I asked Jonathan what he meant, but he didn respond, leaving me to ponder the situation even more perplexingly than before.

Before returning my attention to my surroundings, I find myself thinking. ”It appears that I need to talk to my wolf later. Because this feeling of not knowing what happened makes me feel guilty about things I don even know what it was, ” before moving on to the next thought.

”Wait, you mean theres a black market? ” My gaze was drawn to the vivid scenery that had initially taken me aback. Youd never guess its in the tunnel if you saw it.

”Are you certain this is the first time youve seen something like this? ” Jonathan responded while he was parking his motorcycle.

”Would admitting that this is my first time be inappropriate? ” I pretended to ignore Jonathans amusement and continued to look around.

Jonathan removed my helmet, which I had forgotten about, and said, ”Hmm, youll be able to see better if you remove this. ” Id totally forgotten about the helmet.

I said ”thank you ” before taking a step back to distance ourselves. This caused Jonathan to arch his brow.

”So lets go get what you need before we meet with them, ” Jonathan said as we entered the shop. Aunt Lolita and my father are also present, but they are at a meeting.

Who are you meeting with, and what is the purpose of the meeting? ” I inquired about this because my mother hadn communicated with me in a while. Im worried about her health.

”You have the opportunity to ask them on your own, ” Jonathan said, which made me grimace.

”Gee, if you know the information, you can share to be the answer, ” I tried not to yell, but I couldn help myself.

Jonathan entered the womens clothesline and, to my surprise, stopped at the lingerie section, causing me to hide my face in embarrassment.

Jonathan addresses me with his arm crossed across his chest and says, ”Go ahead, pick some of those before we move on. ”

”Would you be willing to wait for me outside? ” As I shove him into the opposite corner, away from the other people in the crowd, I give him an angry look.

Jonathans remark, which irritated me even more, went something like this: ”Alexa, Im not interested in lingerie; Im ready to see you naked. ” To avoid his ridicule, I decided to backtrack and move more quickly through the selection process.

I returned to Jonas with the items I had chosen after only a few minutes of browsing the shelves, confident that he would cover the cost of everything at the cash register.

(Really? Why are there so many attractive young women in this neighborhood?) I couldn help but make a remark as I watched Jonathan attempt to pick up the two female sales associates.

”Have you finished everything? ” Jonathan inquired as soon as he caught sight of me.

”Yeah, if you
e busy, give me the bill, and Ill finish my shopping by myself, ” I sneer.

Jonathan wrapped his arm around my shoulder and continued, ”See, I told you both… my sister would be upset if she saw me talking to girls. ”

”Im not going to do that! ” What- ”

”Well go ahead, ” Jonathan says, almost dragging me out of the house for a walk.


After finishing our shopping, we arrived at three oclock in the afternoon, and I was already hungry. However, it does not appear that Jonathan wishes to eat.

”Jonathan, can we eat now? Im hungry, ” I asked pointing. My stomach has been on strike due to hunger.

”Not yet. My father is still not answering his phone, ” was the response. While dialing my uncle Alfonzos phone number, Jonathan remarked, ”He said wed eat together. ”

As I checked the time on my watch, ”Its late. Maybe they forgot us… ” I realized they might have already left.

”I don think that will happen; they
e going to buy Aunt Lolita a gown, and thats why they want us there, ” Jonas explained.

After several phone calls unanswered, Jonathan and I decided to go to our parents house. Because we were traveling by motorcycle, we decided to leave all of our shopping bags with the guard.

”Do they face any potential threats? ” Before entering, I inquired.

”My father is going to a meeting with the Sky Moon Pack. They are going to call for unity, but I strongly suspect that the group has other plans, ” Jonathan becomes enraged.

”How could my uncle Alfonzo have taken my mother if he wasn certain he wanted to keep her? ” In disbelief, I inquired about this.

In an attempt to defend his father, Jonathan claims that ”your mother knew the Alpha of the Sky Moon Pack, so she came along. ” ”Just to be clear, your mother insisted on coming here even though my father didn want to. ”


We arrive at the house we shared with our parents after only a short ride on Jonathans motorcycle. We couldn see inside because it was a mansion with an exceptionally tall fence.

”Are you certain youve arrived at the correct location? ” I asked him about it while waiting for him to park his bike.

”Yes, my father sent the address earlier, ” Jonathan retorted, continuing to explain.

”Perhaps we should call the others, ” I suggested as I looked at him.

Jonathan gives me a chilly look before saying, ”You stay here. Ill come in alone. ”

The changes in Jonathans aura made me shiver, adding to my sense of dread about the situation. ”No way! Im staying put! ” ”Ill be there shortly! ” As a result, I start chasing after him.

Jonathan rang the houses doorbell several times until one of the security guards opened it.

”Hey! What do you think you
e accomplishing by doing that?! ” Have you ever considered who the true owner of this property is? ” In these situations, the guard state causes me to lose my cool.

Its possible that you don know who we are either! Alfonzo Hale and Lolita Ashford are our parents, and we are their children! ” As a response, I raise one of my eyebrows.

When the guard heard our name, he seemed surprised; the guard focused his attention on Jonathan, who was still silent but had his hand clenched.

”It doesn matter to me who your parents are; get out of here! ” As soon as the security guard recovered from his shock, he made his announcement and closed the gate. The security guard clearly knows our identity.

But Jonathan was quick to block the gate with one hand, proclaiming, ”This is my town, and I don care who owns this property! ” After Jonathan passes through the thick gate and enters the compound, the guard is powerless to stop him.

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