Mask unmasked

Chapter One.

”I think it would be best if you go somewhere a bit far from home, right honey? ” My mom asked me as she prepared breakfast. I had just woken up and I was heading outside to get a bit of some fresh air. I sighed and headed to the dinning room.

”Actually its not a bad idea.. ” I said quietly as I gazed outside the window. I had to get further studies. I was heading to high school and thinking of going somewhere far from home always brought a feeling of abandonment.

”You sound tense. ” My mom said as she gazed at me closely. I gave her a tightened smile as I took a sip of warm milk.

”Its okay, everything is under control. Youll definitely get to make new friends, meet new people and oh! ” She said as she clapped her hands in excitement.

”Your best friend is heading there too. ” She beamed at me.

”You mean..Georgia? ” I asked for clarification.

”Yes! So you see sweetheart, it won be that hard for you. ” She said as she ate her breakfast silently and enthusiastically.

I was friends with Georgia yes. We weren that close anymore because she kept thinking that she was way better than me and that because I was a bit younger then all the time I had to follow her lead. It was annoying a lot but then you won be able to tell your parents .

My dad walked in dancing in on music that was playing in the radio. He definitely was in a good mood today. I kept on thinking of why could have possibly brought him high spirits early this morning.

”Good morning my lovely sunshine! ” My dad said as he walked passed me and ruffled my black long hair. I gave him a playful look and smiled instead.

”Its a bright day isn it? ” My dad said as he gazed out of the window. I gazed outside and saw a beam of sunlight showing up. I then glanced at my mom who silently ate her breakfast.

”Your mom told you where youll be going right? ” My dad asked me. I nodded apprehensively. He sighed as he took a sip of some tea. That school is a good one for you. The best to be exact. It has a good education record. Im definitely youll be able to perform well in the end. ”

Yeah. I said to myself. Of course. Education. Get higher grades. But then I remember the last time I told them to stop pressuring me about higher grades.

”And youll be going with Georgia. ” He said gazing at me closely now. My dad always had a hint of possibilities on how I feel about certain people. He could just read the whole issue by the way I act or the attitude I exude.

”Yeah. Its great isn ? Well have a lot of fun. Am glad shes coming, its going to be the greatest time of my life! ” I said sarcastically as I smiled. My dad sighed but said nothing.I ate breakfast as fast as I could. I then headed back towards my bedroom and took my phone. Right then, my face lit when I saw the text message I was waiting for. I decided to call.

”Hello? ” A male voice said through the phone. I smiled.

”The nerve of you to text. ” I said to him.

”Oh Chloe. ” Denis chuckled. ”I thought somebody else was trying to talk to me. ”

”By somebody else you mean my mom? ” I asked as I gazed at the door. My mom has a habit of walking into my room without my consent.

”Yes . Her. How are you? ” He asked me.

”Am doing great. Physically fit but emotionally bounded to distress. ”

”Why is that? ”

”Im going to the same high school with Georgia. ” I said solemnly.

”Oh. Georgia. ” He said as he sighed.

Denis has been my first love for as long as I can remember. I started having feelings for him at an early age and when he got to meet Georgia, somehow he definitely knew that Georgia wasn the right friend for me. To us, Georgia was always a gossip. Talking behind our backs or trying to make the other feel as though we are really not doing the right thing being together.

It used to annoy me that she would tell people that Denis was just playing around with my feelings, which in reality we all had fallen in love with our own accord. Yes sometimes things didn work out between us but we mended our broken parts perfectly well. And now thinking that Ill be heading to the same school as her, irritated me.

”Do you even have any idea where I am heading to? ” He asked me.

”No really. ” I said uninterested.

”Even if am going the same place you are…it doesn matter? ”

”What? ” I asked astonished. I sat on the bed and put my focus

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