Mega gene

A mysterious bag

Max ordered his members to bring fitness checker machine in the hall. After some minutes, fitness checker machine is brought there and Max ordered them to punch it with full power. Max tells Norman that those Archers whose fitness level is six or more than six will be separated to different sides and those whose fitness level is less than six is placed on other side. Norman arrange archers according to Maxs order. Everyone punches the ball and its time to punch is Mark. Mark knows that without using hyper Geno art his fitness level is below five. Norman says that punch this ball using your full power with the use of your hyper Geno art. Mark says that I haven learnt any hyper Geno art yet. Norman says that when you reached plasma sanctuary and how you can learnt any hyper Geno art. Mark says that I don know about plasma sanctuaries thats why I didn know about hyper Geno art. Thats why I didn learn it. Norman says ok now punch with your full power. Mark punches that ball with full power and the number flash on the screen is 4.6. Norman tell Mark to go towards low fitness level peoples. After that Max ordered to brought bow and arrows and ordered high fitness level peoples to fire at the aim which is there hundred meters away. Max knew that that thief is top class archer and he shoots from more than two hundred meters away. All tried but only six peoples accidentally hits it and Max ordered others to leave except those six. Mark enters in his room and teleport back into Alliance. Mark login into Dark web and he receives a text from Mr Robinson. This is the website that is related to plasma sanctuary and everything which happens in plasma sanctuary will be posted here. Mark open that site named DARE-DATE and make his account on it with the name of Mike420. When Mark enters in that site, the top trending news is that someone uses smoke grenade in plasma sanctuary and break the rules of using advance weapons in sanctuaries. All are searching that guy but noone found him yet. Elders himself coming towards FAMAS shelter to find that guy to kill him. After reading this article Mark thinks that he has to be careful and avoid the use of Three-horned lava bulls plasma soul. Next day Mark enters FAMAS shelter and heard that those six peoples were brutally beaten and there hands were broken. So that they cannot hunt again for a year. Mark reaches the hall and leaves FAMAS shelter. But when Mark reaches the exit door someone calls him. Mark turns back and sees towards the side from where sound comes. It was Brian Turner. Brian says that where are you going bro. Mark says that I am going for an easy hunt. Brian says that elders are coming into FAMAS shelter in search of that thief. Mark says that so what I do. Brian says that thats why they passed the order not to leave this shelter. Mark asks Brian that from where they come. Brian says that after claiming JADE shelter all elders leaves FAMAS shelter and gone to Jade shelter to claim more hunt there. Mark again asks that they are coming here only to find that guy. Brian says that they are also coming to make a plan about Divinity bout that will happens after three months. Mark asks that what type of plan. Brian says that in this shelter who comes on first place will receive a distorted class plasma soul and in globally all the top places are occupied by most powerful spirits. Mark then ask nothing and goes inside his room and stars practicing ”Diamond-flex ”. After a cycle Mark felt that his fitness level is increasing but his energy is drained. Mark drink some nutrition and thinks that I have to find a hyper Geno art that recover my energy quickly. After thinking this he again teleported back into alliance and search in that mysterious book. He found the fourth art that it is named as ”Healing and Healers ”. This art tells that you can heal yourself and others to within a second by using blood power. But before practice this art you have to learn another art called blood power. Mark sees that second art is blood power but it requires very high fitness level to practice. Thats why Mark decided to take some random art of the alliance. Mark login into Break hall and search a healing art. After some time he find a art named ”Energy burst ”. This art creates energy while fighting and any person who learnt this art never be tired but it can drain your all energy when you stops this art. Mark thinks some time and goes to Break hall in the city and buy this art. Mark knows that the the first art anyone buy here is free. After taking that art and its Geno solution he again back into his house and drink that solution he starts practicing ”Energy burst ”. After some time he felt that he is feeling more energetic but when he stops this art he is tired. Marc conclude that he can use that art for as long as he wants, but when he stops, he will get more tired. Mark teleported back into FAMAS shelter. As he comes out of the teleporter he hears a heavy knock on his door. Mark opens the door and sees that Brian Turner is hitting the door like dogs. Mark comes outside and ask him what happens. Why are you knocking my door like dogs? Brian Turner says that where were you. I was knocking your door for ten minutes. Mark says that he has gone to earth for some important work. Brian says that leave all this and come into hall because all elders arrived here and ordered all to gather in the room. Mark says ok and starts following Brian Turner. Mark reaches into hall and sees that some elders are sitting there and Max, Evelyn and others surrounding them from back. The man who sat in the middle is David Augustine. After that David Augustine stand up and says that we are here to tell something to you all.

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