Mega gene

Three-horned lava bull

Mark is still seeing that girl but suddenly a boy hits him and both falls on ground and that boy tells Mark to protect him. Before Mark could understand something two boys comes near him and take that boy near that Girl. Mark wake up an stand on a side and he sees that one boy pull that boys tongue from his mouth and that beautiful girl bring out a sharp knife and cuts his tongue and says that this is your punishment that you have passed a comment on me. That beautiful girl comes in middle of the hall and shots that I am Evelyn Augustine and my father is the president of Alliance. Thats why if anyone will not obey my orders and pass any bad comments on me and my gang than I will give you all the same punishment. After saying this Evelyn and her group members leaves from the hall into their practice field. Mark is so shocked this time because he never thought that this beautiful girl is stone hearted. Mark sees Brian Turner there and he goes towards him and asks him that what is that problem and who is this girl. Brian Turner sees Mark and shocked. He says that you are also joined plasma sanctuary but how bro. Mark says that I uses your identity to join because I hacked your phone got a clue about secret missions. Brian Turner says angrily that how can you do this and why you have hacked my phone. I am your best friend brother. Mark says to him that no brother I hacked your phone because you are my best friend. By the all tell me what happens here. Brian says that that boy name is Carrie and he joined plasma sanctuary a month ago and yesterday he passed a worst comment about Presidents daughter that she is so sexy and he wants to enjoy with her a night. Thats why she cuts his tongue so that he never comments again on any other girl and I am giving you warning that never hurt her or her ego otherwise next position will be yours. Mark says ok and tell Brian to join him for hunting. Brian says that sorry brother but I am going to alliance on a occasion. Thats why I cannot come but you can go on lotus mountain for hunting alone because creatures there are of common class only. After saying this Brian leaves there and Mark leaves FAMAS shelter for hunting. Mark reaches lotus mountain in an hour and he sees that no one is there as far as he see. Mark sees that a small tortoise comes out from a hole of a heap near a lake which is situated in the middle of Lotus mountain. Mark hides behind a stone and start observing that tortoise action. After observing that tortoise some time he sees that the speed of tortoise is too slow and it can be easily hunted. Before Mark approaches that tortoise he sees that many other tortoise starts coming from that hole and starts going towards that lake. Mark is so disappointed because he cannot fight with many dozens of tortoise alone. Mark can hunt them from far but he has no any arrow and bow because he comes there with a single Titanium dagger that is not able to kill these tortoises. Thats why Mark leaves from there and return to FAMAS shelter and teleported to Alliance for some more weapons. After reaching in alliance all are waiting for the students to know about their position. Mark says that he is assigned into FAMAS shelter and leaves from Robinson Galaxy and reaches his house and says everything to his parent. After that Mark login into Dark web and text to Mr Robinson to talk. After ten minutes Mr Robinson join him in a room. Mark says that he wants a bow and best arrow. Mr Robinson says that I will send you 7-rating bow and thunderstorm series arrows. But your fitness level has to be 7 other wise you can pull the string of that bow. Mark says that I can handle it first of all deliver me bow and arrows. Mr Robinson says ok I will sent to you by the hand of Brian Turner. So you can take him to your house because if I will directly transfer these weapons to your house then it will not safe for you. Mark says ok and comes out from that room. Next day Mark goes to Brian Turner and collect those bow and arrows. After that he goes into Robinson Galaxy to check his fitness level. He enters in a room and punches a rubber ball with full strength which is attached in a machine. After Marks punch the number starts flashing on the screen and Marks fitness level is three which is better than anyone because first time elites fitness level is one or less than one. Mark enters in plasma sanctuary again and open that bag and he sees that a fantastic bow is in it and gold coloured arrows are also present. But Mark sees that something more is available in that bag. That is alliance currency which is five million and a note is also there. This is your money which help you to buy medicines and other things. Mark wants to buy a plasma soul but that was too expensive. A useless common plasma soul is of fifty millions. Mark take out that bow and try to pull the string but string doesn displace a inch. Mark decided to learn hyper Geno art because this is the best method to increase fitness level. But Mark learnt in that book that it is better to learn any hyper Geno art after taking core points. After thinking some time Mark decided to kill that small tortoise because its speed is slow and if he will separate anyone from their group. Then Mark can kill it. Normally the fitness level of common alien is above fifteen but the flesh of tortoises are so soft that can be easily cut by titanium dagger. So Mark takes his titanium dagger and reaches towards Lotus mountain and after reaching Lotus mountain he sees that a group is already there and killing that small tortoises. Mark sees that the leader of that group is Max Johnson who is the leader of second most powerful group in FAMAS shelter. Brian Turner works for him and when Mark reaches his house he told Mark about Max that he is so angry person and has crush on Evelyn Augustine and if anyone can hurt Evelyn then he will kill him. You remembered that guy whose tongue had been cut by Evelyn had brutally killed by Max after some time. Thats why do not hurt him and stay far from him. Mark is now filling so sad because he knows that all the tortoises will be killed by them and he got nothing. But suddenly Mark sees that a tortoise of that group left his group and coming towards Marks direction. Mark knew that this is the golden chance for him to kill this creature because he knows that if this tortoise can hides under his shell then he cannot kill him because he has no upper level plasma souls like Max Johnson. So Mark hides behind a stone and wait for that tortoise to come near him. After half an hour that tortoise comes near Mark and Mark finally attack on its neck and in a single strike its head is removed from its torso. After that a announcement occurs in Marks mind that ”Common creature Jade shell tortoise is hunted, you doesn got the plasma soul of jade shell tortoise and you can consume its flesh for 1-10 common core points ”. Mark is so disappointed because he didn got any plasma soul but he put that tortoise into his bag and sees that group they have already killed more than fifty tortoises and finally tortoises are finished and they wanted to go from here. Before they can see Mark he ran from lotus mountain and comes in his room 0000001 again. After coming in the room he prepare a born fire and clean the flesh of tortoise after removing his shell and he kept the shell in a corner of room and starts roasting the meat of that tortoise. After twenty minutes, its roasted and a sweet smell is start spreading in the air. Mark starts eating the roasted meat and again many announcement starts in Marks mind ”you have consumed the flesh of jade shell tortoise, you got 1 common core points ”. After eating the whole meat Mark got 8 common core points and after that Mark checked his status.

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