”Is there somewhere else I could go? ” I quickly put in a request. I hate the idea that Jonathans room is next to mine, or maybe I should say that I hate how excited I get when I think about it.

”No, the other room is already taken, ” Jonathan said. He put down the box and turned his full attention to me.

”What do you mean by ”occupied? ” You and your uncle Alfonzo live in this house, which I think has seven rooms. I answer while raising one eyebrow at the same time.

Jonathan said, ”My pack is made up of rogues, so I took them, ” as if this wasn important.

”Rogues? Do you have people like this in your group? Won that turn out badly? I asked with a feeling of doubt.

”At all costs, you should stay away from them. ” I have to fight with each of them on their own. Jonathan gave some information.

My mother has told me that Jonathan Hale is strong when I look at him. I still don know how strong he was.

Anyone could be a member of his group of thieves…

If thats true, I don have to worry about anything.

As Jonathan approached me and got closer, he said, ”It looks like you
e not scared. ”

Do I need to worry about this? Theres no reason you fear that your subordinate will hurt your sister. Because Jonathans eyes showed signs of desire again… I stressed the word ”sister ” because I feared he had forgotten who I was and what role I played in his life.

”Oh, youve decided to be my sister already, ” Jonathan yelled as he stopped one centimeter before me.

”Of course, I won do anything to hurt my mothers happiness, ” I say confidently. Still, I can feel myself coming apart inside my chest.

Because if Jonas keeps saying that we have feelings for each other, I can promise that I won give in.

But Jonathan gave me a dirty look and then turned away. ”All right… Then, since we both know the temptation is too great, lets make it a priority to stay away from each other, says Jonathan, clenching his fists.

I didn want Jonathan to see how disappointed I was, so I turned away from him. ”Good, then everything is fine. ”

When Jonathan grabbed my arm and turned me around to face him, I was in the middle of telling him something. If what you say is true, why do your eyes look like they say something else? Alexa, you don like the idea either! What Jonathan had to say

I couldn argue with Jonathans words, so I got away from him quickly. ”Would you be so kind as to… ” ”I have a long list of things to do, ” I said.

But Jonathan doesn listen to me because he has one hand around my waist and the other around my neck, so I have to look at him.

Okay, I guess Ill leave… but after this…

I lose all of my strength as soon as Jonathans lips touch mine. And, just like the last time, I answered with as much force as he did.

”Ahh… ” When Jonathans hand slid behind me and gently squeezed it, I couldn help but let out a low-pitched groan.

I have never felt this way before. Because of this, when Jonathan brings electricity to me with his hands, I completely lose my mind.

Jonathans mouth slid into my ear as he teasingly bit the tip and said, ”Admit it, Alexa. You want my kisses and touches. ” ”You want me to touch and kiss you. ”

I covered my eyes with my hands and held his arm as tightly as possible.

Yes, Jonathan is right. Ive never felt this way about anyone else, not even Dexter Halter, but I want him so much it hurts.

When Jonathan picked me up and put me on the bed while moving his lips over my skin, I didn know what was going on because I was too busy arguing with him.

When I felt his hand go into my blouse, I was so surprised that my back arched and my mouth fell open.

”Oh, Jonathan, God! ”

Please stop.

It was lucky that I heard laughter from outside the room because if I hadn , something terrible could have happened to Jonas and me that I would have to live with forever.

”Damn these people! ” Jonathan muttered something annoyed while he buried his face in my neck. He stayed in that position for a couple of seconds while taking deep breaths.

”…Jonathan… ” I called once more.

Jonathan stood up and walked out of the room without saying a word or turning around.

I threw myself on the bed and looked up at the ceiling after I closed the door. ”Alexa Ashford, what are you planning to do next? How will you leave your life and go to Jonathan Hale? Think about your mother for a minute. I talked to my inner self as I moved around in bed.

I decided to start cleaning my room to stop thinking about Jonathan. I didn bring nearly as much as I should have because Im not interested in the things that other women my age are crazy about. My mother told me just to bring the essentials.

My mom and I have decided that it would be easier to do our shopping in this city instead of bringing our things with us.

I didn know when it was because I was busy with other things. When my mother knocked on my door to come to my house for dinner, I was shocked.

”Hm, it looks like you
e done putting your things away, but your room still has a masculine feel to it, ”

Because my mother is always getting in the way, I glared at her, shook my head, and told her. ”Mom, Im happy in this room. Don do anything without asking me first, ” I told her.

No matter what, Jonathan will make sure the rest of your needs are met. I talked to him earlier, and he said he would be happy to go shopping with you.

I found myself staring at my mother in shock. How am I supposed to stay away from Jonathan if my mother is helping us get to know each other? But I can say anything, so all I can do is sigh quietly.

When my mother and I went there, we have introduced right away to three men who, as far as I could tell, were only a few years older than me.

Well, it turns out that Lolita wasn joking when she said that her daughter has a charming personality. As Alfonzo walks toward us, he says something. He went to a different part of the house.

”Uncle, thank you for the nice thing you said. Hmm. It was great to finally meet you. I smiled back at them in a friendly way.

”Oh, Alfonzo, don be fooled by the fact that Alexa is smiling at you. Im sure shes thought of and written down a dozen different questions.

”Love, you don need to worry. ”

”I have everything I need, but it would be better if we could talk while we ate, ” Alfano said.

As we walked toward the kitchen, one of the three guys said, ”Uncle, you forgot to introduce us! ”

”Alexa, this is Jonathan, a member of the pack. Mito is standing behind you, Vico is standing to your left, and Joel is standing in front of you. They are also leaving because they don have a place of their own yet. Alfonzo gave some information.

”This is great! ” Alexa, do you agree that its sad to live in a house that only a few people can call ”home ”? I nodded in response to what my mother said.

Also, can you tell me where Elijah and Jonathan are? Alfonzo asked this question as soon as we sat down at the table.

As Joel explains in his answer, Elijah went with him to the woods because our Alpha is nearby.

”How could your Alpha be broken? ”

”When we got there earlier, Jonathan was already ready to kill. I don know what made him that way, but he was, ”

I decided to bow to Jonathan while we ate when I figured out why he was acting that

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