Mate With The SheAlpha

Rejected and Rogue

Alexa Ashford is the only child of Franco Ashford, the most powerful Alpha in the east, and Lolita, a typical she-wolf.

Without a doubt, today was one of the most important days of my life. Because of this, my walk is a mix of hurry and excitement.

”Id like to meet the person who owns the perfume that everyone wears. I hope my friend is a good person. ” I mutter as I try to follow the smell of my friend to find him.

I don want a powerful partner because I am already the strongest member of our pack. Instead, I want to be with someone kind and loving.

I had just arrived at the park when I saw from where I was standing that I could see where the smell was coming from.

”Dexter Halter would say that… Please accept my thanks, Moon Goddess, for putting me with a kind and loving partner. ” As I looked at Dexter, I said something to myself in my head.

He was right in the middle of everyone else. I was afraid to talk to him because of this, but I finally got the courage to start a conversation with him.

”Dexter… ” I called out to him as soon as I stopped behind his back.

”Shit! ” When Dexter turned around to look at me, he swore. When he looked at me, I could see immediately that he was angry and helpless.

I said, ”The thing is, Im your mate, ” but only in a whisper because I was too embarrassed to speak louder in front of the pack.

Everyone in the group laughed out loud when I said what I did.

But not Dexter. I see disgust and shame on his face, which makes me wonder what he is thinking.

”Poor Dexter, his mate is the strongest animal in the pack! ”

”This is good news indeed, ha ha ha! Since Dexter isn powerful, well take his mate whenever theres a fight or we need to go hunting! ”

They shouted, ”Lets go together! ” After saying something, Dexter pulls himself away from the group.

As I followed him, I told him, ”Regarding that, I am used to hunting and would be happy to do it on your behalf. ”

”Alexa Ashford, Im Dexter Halter, and Ive decided I don want you to be my mate. ” The noise made by Dexter

I was shocked by this turn of events, so I didn answer immediately.

I couldn do anything but stare at Dexters angry face.

I said, ”If you
e joking, its not funny, ” because I didn believe what was happening.

”Im not kidding. I don know why you can see that the pack is laughing at me. The truth is that you wouldn make a good partner! I don want a partner who is stronger than me like you are. I want someone kind and loving. ” Dexter yelled.

”So you don want to be around me because Im strong? Is that how you decide what to do? ” After a short time, I was able to ask my question.

Even though my heart was breaking, I could hold it together and stay calm.

”Take no for an answer! I can be your friend, but I can be your boyfriend or girlfriend. ” In his speech, Dexter made it clear.

”I didn know that having a lot of power could be bad. I thought we were friends, so you can guess how happy I was to find out you were my partner. ” As I said what I had to say, I wiped my eyes.

”There is a problem, no doubt about it. Because you are the strongest, much more powerful, and even stronger than the Alpha, which causes problems for our pack. ” Dexter said it like this.

”So, thats the end of it… Alexa Ashford agreed with Dexter Halters decision that he d

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