(The episode opens with Melody attacking People one by one)

(People hiding and looking terrified)

A woman: Can anybody help? Where are heroes, when you need them?

(Melody is taken away)

(The screen shows outside)

(Rayme is riding on Kaydens mother with Kayden following them)

(A flashback is shown Kaite being taken by an ambulance)

Rayme: I am sorry that this happened to you

Kaite: Girl, I am fine, just a little woozy

Rayme: Feel better

Kaite: I will

(The screen shows Three people surrounding Melody)

Kaydens mother: I forgot to mention my name is Auta.

(Auta is flying down to the people)

(The people is holding Melody)

(The people is revealed to be a girl who has long purple hair, mouse ears, purple jumpsuit with spots, mouse tail named Mouse girl/Janice)

(Fauna/Fox girl is revealed to be a girl who has silver hair, wearing a red/orange jumpsuit, fox tail, fox ears)

(Jayden has long black hair in a ponytail, wearing a white dress, bunny tail, white gloves, bunny ears, and white boots; she is the last one revealed)

(Melody ripped the ropes)

(Fauna disappears)

(Jayden gives Melody a bunny kick)

(Melody lands on the ground, growls, and starts attacking)

(Fauna reappears with a flute, the flute releases a bunch of darts)

(Melody slices the darts with her tail)

(Janice and Melody fighting each other at super speed)

(Auta lands)

(Rayme gets off Autas back)

Rayme: Fauna, its been a while

Fauna: Very true, you aren going back to them?

Rayme: Absolutely not

Jayden: What a relief (ducks)

(Janice was thrown on top of Fauna)

(Melody hisses and tries attack Rayme)

(Rayme gets out two big rings and throws them at Melody)

(Melody dodges the rings)

(The rings come back and attaches to Melodys leg and arms)

(Melody struggles)

(A dart hits Melodys neck)

(Melody passes out)

Rayme: Don worry, Melody, you will be healed

Fauna: Janice

(Janice takes feather out of her tail and turns into a bracelet)

(Rayme looks happy and hugs Janice)

Janice (looking shocked): You gave me a hug

(Auta puts Melody on her back)

Rayme: Thank you, alot (puts the bracelet on Melodys wrist)

(Rayme gets on Autas back)

Jayden: I hope we can meet again

Rayme: We might, if you visit my lab

Fauna: Bet

(The screen switches to Melody slowly opens her yes and sees she is strapped against a table)

Rayme: I am sorry, Melody, but I wasn 100% sure

(Melody looks at Rayme, struggles, and has soulless eyes)

Rayme (looking sad): You don remember me and your human side isn back.

(Melody still looks bloodthirsty)

Kayden: Mom, can we heal her?

Auta: Unfortunately no, only human emotions will be able to help her.

Rayme (looking at Auta): You mean me?

Auta: Of course, you have feelings for her

Rayme (blushes): You mean love is what can bring her back?

Auta: And somebody she is close to.

Rayme: Fair enough (touches Melodys hand)

A voice: Hello

(Rayme and Kayden looks surprised)

Rayme: Melody, is that you?

A voice: Rayme, thank goodness, I was able to send this message

Rayme: What is wrong?

A voice: I can escape, so I need your help

Rayme: You
e trapped in your own brain.

A voice: I am

Rayme: I will help, what do I need to do?

A voice: You have to shock the monster out of me

(Rayme blushes, walks to Melody, and kisses her on her lips)

(Melody looks shocked)

(Rayme backs up)

(A green mist turns into a clover that lands in Melodys hair)

(Melodys eyes turn back to normal)

Melody (strapped to the table): Im back

Rayme: Great, Ill scan you, then let you go

Melody: No!

Rayme (confused): What?

Melody: No, please don free me, I mean I am glad I have a mind, but I want you to keep me like this

Auta: I will not understand humans

Melody: I am asking this because I don trust myself

Rayme (disappointed): But

Melody: I am sorry, I know you did this because you love me, but I can have myself go

Kayden: So, you will stay like this

Melody: Well, I might have to use the bathroom, but I want somebody to follow me

Auta: Ill do that, I know how sensitive, you humans are about which sex follows them

Melody (awkward): Thank you

Rayme: But, why?

Melody: Trust me

(Rayme gives up)

Melody: But, I wouldn mind a kiss

(Rayme kisses Melody on the lip)

(Episode ends)

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