Mega gene

Shapeshifter plasma soul

Mark: Not evolved

Age: 250 years

Core points required to evolve: 100

Obtained core points: common core points=8

Plasma souls: Not found yet

After seeing this status Mark decided to learn his family art ”Diameter-Flex ”. Thats why Mark open a drower in his room in FAMAS shelter and open the art in that mysterious book and starts practicing as per the instructions written there. After finishing a cycle Mark felt that a different type of energy runs in starts running in his body and he felt that his body is becoming rigid. Mark thinks that yes its working, Now I have to check my fitness level again with this art. Mark enters in a fitness checker room in FAMAS shelter and finally he choose one and punch its punching ball. After that strike Marks fitness level is now four. Mark sees around to confirm that is anyone seeing him. After confirmation that noone is seeing him Mark runs ”Diamond-flex ” and punch that punching ball. After strike again a number flash on the screen. After seeing that number Mark becomes shocked because while using the art his fitness level is twelve. Mark remove his number because if anyone sees it then Mark will exposed that he is related to Hanson family. Suddenly Mark sees a button on the screen that shows the highest fitness level ever gained. Mark click on that button to know that who is most powerful in FAMAS shelter. Mark sees that its not other than Evelyn Augustine because his fitness level is only seventeen. After seeing that Mark thinks that thats why all are searching for my family art because other hyper Geno art cannot increase their fitness level in a small time. If I will practice it for a month I will be most powerful here in terms of fitness level. Finally I can use that bow when I run my Geno art. Marc exits from fitness checker room and sees that whole FAMAS shelter is almost empty. Mark stops a boy and ask him that why FAMAS shelter is empty. That boy says that almost all peoples except new guys are hired by Evelyn and Max for a hunt of a most powerful distorted alien that comes from the Butterfly Mountain. Mark remembered that the most dangerous place here is Butterfly Mountain because Mark heard that on the butterfly mountain the creatures are most powerful distorted alien and more than that level. Thats why noone goes nearby that mountain. But this time a line comes from that mountain thats why they all gone to kill him. Mark also leaves FAMAS shelter after taking his bow and arrows and goes towards that place where Evelyn and Max gone for a hunt. On that place a crowd of peoples enters in a grass field where a bull is grazing a grass. That bull is looking like a stone that comes out from a lava and his three horns are looking like a drill machine that can penetrate a mountain. Evelyn Augustine and Max Johnson organised his army and spread them around that bull. Top elites approaches that and weak elites are placed back to fire arrows. Evelyn bring out a distorted class bow and fires a titanium arrow towards that bull. That arrow strikes on the surface of bull and broken into many pieces. But this action drags bulls attention towards those peoples. Seeing those peoples that bull starts running towards them and Max ordered some elites to approach the bull but that bull hits two guys and they are brutally killed due to the drilling of that bull horn. All other elites has been raining arrows for one hour but arrows does not leaves a single mark on the stone body of that bull. Suddenly Evelyn bring out a distorted class arrow and fires it towards that bull. It penetrates bull body some inches and that bull starts roaring in pain. Evelyn take back his arrow and again aim it towards that bull but suddenly a sword appears in the mouth of that bull. This sword is of two sides and a handle in the middle that is holded by the teeth of that bull. Some one shouts it distorted class gear. That bull starts running towards Max and before that bull can do anything Max jumps from his distorted class ride and that bull cuts his ride into two pieces and his ride disappears from there. Max became angry and shouts that you had destroyed my favourite ride. Thats why I cannot leave you. That bull is so angry and starts cutting elites. Fifty of elites were killed. Max bring out a distorted class bow and a mysterious arrow that looks like a crane. Evelyn, Jack and Archet shocked after seeing that arrow because they all together killed that crane but Max hits the last shot. Jack says that he had got the plasma soul of fire crane that day. Evelyn says that he had not told us about this. There are four gangs run in FAMAS shelter. It is of Evelyn, Max, Jack and Archet. Jacks and Archets gang is very smaller than that of Evelyns and Maxs. After aiming towards that bull Max leaves the arrow from bow and that arrow penetrate the bulls body and enter deeply and explodes there. Due to the impact of that explosion, bull is badly hurts and fall some metres away on a stone and double sided sword removed from his mouth and falls behind it. That stone converted into powder on which that bull falls. This is because that arrow is one-time use arrow. Max is now very happy that he has almost killed that bull. That bull try to get up but he is not able to do this. Max stops everyone and tells them that he will take the last strike. Everyone agrees because Max used his one-time use plasma soul. Thats why everyone replied to Max to take the last strike. Max starts running towards that bull to kill him by his last strike. But suddenly a blue flash passes Max and hits that bulls wound and deeply enters into his heart and that bull finally died. Before Max, Evelyn and other can think anything, many smoke bombs falls on all field and whole grass field is covered with a thick layer of smoke.

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