thats the only way we can make her do our bidding. ” Susan touched Alices feet and looked pleadingly at her.

Alice gave her daughter a condescending look and sighed. Even though she didn want to hurt Reynard, Susan was still her daughter and she couldn refuse her.

”I will give you one more chance, Susan. I will allow you to go and take the baby away, but you must make sure you get back to me before the moon comes up. ”

Susan nodded frantically. She was extremely happy. Now, she could prove to Alan that she isn useless, and she is capable of helping him with his quest.

”Come to me tomorrow and I will transform you into someone and with his face, you will be unstoppable. No one will question you…. ” Alice paused. ”…. But the spell will only last for two hours after which you will go back to your old self. And if the moon comes up while you
e still in that form then…. ”

Susan looked at her mother quizzically and pursed her lips. ”Then? ”

”Then you will lose all your powers or even worse, your life. Do you agree to this? ”

Susan remained quiet. As much as she loves Alan, she loves life too. But when she thought of the joy this would bring Alan, she decided to go through with it.

She thinned her lips, locked her gaze on Alice, and nodded.

”I Agree. ”


Freya was transferred to the VIP ward, She was weak. Through her face one could tell that the delivery was a tough one; She looked frail.

Dennis entered the room to check on her. Freya smiled as she saw him. She was surprised.

”Mr. Dennis, You came? ”

”Why would I miss the birth of Luna? I wouldn miss it for the world. ” Dennis thought. He flashed his usual charming smile as he approached her. ”Yes, I heard you were bleeding and rushed down here. ”

Freya felt grateful to this stranger who cares so much for her and her baby. She could only smile, she had nothing else to offer.

”Have you met her? ”

”How can I see her when she is with the heartless demon? ” Dennis grumbled.

”Huh? ”

”No. ” Dennis shook his head.

”She is in the Neonatal ward. She was placed in the incubator since she was born preterm, but you can go and see her. ”

”I will. ” Dennis forced a smile. He wanted to see what the little Luna looked like, but Reynard wouldn let anyone go close to her.

He has been holding her in his arms against the orders of the doctor.

”You should also rest. ” Dennis placed the bag in the drawer beside the bed. ”Reynard has sent some homemade food for you. ”

Freyas face showed a glint of surprise. ”Mr. Reynard is here too? ”

”Yes, he is with the baby. ” Dennis pouted as he remembered how stingy Reynard was with the baby.

Freya felt a sting in her eyes. She was moved to tears by their kindness. What has she done to deserve such goodness?

A very busy man like Reynard spared time to come to welcome her baby while the babys father isn even aware of her birth.

If only she had married a better person.

Freya sighed as tears trickled down the corner of her eyes.

”Whats wrong? Dennis went to her.

”Its nothing. ” Freya wiped her tears. ”Mr. Reynard cares so much for his dead wife and child so that he could support a nobody like me and be with us. I am overwhelmed, I don know how to thank him. ”

”You shouldn thank him, Freya. In fact, you should get used to seeing him now because Reynard would be visiting you more often now that the Que….. the baby is here. ” He immediately corrected himself.

”Really? Freya looked up in surprise. ”I don know what to say, I hope my daughter gets a good man like Mr. Reynard in the future. ”

Dennis shook his head, if only Freya knew that her daughter won be getting a man like Reynard because she belongs to the man himself.

Only she has the key to Reynards heart and life.

Dennis remembered he had something to ask Reynard. So he decided to leave. ”Freya, Ill leave you to rest now. I will be back to check on you. ”

Freya nodded and replied with a nod. ”Alright, Thank you. ”

Dennis had taken a few steps, he looked around but saw no one around. So, he turned to ask her. ”Freya, I haven seen your husband around. Where is he? ”

Freyas pupils dilated. She was flustered. She didn know how to answer the question. It was her dirty laundry after all. How could she wash them in front of this man whom she has only just met?

”He…he is on his…way here… ”

Dennis could tell that she was lying, He could hear her heartbeat. Her face also gave her away.

Since she didn trust him enough to tell him yet, Dennis decided not to dwell on it. He chose not to expose her lie. He pretended as if he bought the lie.

”Alright, lets hope I see him when I return. ” With that, Dennis left the ward.

She was such a terrible liar.

~~Neonatal ward~~~

Reynard was holding the baby protectively in his arms, he protected her like she would get stolen if he put her down.

Collins was jealous and angry. First, Reynard found his mate before them. And now he won even let them hold the baby.

”Reynard, at least let me hold her for a while. ”

Reynard let out a low growl and turned his back to him

”How dare you want to touch my mate! ” He yelled through the link.

Collins pouted and went out of the ward. Hes had enough PDA to last him his whole life.

Dennis returned to find Collins sitting outside with a bitter expression on his face. He knew what must have happened to make Collins have such an expression. However, he had other pressing matters at hand. He ignored his expression and went straight to ask, ”Where is Reynard?

Collins folded his hands across his chest and grumbled, ”Where else would he be? He is in there! ” He pointed towards the door. ”He has refused to come out all day. The nurses are terrified, they can even do their jobs. ” He stood up and grabbed Denniss hand.

”You are his Beta, maybe you can do something to get him to come out. ”

Dennis ignored his complaints and moved towards the door. ”I will call him out, so we can discuss the matters at hand. ”

”Please do. ” Collins was happy that Reynard would finally come out, and he would get his chance to go in and hold the baby.

When Dennis entered the ward, He wasn surprised to see Reynard still in the same place and position he had left him, He was holding the baby to his chest. He was rocking her gently.

So overprotective!

”Reynard, May I speak to you? ”

”No. ” Reynard ignored him and continued what he was doing.

”Reynard, its urgent! ”

”You can handle it, can you? ” Reynard went further away from him. He was humming a tune as he put her to sleep.

Dennis went to him and stood defiantly before him. He wanted to speak to him about something important.

Dennis suddenly got an idea as he looked at Reynards back.

”Reynard, its about her. ” He muttered.

Reynard immediately turned to him, his eyes staring deeply at Dennis. ”Its about whom? ”

Dennis pointed towards the baby with his chin, ”Its about her. ”

Reynard became interested in the topic. He placed the baby back in the incubator and turned to Dennis. ”Lets go. ”

He would never joke about anything related to his newly found mate. Hes found her after so long.

”Mate issues, always Work. ” Dennis shrugged as he led the way.

When Collins saw the two men coming out of the ward, he smiled. He got up and was about to walk toward the ward but got pulled back by Dennis. ”Weve got an important discussion!

”Alright, ” Collins pouted.

What wicked people!

They won even let him see the baby.

Collins followed quietly, and they all went to the Lobby.

”Speak, ” Reynard ordered.

Dennis looked at Reynards face, his expression was completely different from what it was a few minutes ago. The gentleness and tender look he had on some minutes ago were gone.

His gentleness and tenderness are all reserved for his mate.

What a lucky child.

”Reynard, I think they already know. ” Dennis went straight to the point.

Reynard raised his brow in askance. Though he could already guess what those people were after. He even had a hunch about whom the mastermind might be.

”Those people were after the baby Freya was carrying. According to the guard, they were trying to take Freya somewhere, but she refused. Things turned ugly, and the woman wanted to drag Freya forcefully, but Freya was stubborn enough to fight back. Then she got hurt in the process. ” Dennis relayed the information he gathered.

Collins pout turned into an unpleasant frown as he listened on. ”Who was it?

He wanted to know who was bold enough to mess with the Supreme one.

Dennis looked at the two bags of ice standing before him. The atmosphere suddenly became colder from their frosty aura.

Their Insolence left him peeved!

How dare they!

”I think the woman who wanted to take away

Freya was Susan. ”

”Susan? ” Collins asked.

”Yes, Susan, the daughter of the great witch, Alice. ”

”But why w…

”Alan. ” Before Collins could complete his question, his words were interjected by Reynards answer.

”ALAN? ” Both Collins and Dennis exclaimed in surprise. ”Wasn he Dead? ”

Reynard didn answer their questions as he suddenly felt strange. His chest tightened, and his whole body started shaking.

Reynard held his chest and moved to the wall for support. His eyes were changing colors. ”What is happening? ”

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