Mask unmasked

Chapter Two

r bags and decided to find a cab to take us to the school that we had to be .

We managed to get a cab and we were driven to the high school. The school was not far from the bus station, so it mostly took us a 20 minutes ride to the school. When we arrived our moms were so perplexed, because the school seemed to be quite old due to its worn out walls on most of the buildings.

”Well, if the academic performance is great, then all this doesn matter right? ” My mom said to me. I said nothing but kept thinking of how we were to live around here.

”Am sure youll all get pretty well fine. ” My mom said as the cab stopped by and we got out and took out our luggages.

We walked in to the receptionist and she told us to wait for the Schools head master to get to us. We waited and after few minutes he arrived and welcomed us warmly.

”Welcome to Preston High School, my dearest. ” He said to Georgia and I as we shook hands with him.

He went on rambling about the school regulations and the rules that we should follow. He also made sure we came with the right equipments and the right uniform needed. When he was reassured he called some of the other boarders to help us with our luggages and take us to the hostels.

”I hope you all become good students now. No need to rush. ” My mom said to us.

”Stick together as always. ” Georgias mom insisted. Georgia gazed at me as I gave her my best of fake smiles.

”Well, it is time. Well see each other when the holiday starts. ” Both of our moms said as they hugged us tenderly. We hugged them back and decided to head to our hostels.

When we arrived we managed to be welcomed by the once who were right ahead of us. Some were kind and some were annoying. But then that was not something i had to put in my mind. What mattered was i was here and when the right time arrived ill be able to see who i want to see.

”Their hostels are not that bad. ” Georgia said to me. I gazed around and realized ill do matters quite great around here. Mostly when I get to school, my time to be creative increases.

”What matters is we are here. ” I muttered to myself.

”Have you seen him? ” Georgia asked me.

”No, I haven . Im sure i will get to see him later. ” I said to her as i started to arrange my things in the lockers that we were each provided.

”If you need help with anything, just tell me. Am always here for you. ” She insisted.

I could do sometime alone. I thought to myself as i sighed.

When we were almost done the rest informed us it was time we head for dinner. I wore my black tracksuit and brown sandals and headed to the dinning.

”So whats your name? ” A lady who was quite pretty, short hair and had a great body curve asked me. ”Chloe. ” I replied casually.

”Diane. ” She replied as she smiled at me. ”I can be your sister for a while just to help you out with the school surroundings. ”

”Oh, thats great. ” I said to her genuinely as we headed to the dinning hall.

When we arrived at the dinning hall, it was sort of occupied. I guessed it was filled with us the newcomers. Trying to look at all this faces will be difficult if I wanted to see him.

”Ill try to look out too. ” Georgia nudged me. I almost forgot she was around. I just smiled at her and decided to bring a conversation with Diane.

”So the boys also have their hostels around? ” I asked Diane.

”Well as for the boys they head back home after class hours. Most of the ladies stay in hostels because of safety issues, but for the ones with critical situations end up heading home sometimes. ” She replied.

I started wondering where exactly Denis will be staying. He never told me if he had a relative around here.

”So what about the ones who are here? ” I asked Diane. ”Oh, after dinner they will leave. To where they should be staying. I think they are here so that the headmaster could find them a place to stay..for tonight. ”

I gave myself hope that ill be able to see Denis here. I mean i never asked him where he will be staying, but i think with his parents financial status, hell be able to find a place to stay.

Diane took us to our table where we had food served through table service. She also showed us that after the meal we had to wash our cutleries and put them in our respective cupboard. Our table number was 101, so she showed us where our cupboard was located. I thanked her as she headed towards her table.

The food around here was not that bad like the school i came from, so i knew that i could possibly handle this. I ate silently and when I was done I left the dinning hall and was heading back to class.

I wasn concentrating on where I was going exactly so I accidentally bumped into someone.

”What exactly are you thinking? ” He said to me as he held unto me. I was about to get out of his grasp but when I gazed at his face, I became excited.

”Denis! Ive been looking for you! ” I said as I hugged him instead.

”Ive missed you too. ” He said as he hugged me tightly.

”Where were you? ” I asked him as I let him go.

”I had to find a place to stay. And I just managed to have an uncle here so thats where Ill be staying. ”

”Thats great. ” I said as I was about to walk away. But then he pulled me beside a wall where nobody could see us.

”What are you doing? ” I asked him as I tried to get out of his grasp.

”You want to leave without giving me a kiss? ” He asked me as he gave me a mischievous smirk.

”We can do this now. ” I said to him.

”No one will see us. ” He said to me as he cupped my cheek. I gazed at his eyes, then his lips. The want I had made me do the inevitable. I crashed my lips with his, as I tried to quench my thirst. He responded back fiercely and when I realized I had to go, I let go.

”Thats so rude. ” He insisted. I shrugged as I walked away.

”Ill see you around. ” I said to him ardently as I left him.

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