Mate With The SheAlpha

New Life and pack

Alexa Ashford is the only child of Franco Ashford, the most powerful Alpha in the east, and Lolita, a typical she-wolf.

Without a doubt, today was one of the most important days of my life. Because of this, my walk is a mix of hurry and excitement.

”Id like to meet the person who owns the perfume that everyone wears. I hope my friend is a good person. ” I mutter as I try to follow the smell of my friend to find him.

I don want a powerful partner because I am already the strongest member of our pack. Instead, I want to be with someone kind and loving.

I had just arrived at the park when I saw from where I was standing that I could see where the smell was coming from.

”Dexter Halter would say that… Please accept my thanks, Moon Goddess, for putting me with a kind and loving partner. ” As I looked at Dexter, I said something to myself in my head.

He was right in the middle of everyone else. I was afraid to talk to him because of this, but I finally got the courage to start a conversation with him.

”Dexter… ” I called out to him as soon as I stopped behind his back.

”Shit! ” When Dexter turned around to look at me, he swore. When he looked at me, I could see immediately that he was angry and helpless.

I said, ”The thing is, Im your mate, ” but only in a whisper because I was too embarrassed to speak louder in front of the pack.

Everyone in the group laughed out loud when I said what I did.

But not Dexter. I see disgust and shame on his face, which makes me wonder what he is thinking.

”Poor Dexter, his mate is the strongest animal in the pack! ”

”This is good news indeed, ha ha ha! Since Dexter isn powerful, well take his mate whenever theres a fight or we need to go hunting! ”

They shouted, ”Lets go together! ” After saying something, Dexter pulls himself away from the group.

As I followed him, I told him, ”Regarding that, I am used to hunting and would be happy to do it on your behalf. ”

”Alexa Ashford, Im Dexter Halter, and Ive decided I don want you to be my mate. ” The noise made by Dexter

I was shocked by this turn of events, so I didn answer immediately.

I couldn do anything but stare at Dexters angry face.

I said, ”If you
e joking, its not funny, ” because I didn believe what was happening.

”Im not kidding. I don know why you can see that the pack is laughing at me. The truth is that you wouldn make a good partner! I don want a partner who is stronger than me like you are. I want someone kind and loving. ” Dexter yelled.

”So you don want to be around me because Im strong? Is that how you decide what to do? ” After a short time, I was able to ask my question.

Even though my heart was breaking, I could hold it together and stay calm.

”Take no for an answer! I can be your friend, but I can be your boyfriend or girlfriend. ” In his speech, Dexter made it clear.

”I didn know that having a lot of power could be bad. I thought we were friends, so you can guess how happy I was to find out you were my partner. ” As I said what I had to say, I wiped my eyes.

”There is a problem, no doubt about it. Because you are the strongest, much more powerful, and even stronger than the Alpha, which causes problems for our pack. ” Dexter said it like this.

”So, thats the end of it… Alexa Ashford agreed with Dexter Halters decision that he didn want to be with her. ” I clenched my fists and kept my eyes on him as I looked him down. I lifted my head with pride and didn show I was having trouble.

And it seemed like Dexter didn like how hard I tried. ”What do you think you
e doing? Every man in the pack looked down on you. You won be able to find a good match anywhere. ” Dexter gave everyone else a reason to turn around and look.

”Enough! I don care what you say because its embarrassing to have such a useless friend like you. ” I give him a pointed look before I turn and walk away from him.

”No one cares about you! All of you will agree, right? ” Dexter yelled.

”You are correct! Everyone in this group doesn deserve me. Never in my life will I be ashamed of how hard I work because I am exactly that type of person! I don think its my fault you aren strong. That one of these dogs is so weak! ” Im yelling.

My anger was so bad that it didn matter to me if the pack could hear me or not. I saw Dexter get scared, and then I saw him run away. He has never seen me get as angry as I am right now. Impact This is the very first time Ive ever been upset.

”Watch what you say, Alexa! Be careful! ” As he got closer to us, the Alpha cried out loudly. ”If your potential partner decides they don want to be with you, its not the end of the world. Even if they don take you, thats not a reason to hate everyone in the group. ” He didn stop there.

”It won be the end of the world for me, though. Im glad that the first person who didn want to date me was a coward. I don deserve him, and I certainly don deserve all this bad luck! ” I shouted, keeping my eyes on the other people in the room.

”You! ”

”Alexa Ashford, you
e right. I have no plans to join the other people here. As of today, Im cutting off all ties with you and moving on. ” I said, putting my chin up in a proud way.

I was looking forward to hearing back from our Alpha. I quickly turned around and ran out of there.

I could hear people who had been there before whispering, but I didn waste any more time on it.


”Alexa, what do you think you are doing? Youve been able to get angry again. How will I tell your mother that youve stopped caring about her? ” As I walked back to my house, I said something to myself.

Even though I was upset that Dexter didn like me, that wasn what I was worried about… I was aware that my mother didn like my choice, and it didn make me feel good.

But what I thought would happen, which was that my mother Lolita would get mad, didn happen…

”You chose the best thing to do. I don want you to have anything to do with a creature that is so helpless. You made another smart choice when you decided not to follow the crowd. ”

I gave my mother a bear hug and told her I was sorry. ”Thank you, mom, and Im sorry I didn talk to you about my decision, ” I sobbed into her shoulder.

”Get everything you need together. When its safe to do so, well leave this place. ”

”Where do we plan to go? ” I asked while my mother let go of my hand.

She says, ”We
e going to my friends pack, the Phantom pack. ”

I look at my mom in disbelief. Phantom City is where you can find the most powerful pack on the whole continent. I don believe them when they say their Alpha is a young, handsome man.

”Huh, my a$$, you
e the strongest! ” I yelled out loud.

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