Masks for Beginners

Chapter 3: Awakening

”Oh yes there are, they call you the most entitled, rude princess in the office, ” said Anastasia amused by the constantly changing expressions on her face of Lyra.

”All I wanted was to be accepted tho… ” Lyra muttered, feeling dejected at the reputation that preceded her.

”Its alright dear, its not surprising they created such rumours about the only woman working in the engineering department. ” Anastasia consoled as she patted Lyras head.

”I was a bit headstrong because Jay kept trying to put me down, but I didn think everyone would be like that, ” said Lyra trying to justify herself while also not claiming the rumours as completely bogus.

”Don worry dear, those people are always trying to drag people down so that their position isn threatened. ” sneered Anastasia. ”Add to that you
e a woman and they sure as hell don wanna see you succeed, but now we know what a sweet thing you are, ” said Anastasia with an amused grin.

”Im not all that sweet… ” whispered Lyra clearly embarrassed but still quite happy to have found some companionship in this office.

And so began a time in Lyras life when lunch was something she could look forward to again, ever since middle school she always had this charismatic awkwardness that put everyone at ease around her.

Her work didn get any more stimulating but she finally had some companionship that made it bearable. She especially connected with Anastasia, or as she liked to be called, Ana. Ana was someone who saw everyone younger than her like a little sibling and doted on them, for someone who grew up alone for most of their lives it was almost cathartic. Everything was perfect until it wasn .

”What the hell does a lower-than-expectations report mean Jay!! ” Lyra practically screamed as she stormed into Petersons office. She was fuming from the embarrassment that she was somehow below expectations.

”Well clearly they do not teach English in MIT if you couldn understand that, ” said Jay nonchalantly.

”Cut the bullshit Jay, what the hell is going on, ” said Lyra in a flat tone as her face went deathly cold in a way that gave Jay shivers and eyes that seemed to lack any life in them.

”Have you done anything productive since you joined? ” questioned Jay, his voice laced with ridicule.

”Oh, so you do realize the work you gave me was completely useless, glad to know this company isn completely hopeless. ” shot back Lyra with the same haunting look on her face. ”So why don you give me a chance to do something productive? ” said Lyra. ”Or are you too scared to see me prove you wrong and destroy all of your credibility? ” jabbed Lyra as her voice still showed zero emotion which made this whole conversation chilling for Jay.

”Im transferring you to the nuclear power plant in North Carolina, now get out of my office and produce results, ” said Jay as he simply wanted her out at this point and never had anyone scared him so much in his own office.

Lyra said her goodbyes to her new friends as she had a fire in her eyes to succeed, she had forgotten the world she lived in. Results were everything, and as long as she produced there was not a single person that could look down on her, regardless of caste, creed, religion or gender.

”You take care out there okay? ” said Ana with concern evident in her voice. ”The lead engineer at North Carolina makes Jay look like a saint, ” she said very much annoyed. ”Never get caught alone with him, he is a dangerous creep, ” she warned.

Lyra simply nodded as she became hyper-focused on what was to come.

Moving to North Carolina was not difficult at all for Lyra, as she was completely focused on producing results to redeem her name. She has always been extraordinary, and she knows she is the best. No misogynistic pig will make her question herself but she needs to prove it to everyone else as well.

”Ah, yes hello Ms Bale, ” said a Mexican man in a sing-song tone. ”My name is Valentino Chavez, Im the lead engineer at this plant, ” he said with a lecherous look on his face.

”Where will I be placed? ” questioned Lyra with a blank face as if he could not make her concerned no matter what he did.

”I will be placing you on the nuclear fusion project, ” said Valentino with pure joy on his face as he saw Lyra overcome with despair.

”Nuclear fusion is practically theoretical still, how would I produce any tangible results… ” said Lyra with contempt in her voice.

”Darling Im sure you will figure something out, after all, you
e a smart gal ain ya? ” said Valentino with a sinister smirk as he told her where to report to and walked away.

Figuring stuff out is one thing Lyra has never had problems with before, so she got right down to work. She completely ignored everyone else in the plant, they are all distractions right now. She had one task, to produce results.

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