I took a deep breath as I looked up the road. Our trip will take us to Phantom City today.

I didn think that we would leave in such a way.

My mother sold our house and all of our things quickly. I won have time to say goodbye to my friends, even though I want to.

”Whats wrong, mother? Is the pack coming after us because of me? ” I had enough, so I went to talk to my mom about it.

”Hunt? Who will try to find us? You
e the strongest person in the group, ”

When I asked my mother a question, she laughed as if I had asked a silly question.

”So, why are we leaving as soon as I tell you what happened? ” When I heard what my mother said, I made a sad face.

My mother sighed, and her face was strange when she looked at me. Whats the matter with my mom? I could remember seeing her embarrassed a long time ago.

”Id like to tell you something important… But please don show me that you
e mad at me. ”

”Mom, Im worried about what youll say… ” I told my mom that. I say as my pupils get bigger and my attention moves to my mother.

”You know how much I love your dad, and I can promise you that he will always be crucial to me. But as more time goes by… ”

”Mom, stop. Im not the least bit confused by any of this! ” I insisted on it, simultaneously sighing and trying to look as serious as possible.

”Alexa, if you don like- ”

I didn pull off the joke I had planned because I could see the disappointment in my mothers eyes.

While I talked to her and held her shoulder, ”Mom, I want you to know that your happiness makes mine even better. If you find someone who can make you happy and will be there for you when you get older, I promise you that I will be the happiest child in the history of the world. ”

I let out a whimper when my mother hit me on the arm. ”You tease me so much, you! I feared you wouldn let me be happy with someone else. ” My mother says this with a big smile.

”Hahaha, are you kidding me? For five years, Ive told my mom she needs to find a new love interest. ” I let out a loud yell.

”Thank you very much, and don worry, Im sure youll love Alfonzo, ”

When my mom talks about the man, she shakes when she says his name, which makes me laugh. ”So, this guy Alfonzo. Maybe you can tell me how the two of you met and how your love story began since I never see you leave our town. ”

When I was young, my mom told me about Alfonzo and how he fell in love with a girl. Because we were both paying attention to what the other person was saying, neither noticed that we had reached Phantom city.

”Mom, theres a lot of space in this city! ” As we got closer to the center of the town, I let out a shout.

My mom said as she looked at her phone that she didn know Phantom had reached this level of sophistication. But since I was driving, my mom handed me the phone.

”Call your uncle. Im not sure of his exact address, so give him a call, ”

”Mom, are you sure that this Alfonzo knows well be there today? He should come to get us. ” Since weve been going around the actual town for a while, I felt like I had to say something about it.

She laughed when I asked her a question, ”Im curious. Alexa, what do you think of me? Are you going to go to the mans house without telling him? Im too old for that kind of thing. ”

”Mom, Im just asking! Since we don know how to get around this city, ” My mom is so cute that it makes me laugh out loud.

After the phone rings a few times, someone picks it up.

”Hello? ”

I couldn answer right away when I heard the baritone voice on the other end of the line… I liked how manly his voice was, which made me very happy.

”Hello?! ”

”Hey, do you know where I can find Alfonzo Hale? ” My answer stuttered so much that it made me blush. My mother gave me a puzzled look and a raised eyebrow as she listened.

”Alfonzo is not around here. Could you please tell me who that is? ”

”Hello, my name is Alexa Ashford, and my moms name is Lolita, ”

”Aunt Lolita? Oh yeah! Whats going on? ”

When I heard how excited the person on the other end of the line was, I couldn help but raise my eyebrows.

My mom and I gave each other comforting smiles when I told her, ”Well, the thing is, we
e lost in the city. ”

”Really? If you could let me know where you are, Id be happy to come to pick you up since my dad isn in the area right now. ”

After I told him where we were, the other person cut the call short.

Even though this was happening, my heart rate stayed pretty fast.

Alexa, whats up with your strange behavior? You only know what he says out loud. And that wasn all! It turns out that he is the son of the man who will be your stepfather.

After ten minutes, a motorcycle finally pulled up in front of our car and parked there.

”Thats Jonathan! ” My mother says something about how quickly I got out of the car.

For heavens sake! I knew he was handsome, but I wasn ready for how stunningly attractive he looked.

I hold my chest tight because I don want to let go of my heart where it is now. ”What the heck is going on? My feelings for Jonathan are much stronger than my feelings for Dexter. So, who will be my partner? ” I hushed up and looked at the guy walking back to his car.

”Alexa, Ill tell you more about Jonathan soon. He will let us into the house and leave before returning to his pack. ” Before she turned on the cars engine, my mother told me everything.

The future sibling said, ”Its okay, Mom. Im not in a hurry to meet my brother-to-be. ” I have a different relationship with my brother than my mother, so I can relate to the word ”brother ” even though it doesn describe her.

”This is the first time Ive met Jonathan but Ive heard good things about him from his dad. If I get to the same age as him, you can be sure I will do everything possible to be with him. ”

”Mom, I didn know that the first thing you thought about someone was how they look on the outside. ” As I looked at the car in front of us, I said something.

”Ha Ha Ha, Alexa, don tell me you
e different? ”

I talked to my mother and told her, ”Mom, my heart is still broken, so Id rather not look at any guy. ”

”I do not doubt youll find the person of your dreams in this group. Ive been told everyone is strong, so your strength won be a problem. ”

”Mom! ” I yelled out because I was angry.

My old pack and mate were not part of the group I wanted to discuss my past with.

When Jonathan went into the two-story house, my mom went in after him right away.

”It looks like we
e here. Welcome to our new house, ”

I take a quick look at the house and then turn my attention to my mother. I smile at my mother, ”I hope uncle Alfonzo will like me. ”

”Alexa, he already does it… Alfonzo has liked you ever since he saw you for the first time. So, stop being anxious and go talk to Jonathan! ” My mother says something and then gets out of the car.

Alexa, you can do this! You can have evil thoughts about him because he will be your brother one day. Okay?

After taking a few deep breaths, I get out of the car and stretch my legs.

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