Mate With The SheAlpha

The battle of strength

”Then Elijah won see tomorrow, ” they said. Alfonso said what he said while shaking his head.

”Hmm, since Ive been here at Phantom, the only time Ive seen Jonathan get so angry was when you sent him to his room, ” she said. Joel said this to himself while he was laughing.

Uncle Alfonzo looked at me for a moment before turning back to Joel. ”Thats not true at all! Jonathan has given up his own space. I didn expel him! ”I liked what he said and how he smiled at me.

My mother tells my sister Alexa, ”Alexa, you should thank Jonas for the room. ” She looks at my dad, Alfonzo, with eyes that say a lot.

”I wasn aware of it. Jonas will be able to go back to his room, and Ill move into the other one, ”I said, trying to hide the fact that my face was red.

”It makes no sense to do that. Its been decided. Like I told you, all of these people live in this house. There are a lot of people here. ”

I don even have to turn around to see the newcomer, the only person in Phantom City who can make me shiver even when they aren doing anything…

”Jonathan, Im glad you could make it to dinner. Please sit by Alexa. ”

I have no idea what my mom is going to do. I don know why she wants Jonathan to sit next to me when there is plenty of room at the table.

”Please know that we hope the best for you, Elijah! You
e still alive! ” Vico yelled in surprise as he followed the two back to their seat.

”In my last pack, I was also the Alpha, so it won be easy for you to beat me! ” Elijahs remarks make me look at him.

”Are you an alpha dog? I thought Jonathan was in charge of everyone. ” I asked because I didn know what to do.

”I was wondering, Lolita, why you hadn talked to Alexa about the Phantom pack. She doesn seem to know much about anything. ” My father gave my mother a funny look when he looked at her.

I pout at my mom and tell her, ”Well, my mom loves surprises, and she likes to see me always surprised. ” ”My mom enjoys being surprised. ”

Jonathan said simply that everyone in his pack is an ”Alpha-rogue. ”

While he was talking to someone else, he wasn looking at me, so I could see his face.

”Thats right, you
e right! We were all Alphas in our previous pack, which might not be clear initially. ” Mito said this very proudly.

”So every member of the Phantom pack is an Alpha, and Jonathan is the Alpha in your pack? Is he a tough guy? ” I needed to learn more about it.

Im still unsure about it because not every Alpha is as strong as my old Alpha, who is so weak that I can easily beat him.

Everyone at the table is staring at me like Im from another planet.

Even Jonathan, who knows a lot about food, gave me a strange look when I asked him a question about it.

My mother smiled and held my hand as she said, ”Please let my daughter off the hook. She has never been anywhere else besides our house. ”

Why don we fight? Alexa is a good fighter, so why don we? Alfonso had the idea as he poured water into my mothers glass.

Elijah had been quiet for a long time, but when his uncle Alfonzo said something, he finally spoke up. ”Then I can compete with Alexa, ” he said.

”Wow! Do you think, Alexa, that you
e so powerful that even Elijah will agree with what his uncle Alfonzo says? ” Joel exclaimed.

”So, what did you think would happen? She is Franco and Lolitas daughter, and her mothers name is Lolita. ” Alfonzos answer made me feel like I was his daughter, and I could tell he was very proud of me.

Jonathan said, ”Then a decision is made. Tonight, Elijah and Alexa can meet. ” This is what he said as he took another sip of his wine.

I yelled, ”I won do it! Id like to know how powerful the Alpha is! ”as I looked at Jonathan straight on. ”I want to know how powerful the alpha is. ”

There was a big fuss in the dining room because I wouldn give up, but I didn care. Instead, I laughed at Jonathan as if I dared him to agree to what I wanted.

Jonathan says as he stands, ”Fight Elijah. You can fight me if you beat him first. ” If Elijah doesn win, Jonathan will take up the challenge.

”The battle starts in 10 minutes, so get ready. Ill be waiting for you in the backyard. ” Jonathan left without looking back or turning around.

”Alexa, how could you be so bold as to ask your brother to fight? ” My mother hit me on the arm with her hand.

”Mom! I just want to know why that would be a problem even if I didn do it. If I want to be in his pack, I must ensure that my Alpha is much stronger than I am. ” From this, I can tell.

”Lolita, you should let her make her own choice, but I must tell you something. Jonathan doesn care if you
e a boy or a girl. If you challenge him to a fight, hell give it his all, so be careful, ”Alfonzo asserted.


I went back to my room and changed clothes after I ate.

I also tied back my waist-length hair so it wouldn get in the way when I fought.

As I open my door, I think, ”I wish Elijah were stronger than me. ”

”Really? You don want Elijah to be stronger than you, do you? ” Jonathan says something while proudly lifting one eyebrow.

”What the heck are you doing here? ” I looked down the hall and then asked. To check that no one else is nearby.

After he looked at my clothes, Jonathan said, ”Don tell me you forgot that my room is next to yours. ”

”I thought we would start in about ten minutes. Why do you come back here so often? ” I question. I tried to get around Jonathan, but he was in the way.

”Elijah knows how to use his hands to fight. He was getting ready to hit me in the face, ”Jonathan smiled.

”And whats the point of telling me all this? Do you want me to beat Elijah so we can fight? ” When Jonathan takes a step, I say something, and then I do the same thing going the other way.

”Alexa, you know I can win you over without showing you how strong I am. Since you already know this, why should I play your silly games? ” After Jonathan answered, he did something else.

Because I ran away, I was allowed to go back into the room, which Jonathan took full advantage of. He did not wait around. He smiled as he shut the door.

”What are you doing at the moment? I don want them to have to wait any longer than necessary. When you
e done, get out of my way! ” I let out a loud yell. But Jonathan kept looking at me, so I decided to do something about it. I didn even think twice before slamming my fist hard and aiming it right at Jonathans face.

”Do you think you trust yourself a lot or think Im weak? Do you think all men are as weak as you and your friends? ” Jonathan told me this as he clenched my hand in a fist.

I couldn say anything because Jonathan quickly put my hand on my back and wrapped one arm around my neck.

”What the heck are you doing? ” When I felt his breath in my ear, I asked him immediately.

”What? Don you remember that Im not even doing anything, yet you
e attacking me? ” Jonathan teased her with something he said.

I tried to take Jonathans hand, but he turned me around, so I faced him.

”Jonathan… ”

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