I give Elijah the evil eye and say, ”I, Alexa Ashford, will not submit to you! ” And with everything I had, I put my elbow on Elijahs leg.

In that fight, I was at a disadvantage for the first time in my life. Since Im the strongest person in the group, its easy for me to beat my teammate.

My Alpha is the only person I haven thoroughly looked into yet… Because he won accept my challenge and says he would never hurt a woman physically.

”Wow! Nice move! ” I heard Vicos exclamation, but I didn look at him or the other people because I wanted to pay attention to Elijah. He was now standing still and staring at me with such anger in his eyes.

”You were given a chance to stop fighting, but you chose to keep going. Now, you will have to pay for what you did. ” Elijah says something, and when it takes me to blink my eyes, he runs at me and cuts both my arms and my side with two quick slashes.

”Hey! Did he use his claws to dig into it?! ” When my mother, Lolita, heard the news, she was shocked and couldn believe it.

But now is not the time to think about the side comment because Elijah is preparing for another attack.

This time, I got ready for his attack by putting all of my energy and attention into staying in a defensive position. The tension and excitement Im feeling are making me feel even better. Its probably the first time Ive fought a strong enemy while also knowing that the enemy is one of Jonathans subordinates.

Elijah then started to attack me. He tried to grab my neck, but I shook his hand and grabbed it instead.

Elijah is a lot bigger than I am, so I had to put all my weight on him to bring him down.

”Ill admit that you
e strong, but you won be able to beat me so easily! ” I say to Elijah as I twist his arm with my hand and foot. He says, ”Its going to hurt. ”

”And you think your cute way of fighting will help you win? Don think that so much! You are now in Phantom City, a part of the game where our Alpha doesn take part. ” Elijah answers and raises his arm with me still on it in an instant.

I couldn hide how surprised I was when Elijah threw me so quickly.

”Uh … ” Because I hit the ground hard, I coughed up some blood. If the practice field isn sandy, Ill have broken at least one rib.

”Fights like this teach you something every time. Don be so full of yourself that you think you
e the strongest person in the world. Before I met Jonas, I was also a lot like that person. Because we were so different in age, I didn see his potential. ”Elijah said these words right before he turned away from me.

”Where do you think youll go? Im not done yet! ” These were the words I said as I tried to get up. I know I still have some fighting skills, so Im not going to let this fight end so quickly.

”Stop acting like a child, Alexa. We both agree that well waste our time if we keep arguing like this. ” After making his point, Elijah returns to the way he came and keeps walking.

I was so mad that I made a tight ball with my fist. My circle of influence is getting too big, and its making me feel like I can breathe. I finally couldn hold back my anger any longer. I changed into wolf form in less than a second and attacked Elijah.

At this point, Elijah is unconscious, so he was surprised to see Jonathan running toward him, but he could only see the back of Jonathan as he got closer. So, Elijah turned around and was shocked to see a white wolf running straight at him. But it was too late for him to do anything about it when he realized what was going on, so he just trusted Jonathan.


”Oh, thats painful! What is- ”

”At long last, youve woken up! You almost kill Elijah! What the heck are you doing? ” My mom, Lolita, said something as she walked ahead of me while we were together.

I didn know how to answer because I didn know what had happened either. The last thing I remember is how angry I was when I lost Elijah. I had never felt so many different feelings before in my life. Even though Dexter didn come with me, I stayed calm and in charge of the situation.

”Jonathan was fast and strong, which made us very happy. Elijah didn need to switch places for him to stop you from killing him. ” My mom never stopped her work as a minister. At the same time, I keep going down because I feel ashamed.

”Mom, I don understand how Jonass human form was able to stop me. ” I thought about it for a minute and then asked.

When I said this, my mother raised an eyebrow and asked, ”You don remember? ”

I answered with a scowl and a nod of the head. Since shifting, I have never been in my wolf form and forgotten what happened.

”Jonathan rushed at you a split second before your fang went into Elijahs neck. After that, I don know what happened because you ran through the forest so quickly. Jonathan not only followed you, but he also brought you back here while you were still wearing your baby clothes. ” My mother says things while holding her head in her hands because she is drunk.

”Oh my god! Mom! Why aren you the one trying to catch me? How could you give Jonathan the job of taking care of your daughter? ” I yelled at my mother because I was so scared that Jonas had seen me naked.

”Are you nuts?! How will I know where you are in the forest? And for the love of God, Im too old, so how am I supposed to find you? You have also lost your mind. ” My mom used logic and made me question what I had thought before.

Where is Jonathan right now? In a low voice, I inquired.

”You can thank him in his room, but you can also do so here. It would be best if you spoke with him the next day. ”

I quickly looked at the clock hanging on the wall- Two oclock in the morning.

Does this mean Jonathan spent four hours looking for me in the woods while I was missing? As a result, I relented and agreed with my mothers point of view.

After my mother had gone, I lay down and tried to remember what had happened to me before she arrived.

To my chagrin, however, nothing comes to mind. Even my wolf can be found; its as if its taken refuge in the deepest recesses of my mind.

”It seems like only Jonathan can give me the answer to what happened in the woods, ” I mumbled as I sighed.

I awoke from my meditation to find that nothing had happened, so I went to bed and decided to discuss the situation with Elijah and Jonathan in the morning.


Meanwhile, this was happening in Jonathans room…

Hed just come out of the restroom and was now drinking a beer in the living room. Jonathans injuries due to Alexas loss of sanity continue to cause him to whimper.

”Hmm, it seems your mate is out of control, like you, ” Jonathan says to his wolf, and the wolf nods in agreement.

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