(The episode opens with Melody and Kayden seeing something behind them)

(That something they saw was more agents, Kayden took them out with ice breath)

Melody: They really are weak.

(Melody opens the door, Kayden and Melody enters the door)

(Inside they see a giant ball glowing and inside is the exact thing Rayme described the Nomin)

Kayden: Mommy!

(The Nomins eyes open)

(A force pushed Melody back)

Kayden: Mom, no! (Points to Melody) Shes a good human.

Melody (tired): Yeah, but I do feel a tad woozy

A voice: Im sorry! I can smell your kindness

Kayden: Mom, you poisoned her.

A voice: She won die, actually her body is absorbing it.

(Kayden looks at Melody seeing energy coming through her body)

Kayden: Melody! Are you okay?

Melody: Something is wrong… I feel like my humanity is slipping

Kayden: What is wrong?

A voice: You learn to care.

(The nomin smiles)

Kayden: Mom, who hurt you.

A voice: A human society called Hydra.

Melody: Hydra (eyes started glowing)

(Everything starts to shake)

(The screen switches to Rayme and Kaite shooting at each other)

Rayme: Melody… I feel her somethings wrong (looks at Kaite)

Kaite: Truce, now go before I change my mind.

(Rayme runs)

Rayme (thought): Melody, please be okay.

(Rayme reaches the door to see Melody)

Rayme (looks at Kayden): What did you do?

Kayden: It wasn me.

Kaydens mother: That was me, my deepest apologies.

Rayme: Can you cure her?

Kaydens mother: Shes already healing herself.

(Melody turns into a monster who has curly hair, snake skin, wearing buttoned up black trench coat, black pants, snake tail)

Melody: Did my clothes change with my appearance?

Rayme: Thats what you pay attention to?

Melody: That is true, I shouldn

(A wave of energy comes from Melody and she passed out)

Rayme(with Melody in her arms): Melody! Melody! Melody!

Kayden: She is fine.

Kaydens mother: But, she won remember what happened to her or who she is.

Rayme: Hold it! What do you mean?

Melody: Sorry, Rayme, but please stay by my side.

Rayme: Wait! Why are you sorry?

S.H.I.E.L.D agents: Freeze!

Kaite: Sorry

Rayme: And you wonder why we didn date

Kaite: How cruel!

(Melodys eye become snake-like and attacks the agents)

Kaite (holding Melody off): Rayme, you
e just going to watch.

Rayme: Whats the magic word?

Kaite: (sighs) Please

(A tranquilizer hit Melodys neck and she passes out)

(Rayme freezes Kaydens mother)

Rayme (while dragging Melody): We
e leaving

Nick Fury: I don think so.

Rayme: Nick Fury, I shouldve known.

Nick Fury: Rayme, I thought I saw the last of you.

Rayme: Same, please let me through, I have a friend to stabilize and need (points to Kaydens mother) To do.

Kaite: Then, do it.

Rayme: (laughs) Im not a part of this team and Im not joining back.

Nick Fury: Then, I can arrest you for stealing.

Rayme: Fine, Ill do it here, but Im not joining back. Deal!

Nick Fury: Deal.

(The screen switches to Melody in the chamber now and hooking something to Kaydens mother, then Rayme examines them)

Rayme: Seems that the memory system is active, but something is stopping it from regaining the old memories, Ill have to put in new memories to replace the old memories.

Kaite: You sure, you can do that.

(Rayme gets out a potion and put a drop on Melodys tongue)

(Melody starts glowing and gets up)

Rayme: Melody

(Melody looks at Rayme, then looks with hungry)

Rayme: Melody?! (looks at Kaydens mother)

Kaydens mother: I told you, she wouldn remember you

(Rayme looks at Melody emotionally)

(Melody sniffs the air and disappears)

(Everybody looks shocked)

Rayme: Hurry, we must find her (unhooks Kaydens mother)

Kaydens mother: Okay, hop on

(Rayme gets on Kaydens mother back)

(Kaydens mother flies off)

(Kayden follows them)

Nick Fury: Kaite

Kaite: Yes

Nick Fury: You saw that look in her eyes before she disappeared

Kaite: Yeah, she is going to go on a killing spree.

(The screen switches to Rayme riding on Kaydens mother with Kayden)

(People are shown screaming and running)

(Kaydens mother dives down)

(They end up in in a butcher shop)

(Melody is draining people like a vampire)

(Some people lying under their blood)

(Rayme looks shocked along with Kayden)

Kaydens mother: I am sorry

Rayme: No time for that (gets off Kaydens mother back)

Rayme (slowly walks to Melody): Easy, Melody, come on, put the woman down.

(Melody hiss at Rayme, puts the woman down, and runs to Rayme)

(Rayme dodges Melodys attack)

Rayme: Melody! Please stop, I don want to hurt you

(Melodys hands glowed)

(A strong wind blew Rayme out of the shop and made her hit her a lamppost)

(Melody runs at super speed on all fours to Rayme)

Rayme: I am sorry (gets out a whip)

(Melody stops and looks at Rayme)

Rayme: Why aren you attacking?

A voice: Because she still has a brain and can tell that is a weapon.

(Rayme sees Kaite)

Rayme: Why are you here?

Kaite: To help the citizens, she is attacking

(Melody disappears)

(Kaite and Rayme looks around)

Rayme: Where did she go?

(Kayden and his mother appear)

Kayden: Kaite, look out

(Kaite turns around to see Melody)

(Melody bite Kaites neck)

(Rayme hits Melody with the electric whip)

(Melody gets off Kaite)

(Kaites neck is cut with blood coming out and nearly passes out)

(Melody looks at Kayden)

(Kayden comes down to Kaite)

Kayden: Its okay (taps Kaites neck)

(Kaites neck is healed)

Kaite: Thank you

Kayden: You should rest

Kaite: I don have much choose

(Melody disappeared again)

Rayme (looking at Kaydens mother): Where did she go?

Kaydens mother: She isn around

(Rayme looks hurt and starts crying)

(Kaite hugs Rayme)

(Kayden is by Kaite and Rayme)

(Episode ends)

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