Melody the series

Season 1 episode 3

(The episode opens with Melody chained up)

(Rayme brings a breakfast to Melody)

Melody: Please stop, I know that you want me to explore my powers, but I can do that

Rayme: But, you can have any fun like this, we can do any experiments, and

What about your mom?

Melody (emotional): My mom

(A flashback forms of Melody killing a woman)

(Flashback ends)

(Tears come down Melodys eyes and the ground shake, test tubes break)

(Rayme grabs a laser gun and freezes the test tubes)

Rayme (concerned): Whats going on? You didn

(Melody turned from Rayme and crying)

(Rayme looked shocked, puts her gun down, and puts her hand on Melodys shoulder)

(The screen switches to Janice and Fauna doing karate)

Janice (sang): So, do you want to meet Melody?

Fauna: Maybe, but we should call first

Janice (sang): We (pushes Fauna) can do that on the way

(They turn into a shadow)

(The screen shows Janice and Fauna appearing by Raymes building)

(Rayme opens the door and closes it)

Rayme (messy hair): You couldn came at a worse time, Melody is going through a crisis, like killed your mom accidentally crisis

(Fauna and Janice looked shocked)

Rayme (messy hair): Yeah, so come next week

Fauna: Wait, maybe we could help you

Janice: Yeah

Rayme (messy hair): I don know

Melody (telepathically): Its okay

Rayme: Then, come in

(Rayme opens the door, Janice and Fauna enters the lab)

(Melody covered in chains head to toe, only her body shape is shown, but not much of her body)

Rayme (scared): Melody! What are you doing?

Janice (concerned): Can she breathe in that?

Melody: Yes

Fauna: What are you doing?

Melody: Trying to see how uncomfortable I feel like in this

Janice and Fauna: (looks at each other) (looks at Melody) And?

Melody: I still hate tight spaces, so yeah

Rayme: Melody, I want to help you, but as a scientist you are acting very illogical

Melody: Im too dangerous to be around, my craving for blood hasn completely disappeared, I could still attack people without any control

Rayme: That doesn mean you have to isolate yourself from me, after all we…we (blushes)

Janice: Fauna, maybe we should go, this sounds like a private conversation

Fauna: Good idea

(Fauna takes Janices hand and turns into a shadow and leaves the lab)

Rayme: Thanks

Melody: Rayme, I know you care

(The screen shows Melody in the chains)

Melody: But right now I feel scared and I don think anything can get rid of this feeling, because I am scared of me and who these powers could turn me into or what (crying)

Rayme: I won let anything happen besides logically your powers are controlled by your emotions, which means as long as you stay in control of that, you have nothing to worry about because I will keep you calm

(Its silent for a moment)

(Melodys hand is out and Rayme touched it)

(Melody says something with no sound coming out)

(Rayme smiles and talks back)

(The screen switches to a blurry screen showing Monster Melody killing people with red eyes)

(Monster Melody looks at the screen)

Monster Melody (demonic voice): You haven gotten rid of me

(Melody is shown falling and lands on the ground; looks up and sees Monster Melody)

Melody (backs up): What do you want?

Monster Melody: For you to acknowledge me and let me out

Melody (scared): Never

Monster Melody: But, I make you stronger

Melody (angry): Stronger?! You made me kill innocent people and even my own mother, you didn make me stronger, you made me into a monster, no one will ever trust me.

Monster Melody: But, you can get rid of any enemies with an iron fist and who cares if you aren liked or I guess you could forever scared

Melody: (sighs) fine

Janice: Is she going to be okay?

Rayme: Her brain waves are good

Fauna: And so is her heart beat

(Melody wakes up)

(Rayme looks relieved)

(Janice and Fauna smile)

(The episode ends)

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