Mega gene

Do or Die situation

David Augustine says that we are here to find that guy who used smoke bomb here and break the rules of plasma sanctuary. If anyone will tell me about that guy then he will be awarded by two distorted plasma soul and he/she will receive heavy discount on any purchase in alliance. For this I will give a special pass. Mark knew that no one can catch him because except Brian and some others no-one knows Mark. After this proposal everyone starts murmuring with each other. David Augustine knew that this proposal will create a greed in peoples of FAMAS shelter and that guy will be caught easily. But this plan doesn work and again everyone says that they don know anything about that guy. David Augustine finish the meeting and told that now you all go wherever you want. All leaves the hall and back to their work. One of the elders tell David Augustine that how you can do this sir. We have to find that guy because its hurt our reputation. David Augustine says that no it can hurt our reputation because we will kill him in Divinity bout which will be held here three months after. Another elder again says that if he will not come in Divinity bout. David Augustine says that if he had got the plasma soul of that bull then he will definitely come and if he had not got the plasma soul then he/she will be trapped in our new spies who will joined plasma sanctuary yesterday. They merge into normal peoples and get that guy. On the other side Mark teleported back into alliance and login into ”Dare-Date ” for some information about easy hunt nearby FAMAS shelter. After scrolling a minute Mark sees a post in which someone mentioned about a different creature that looks like a bag which is found near a desert which is present beside the Lotus mountain. Mark heard about that desert. This desert is only half kilometres in area thats why it is called half kilometre desert but the creatures found in it are too dangerous because they are mainly rock type worms. Next day Mark teleported into FAMAS shelter and goes towards that desert. Mark always wants a ride because he has to go by walk. Thats why he never goes too far. Mark reaches Lotus mountain in half a day and sees the place where double sided sword is buried. Mark confirm that no-one knows about this. After that he left Lotus mountain and goes towards half kilometre desert. After some time he reaches nearby that desert and hides in a bush. Mark sees around him and suddenly he sees a cat there. Mark observed that this cat is normal in size but its middle body is like a bag. Mark thinks that perhaps this is that creature I read in that article. Mark bring out his bow and arrow and aim it towards that cat and runs ”Diamond-flex ”. That cat stands at a place and sees towards that desert unknown of his death. Mark leaves the arrow from his bow and that arrow divide the head of that cat into two parts and that cat died within a second. After that a notification came on Marks power screen.

”Bag body Cat is hunted. You got its plasma soul. You can eat its flesh. ”

Mark is shocked because this cat has no any class. Mark check the status of that plasma soul.

”Bag body Cat plasma soul type is Bag ”.

Mark never heard about any bag type plasma soul. After that he calls his bag plasma soul and a bag appears in his hand which is same as the middle body of that cat. After thinking some time, Mark decided to check that anything can be transferred into his plasma sea of soul when he kept that things in that bag. Mark keep some stones in the bag and withdraw that bag into his plasma sea of soul. All the stones is also transferred into his plasma sea of soul. After that Mark calls only that stones and that stones appears in Marks hand. Mark is now so excited that he has got a unique plasma soul which has no any class. Suddenly a idea comes in his mind and he murmured to himself that he can kept that distorted gear into this bag and use it wherever he wants but carefully. After thinking this, Mark sees nearby so that he can find some other cats and gets a chance of another plasma soul but he didn find any other cat there. After some time Mark decided to left that place and he again walk towards Lotus mountain for that gear but in the middle suddenly a shadow jumps from a bush and attack on Mark and disappear. Mark sees that his chest is deeply scratched by a claw and starts blooding. Mark starts running his family hyper Geno art and it stops bleeding and Marks body is now very rigid. Mark again sees everywhere but he doesn find anyone there. Suddenly Mark felt that his back is also scratched. Mark turns back but he again found nobody there. Mark thinks that if he has to alive and catch who wants to kill him then he has to run towards open field because the place where Mark is attacked is a forest with heavy bushes everywhere. Mark cannot find him who is attacking on him. After thinking this Mark ran towards a open field and after some time he finally reached outside the bush forest and enters into Lotus mountain foot that is a grass land. Mark felt that he is deeply scratched many times when he was running. Mark bring out his dagger from his wraist and sees towards that bush forest that anyone comes outside to kill him. After some times, someone jumps from a bush and jump twenty metres away in front of Mark. After seeing him, Mark felt that the land is slided under his leg. Mark tells himself that how can it be here, according to my survey it cannot be here. How can my survey and assumptions be wrong?

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