”Alexa, Id like to introduce you to Jonathan, your uncle Alfonzos oldest son… And Id like you to meet my beautiful daughter Alexa, ”

”Hello, Alexa! Its nice to meet you… ”

When Jonathan shook my hand and looked at me as if he wanted to eat every part of me, it was as if the world stopped for me.

Before he lets go of my hand, he gives me a smirk after I awkwardly say, ”Ah, nice to meet you. ”

”Well, kids, since you know each other already, I hope you can get along. ”Because we
e going to be a family, ” she told them.

Looking at my mother, I gave her a small smile and a nod.

Jonathan said, smirking, ”I can promise you, aunt Lolita, that I will be good with Alexa. ”

Glad, my mother nodded. But I get the feeling that Jonathans words mean something different.

Jonathan says as he puts his things in the cars trunk, ”Then let me help you with your stuff before I go to my training. ”

”Alexa, help your brother. While you
e doing that, Ill call Alfonzo, ”

My mother turned her back on me while still dialing her phone. So, I had no choice but to go after Jonas and help him carry our bags.

”So you
e here because the person you might have married didn want you? ” Jonathan replied when asked.

When Jonathan asks me why we must leave our pack, I feel embarrassed because I don think my mother will tell them why we must move. When Jonathan asks me that, I have to hide my face.

”Hmm, are you sure you know that person? ” Jonathan mutters, climbs on the cars trunk, and sits there.

I can believe what Im seeing, so I stare straight ahead and ask, ”What do you think of me? ” I have no doubts that Dexter is my friend, of course! I mean former friend, ”I did answer. Even though I knew I would say it, I took extra steps to ensure my mom wouldn hear what we talked about.

Jonathan smiled at me, and I was surprised when he quickly grabbed my waist.

”Then, what about you makes me want to be with you so much? ”Im sure you can feel it too, ” says Jonathan, moving his face closer to mine and making a comment.

”What are you doing in the world right now? Please let me go, I stuttered, taking his hand off of my waist at the same time.

”Since I saw you, my other way of talking has been bugging me. Im sorry to bother you. I need to make something clear that is very important. If I don do it, my wolf will bother me. ” Jonathan said something to himself and then tightened his grip on my waist.

”What do you mean? ”About what do you need to know for sure? ” I asked because I was confused. I turned around to face my mother to give her a quick look before she saw what Jonathan was doing.

As Jonathan talked, he mumbled, ”This… ”

I couldn believe what I saw, so I held on to Jonathans clothes for support. Im trying to convince myself that Jonathans tongue isn in my mouth, but I can feel it moving around.

Is he going for a kiss? Dear Lord! Jonathan Hale is kissing me right now. He will soon be my brother. Alexa, Please, for Gods sake, push him away!

My mind tells me that, but my body seems to disagree. Instead of forcing Jonathan, Ive been letting my tongue play with him, and its been fun.

I didn know I had lust until he kissed me, but it made me feel it.

Alexa, Alfonzo is headed to this place, ”

Jonathan knew it was safe to let go of my lip when he heard my mothers voice.

Jonathan says to me as he wipes my lips, ”Hmm, Alexa Ashford, you might not want to go to the Hale house as my sister. ”

”You- ” I don know what to say in response to what Jonathan said because I can deny how much I like him.

Jonathan smiled at me as he walked by with two large pieces of luggage.

As they walked, my father and Jonathan said to my mother, ”Aunt Lolita, lets wait for my fathers inside the house. ” They did this.

”Alexa, hurry it up! ”

My new ”brother ” had caused a new problem, and I didn know what to do or how to feel about it. Because of this, I found that I couldn get enough air.

”No! I am sure Dexter Halter is my soul mate. This smell is all the evidence I need! I don think Im so stupid that Id make a mistake! ” I whispered as I carried two necessary packages into the house.

Tell me about the house, Alexa. How do you feel about it? You like it? ” This question came from my mother.

Nobody in the Hale family has ever let a woman into their house. The furniture and the color of the walls show that a person is living in the house.

I told my mother, ”They don have any girls living in this house, so I guess it makes sense that the inside looks like this, ” We laughed.

”You are correct. If I make small changes to this area, maybe Alfonzo and his son won be mad at me. ”

I decided not to answer when I saw Jonas walk down the stairs. Behind closed doors, I let out a sigh. How could Jonathans gift stop my world? He was still wearing the rough jeans and tailored white shirt he had been wearing earlier.

”Aunt Lolita, your room is ready and waiting for you if you want to take a nap. The master bedroom is on the left side of the house, toward the back of the property. And the door to your room is on the other side. ” Jonathan told me more as he walked up to me and took the box I was holding. Then he went on.

Right after I told Jonathan, ”Its okay, its mine, so Ill take it to my room, ” I took the box from his hands and took it to my own space.

”Don worry about it at all, Jonathan. Whenever anyone touched her things, my daughter got very upset. Alexa is used to carrying the most weight because she is the most vital member of her pack.

I gave my mother an angry look and begged her to be quiet.

I still wanted to hide my power in the Phantom pack so that my new love wouldn feel afraid if my heart started to beat again.

When my mom saw how I reacted, she said, ”Alexa, don be shy. Im sure Jonathan already knows since I told Alfonzo everything. ”

”Whatever happened, the trip was long. So Im going to take a break and rest for a while. Alexa, could Jonathan please show you to your room? People look at my mother as if she has lived in this area for a long time when she walks up to them.

Jonathan said with a smile, ”Don worry. If you want to join my pack, you won have trouble because all my members are strong. ”

Also, before he left the room, he took the box away from me.

I say, ”Huh, Im not sure about that, ” behind his back as I follow him. I decided not to say it out loud because I didn want to give the impression that I was stronger than my last Alpha, so I stopped talking about what I was thinking.

”This part of the page is for you. Jonathan pointed to the door next to my room and said, ”If you need anything, feel free to knock on my door. ”

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