Miracles and Chaos

A Mother\'s Love And Sacrifice

Lets go back in time for the final time. 14 years ago,

This was a prosperous human city. Maron city was its name. Today Maron city was in a festive mood. It was because the city lords wives were in labor and today they would give birth. It was an auspicious day.

What was miraculous was, the city lords two wives somehow got pregnant together and now were also going to give birth together. Of course this was a happy occasion for the city lord and the madams. The city lord had been all smiles these past 9 months.

”Damn those troublemakers. Just because I announced city-wide celebrations, they started rousing up troubles, my babies are going to be born and here I am dealing with such bullshit. ” a man in his prime thirties walked along a hall muttering complaints endlessly. He had thick eyebrows, forehead covered in creases and black eyes.

Since a city-wide festival was declared, some trouble makers started to instigate troubles. So he had to leave his wives to deal with them. Now he was rushing back to attend to his wives.

He had arranged plenty of nurses and doctors in his house so that his wives would have no problem in giving birth even if he wasn there. But he wanted to be present at that time to give them comfort.

Suddenly he heard two high-pitched sounds resonate in the air. Those sounds were like heavenly music to him and also carried an impulse that ordered his body to rush there ignoring everything. And that was what he did.

A grown up man in his thirties rushed to that source like a bull. Bystanders would find this scene pretty odd but he couldn care less about his image. And so he arrived at the door where both of his wives were inside. Two cries kept ringing out from inside.

He grabbed the doorknob to open it. To his astonishment he found that he could not open the door. No, it was not because the door was locked. It was because his hands were trembling. He couldn muster strength in his hand. He who had weaved through hundreds of wars but now could not muster enough strength to turn a doorknob. It was indeed ridiculous. Taking a deep breath he twisted the knob and entered.

There was lots of equipment and lots of people in the well lit room. But none of them entered his eyes. His eyes were glued to the two women and the children they held in their arms.

There were two beds one beside another, and two women were now sitting reclining upon the bed stand with a baby in their hands.

The woman on the left bed was the first wife of the city lord and looked to be in her thirties. She had black hair, which now looked a little weary. Her skin was pale and it spoke about the great struggle she had gone through, but her mouth was smiling and her eyes radiated happiness like no other.

The baby she held looked quite similar to her yet a little different. The baby had eyes and hair similar to her mother, balck. But its face resembled its father more.

The woman on the right bed was more unique. She had white hair that was once shiny like paint, but now it was pale and fell onto the gray side. Her face, unlike the other wifes, did not look as pale. She seemed to be in her twenties and radiated with youthful vigor. Her eyes and her mouth that was curved up spoke of how happy she was as she looked at the baby in her arms.

The baby in her arms looked quite similar to her. The baby had little bits of white hair at its head, white eyebrows and a healthy look. But its facial structure was similar to the fathers.

When both the women saw their husband rushing in, they smiled at him showing their babies. This was the result of their love.

He came in between their beds and had both of his children given to him. He smiled with pride and happiness.

”Congratulations, city lord, you are now father of two sons. Both of them are healthy, and maybe a miracle but both of them look the same, just like twins. ”, a rough, elderly voice came from a woman who was wearing white clothes. She was the head wet nurse and was in charge of the madams child birth.

He looked at the children in his arms. There was a little difference between their hair color, aside from that no distinct differences could be noticed in their facial structure.

It was indeed a miracle. Even though they were born of different mothers, they looked exactly the same, just like twins. But it did not matter to him. They were his child, his pride.

Maybe God envied the happiness shown in this room, the door of this room was banged heavily, ”Lord, lord ” sound came from outside. ”The Alphans are attacking ”

Hearing the name of Alphans, the city lords and the madams face turned pale. With an ashen expression the city lord could only still his heart. He had to safeguard his children and block the enemies.

”You guys take your children and run away to different directions. Take all the money you have. ”

”I am not going anywhere. I will fight with you. Don forget my identity ”, the first wife protested, her eyes filled with the will to fight. She was trained as a fighter so she could fight alongside her husband.

The second wife however did not protest, she just stared down at her hand at a loss. The first wife looked at the second wife and said with a little comforting voice, ”I know I am being selfish, but please take my and your child, no, please take your children away from here. And if you can, please forgive me. ”

”Sister, I- ” she couldn finish her sentence. The city lord gave the second wife the two children in her hands and then implored to her with a face worse than crying, ”Please escape ”

There was nothing she could do, her children came first. She accepted silently. She then escaped with a faithful maidservant with her.

She took all the money she could get, wore a black robe around her and left with a servant. Then went away, from the city to a far, far land. Or that was her intention.

2 days later in her escape route, she was intercepted because of the servants betrayal. It was unbelievable, but her servant had betrayed her and handed one child that the servant was carrying to the enemy. Now she was all alone and was carrying only one child, the elder son. The younger son, her own child, had been given to the enemy. It was heart breaking, but she could only accept and move on for the safety of her other son.

It had been less than an hour since she escaped from the predicament. She had used all her wits and strength to escape from the situation. But now, she was exhausted and so she chose a route that she would never have considered before.

She was going to go through the Snowland. This place would be filled with snow all year round but beyond the Snowland was a great prairie with a huge country. She planned to go there by crossing the Snowland. It would be hard, but she had to do it. The ones chasing her would certainly not think of her heading into the Snowland.

She threw away the black robe she had worn. Because a black robe would look too eye-catching in this snow white land. Now she only had a white dress that she had worn during her childbirth. She felt cold but she couldn falter. With the child wrapped in a blanket, she kept him inside her clothes to shelter him from all the harshness of the world. With her hair also being white, along with her white clothes, she made a perfect camouflage in this snowy white land. Slowly she disappeared into the white.

4 hours later.

Her eyes now held despair. Because right now, in front of her stood a man wearing pure black clothes, with a baby in his arms. This was precisely her own child, the child with white hair. Her eyes certainly did not hold happiness seeing her own blood. Because as the situation said, now her and her children would not have a future to speak of.

The man seemed to have fun watching her despairing face, he said with a mocking smile, ”Are you wondering why I was able to track you? Its because that servant actually placed a mark on that child in your arms that I can track. ”

However! Suddenly, the man turned his head back in surprise to see a sword that was going to strike him in his stomach. There was no problem. He could block it and then he would kill whoever held that sword. He held the baby in one hand, so he used the other hand to hold a sword and parry the other sword that was coming for his region.


He realized that another sword was rushing right at his throat. There was one sword at his back, one at front. He only had one sword he could use to block and couldn decide which one to block. Unfortunately, this moment of hesitation cost him. Two swords cleaved him into two without him being able to block. The sword coming from his back sliced through his entire stomach and the sword at the front sliced his enter neck. He was divided into three pieces.

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