Mega gene

Mysterious book

Some peoples are fighting with a Super alien in dragon ray mountain. One of them says finally after this geno life essence, I will complete my super gene tally and become the Super evolver. Same situations are happening in all sanctuaries. Suddenly all sanctuaries are started sliding and all the peoples are teleported outside the sanctuary and they are unable to go into it again. All the people of the alliance and concerned authorities are trying to enter sanctuary but teleporter is not responding. They are tried many techniques but it not responded. Suddenly all the devil souls of humans of every sanctuary is destroyed and disappears from their sea of souls. All the humans of alliance are worried that they have lost their devil souls and they are unable to enter sanctuary because teleporters are not working. Alliance president David Augustine call a urgent meeting of top scientists in the world. David tells scientists that you all knows about sanctuaries where humans upgrade themselves. But five hours ago, all the humans from all the sanctuaries are teleported outside and they are not able to go again and their devil souls are destroyed. One of them says that Sir perhaps something is happening in the sanctuaries or there is any problem in a teleporter. Thats why we are not able to enter sanctuaries. President says perhaps you are right but we have to know that what is happening in the sanctuaries. Another scientist says that Sir perhaps this is any updation of sanctuaries thats why we cannot enter now. President starts thinking and asks the scientists about this problem. At last a scientist says that Sir we have to wait for some perhaps teleporter will work. President agrees with his words and asks how many days we will wait. That scientist says that Sir we have to wait at least five days. If teleporter will not work after five days we will again meet here and take another decision. All of them whispered some minutes and agrees with that scientist. After this President David Augustine passes orders secretly to wait for five days and after five days further decision will be taken. Everyone agrees and goes from meeting room. After three days someone enters in David Augustine cabin and says Sir teleporter is working now we can enter in the sanctuary. Previously David Augustine passed the order to seize all the teleporters for some time and cannot be used before concerned authorities knows that why all are teleported outside the sanctuary and Will be sure that everything is safe. After that any other will enters in sanctuaries. David Augustine says that gather two hundred top class elites and enters in the sanctuaries and I will also come. That man says but Sir your Safety is important. David Augustine says that thats why I ordered you to gather all top class elites. That man said ok sir I will do this in an hour. After two hours six hundred top class elites are finally gathered in a hall and after the order of president David Augustine all enters in the sanctuaries by using teleporter. After a white flash all of them are stand in a grass field where noone is seen far away. Suddenly one of them says that Sir we all are in first sanctuary but we already finished first and other sanctuaries. Sir I think something is different here. Suddenly a lion type creature jumps from the mountain and ran towards the group. Some top class elites protected David Augustine and others starts attacking that lion. But their attacks are not working on that lion. Even those attacks not leaving a single mark on that lion. One of them says that Sir perhaps he is a super creature. After listening his words David Augustine ordered all elites to rush onto that creature and use your hyper Geno art to the maximum level and finish this creature. After taking the order all elites rushed towards that lion and starts raining attacks. After half an hour five hundred elites are brutally killed but that lion is also badly hurts. David Augustine bring out a thin sword and dig into a deep cut on that lions neck. After some times that creature killed and disappears from there. But this time there is no any announcement in David Augustines mind. David Augustine is shocked and starts thinking that why there is no any announcement in mind and even I don get any devil souls. Suddenly a beautiful fairy appears in front of them and says that welcome to plasma sanctuary. After killing that creature you are able to survive here. You have to kill creatures and take their core points to upgrade yourselves and you may get their plasma souls to boost your progress. First of all we will give you a shelter named FAMAS shelter and other shelters are under the control of spirits. You have to defeat them and capture that shelter. There are creatures divided according to their powers and abilities. Now you all have to starts from first shelter and this missions will end in sixth shelter. Before anyone can ask something a white beam enters in the mind of remaining hundred evolvers and same announcement happens in everyone mind that Sea of plasma souls is generated into your mind. Before they can ask any other things from the fairy, that fairy disappears and all the remaining humans are teleported in a room. All comes out from the room and gathers in the hall which is half kilometer in area. David Augustine knows his status.

David Augustine: Not evolved

Age: 250 years

Plasma souls: No plasma souls found yet

Others status is same as David Augustines status. David Augustine ordered to teleporter back to alliance and inform others that century is changes and everyone is demoted to first sanctuary. After the order of president all again teleported to alliance and they passes the new status of sanctuary and order that anyone can again enter into sanctuaries and noone can goes for hunting alone and always go with a group. If anyone can go for hunting alone and killed then alliance and concerned authorities cannot take any responsibility. Some two years later someone enters in Presidents cabin and says that Sir we have captured first time another shelter which name is JADE shelter and we will recruit other members in that shelter. David Augustine asks what happens to that Spirit. That man says Sir Spirit suicides with his spirit stone. David Augustine says is anyone killed upper level creatures. That man says No Sir we are still not able to killed creatures upper than Distorted Creatures. Actually humans killed only most weak called common Creatures, More powerful than that is basic creature and last is distorted creature. Their hyper Geno art is no longer powerful to kill upper level aliens. Somewhere a boy reaches his house and sees that many costly cars are parked near his house. He thinks that what is happening in my house? Mom and Dad does not tell me something about this. He enters his house and he sees that some peoples are standing in his garden and after seeing that man he shocked because that man is one of the most powerful businessman on the Alliance. Boy thinks that why he is here?

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