I pleaded with Jonathan, ”Please let me go, and please stop doing this, ” as my voice cracked and I stuttered. Even though Ive only known him for a few hours, Ive already become accustomed to being around him.

He is a man who won let himself be swayed by other peoples expectations.

After everything, it was over and done. Jonathan leaned in close to me and whispered. ”Fine, you win for the time being, but don let your guard down because if I get the slightest opportunity to make you mine, your pleading will be for nothing. ” After that, he got up and left, leaving me by myself.

”Don worry, I won give you a second chance, ” I said with conviction.

Now, all I have to do is stay away from him, which I can do by making friends with the man who lives next door.

Jonathan retorted with a smirk, ”Hmm, that would be a problem because I will take you to the market tomorrow. Which means I will have a chance, ” He referred to the upcoming opportunity.

”Ill ask someone else to accompany me! ” I attempted to convince Jonathan with logic, but he did not respond, so I quickly grabbed the doorknob and left my room in a hurry.

Jonathan will devour me entirely if I don get away. The force of his presence makes it impossible for me to resist. Because of this, I have to proceed with extreme caution.

When I finally reached the backyard, I could look at the rest of the Hales house.

In the hallway, there are some old photo hangers that you can find.

”Wow, are they some of Hales long-lost ancestors? I can help but exclaim as my attention is drawn to each portrait.

They were the Alphas of the Phantom pack, no doubt about it.

When I turned around, Alfonzo was standing there with my mom.

”If thats the case, why is it displayed in your home? ” I enquire while wearing a grin on my face.

In his response, Uncle Alfonzo directed everyones attention to the painting of his great-grandfather that hung in the upper center of the wall. He stated, ”My great-grandfather was the first Alpha of the Phantom pack, and he owned this house. ”

As I looked at the portrait, the subject depicted in it left an impression on me that was quite startling. The man resembles Jonathan in many ways, especially in appearance. Their hair is the only thing that sets them apart from one another. I had turned to face Uncle Alfonzo to share my thoughts with him, but he spoke before I could finish turning around.

Uncle Alfonzo scratched his chin and said, ”Yes, he does look like Jonathan, which is a long way from how I look. ”

”Enough, you two! Lets go into the backyard; Elijah has been waiting for so long, ” my mother said as she pulled Uncle Alfonzo away from us.

”Mom, will you come to watch me fight? ” I asked, raising an eyebrow in disbelief. Because Lolita Ashford is someone who thrives in serene settings, you will never find her in the middle of a chaotic situation.

As we walk side by side, I notice that my mother is opening her eyes wider than usual. She asks, ”Why don you like it when I cheer for you? ”

”Why don you like it when I cheer for you? ” I repeated my mothers remarks. ”I bet you want to see if anyone in this pack is stronger than me, don you? And maybe you are hoping that Elijah will be victorious over me? ” I nod my head to show that I agree with my mother.

My mother asked, ”Do you think praying to lose a sin? ” Alexas resilience has turned out to be a barrier in the path to the fulfillment she has been seeking for so long. My mother elaborated while avoiding making eye contact with me.

Uncle Alfonzo laughed out loud as he opened the back door of the house and exclaimed, ”Ha Ha Ha, you mother and daughter are too cute! ”


”Wow, I didn anticipate how big this would be! ” As I took in the vast environment, I let out an exclamation.

”Finally, after all this time, youve made it. As soon as Elijah sees me, he immediately says, ”I had assumed that you had reconsidered your decision and decided to withdraw. ”

Joel remarked, ”Geez, Elijah, you are just so excited to bring down this beautiful lady. ” He sat in the corner of the room next to my mother and my uncle Alfonzo.

”Im very sorry for keeping you waiting, ” I said as I made my way to the center. The sandy terrain provided excellent footing for the soldiers during the battle.

”Uncle Alfonzo, are you sure well use the code that came with the Phantom Pack? ” Elijah inquires as he takes a glance around the gathering of people who are currently drinking beer.

Jonathan said, ”Yes, use the code from the Phantom Pack, ” as soon as he walked in the door. His previous demeanor has vanished entirely, and the man standing in front of me now is the genuine Alpha of the Phantom pack. Its a little bit scary and intimidating at the same time.

It was clear from Uncle Alfonzos expression that he was both intervening and concerned. ”Wow, young man. I know that Alexa has doubted your power. But do you think its too much for her to use your code? ”

”Wait! I would appreciate it if you could explain this code to me so that I can make an educated decision on my own. ”I continue maintaining eye contact with Jonathan and speaking my words.

Jonathan smiled as he answered my question and proceeded to explain to me what it meant. ”It means that no one will stop until you lose consciousness, ” he said.

Elijah continued his explanation by saying, ”Alternatively, you can concede defeat and admit that you were unsuccessful. ”

”Oh, is that what you mean? All right, you have my agreement, ”I responded without hesitating for even a second. It is not a matter of life and death, and I am confident that I can handle whatever comes my way, so there is no reason to be concerned about that.

Then Jonathan went to where everyone was sitting and said, ”Elijah, you can use 70% of your strength in this fight. ” He then left.

Trying to keep my anger under control, I said, ”Did he just say that you should only use 70% of your strength?! Your Alpha considers me to be feeble? ”

”It is not valid. Because my Alpha is aware of your strength, he permitted me to use more than half of my strength. This is because he thinks you can handle it. Its possible that you
e not familiar with what the Phantom Pack is, ”Elijah was getting ready to engage in combat when he murmured.

In retaliation, I rush at Elijah with a combination of punches and kicks. Still, to my astonishment, he can block every one of my blows with a fair amount of ease.

Elijah shakes my hand and then says, ”Nice move, now see mine! ” after he does so.

Elijah picked me up and threw me to the ground so quickly that I could not respond; however, he did not let go of my hand even as he stepped on my neck with his foot. I was unable to move.

”Now, admit that you have lost! ” the command of Elijah, and he pressed his foot against the ground with great force.

During this time, Jonathan and the other group members responsible for monitoring the situation offered their thoughts.

”Is that the case? I was under the impression that Alexa was a powerful woman. ” Joel yelled this out with a look of disappointment on his face.

”If Alexa had gone to battle against you, she might have stood a chance, but Elijah? When compared to Jonathan, that other man is a complete monster. ” A chuckle accompanied the exclamation on Vicos part.

”It doesn seem likely to me. I have complete faith in my skills, and there is no way that a woman could ever win against me! ” Joel exclaimed.

Jonathan smirked as he sipped his scotch and said, ”The fight is just getting started, ” while simultaneously taking a sip.

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