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If you see some ellipses (…) after a sentence, that means the next scene is a flashback.

Ginny hates confrontation, especially if shes the one making the first move. Her quiet life was ruined when the infamous campus Princess Persephone Campbell had taken a liking of her after that tragic night.

She didn want to attract any attention. She doesn fancy it in the slightest — even if the person giving it is no other than, Percy Campbell.

She knows well that the girl is out of her league. And also she doesn want to be involved with someone romantically either.

Percy should be with someone similar to her social status. Take Ariel James as an example.

Ginny always envisions the two would look good together romantically. Though, shes not certain what Percys sexual preference is. She never dated anyone.

But one thing is for sure, shes confident that these two just need a little push then the rest is history.

Ginny would love to play cupid for the two of them, but everything was wrecked because of an accidental one-night stand.

Being the smart cookie she is (or not after what happened,) she doesn want to dwell on it and would just rather bury it deep inside her brain — more specifically, in the chamber of embarrassment, silently wishing it would never see the light of dawn ever again. Whats more important now is how she can escape from Percy and erase her existence from her life.

But that sounds utterly impossible after the photo shenanigans the other day. Percy announced that she was dating Ginny Green. Ginny found herself knocking her head on one of the lockers the other day, suddenly wanting to disappear forever. Some passersby were looking at her like shed lost her mind.

Now, avoiding her would be futile since her name had been announced as Percys ”mystery ” girlfriend throughout the campus. Though, the word mystery doesn seem to fit her since it seems like everybody knows who Ginny Green is.

”Yknow, brunette, thick nerdy glasses, baggy clothes, anti-social. ”

That was how Maksim, the exchange student from Russia, described her. He almost got it all, except the last one.

Ginny doesn like being misjudged. So being quite the combative person she was, she confronted Maksim by saying — ”Im not anti-social, just selectively social. Theres a difference. ”

Maksim took her confrontation as a sign of aggression. Whenever they meet in the hallway, Maksim just silently glares at her. Ginny being Ginny, was unbothered by it. She doesn want to waste her time explaining things to people about how stupid they are.

Now, back to Percy.

It was so rude to do such a thing. She didn even agree that they would date. Then, Percy just straight up declares that without her consent.

Typical Percy Campbell. She mused.

She forced herself to collect the remaining pieces of her dignity to confront the latter.

”I didn agree with this. ”

Came Ginnys first statement to Percy, after three days of avoiding her throughout the campus. Percy was in the middle of the hallway, stuffing some things into her locker.

”What do you mean? ” She faced Ginny, looking oblivious, but with a trace of mischievousness on her gorgeous face.

Ginny believed that Percys beauty had the power to make people speechless. Not to sound dramatic, but it is without a doubt. But Ginny is not like anybody else. Percy doesn faze her.

”Not because something happened between us doesn mean we need to date. ” She simply states matter-of-factly.

Percy just stared at her, seemingly, subtly judging her, ”Thats quite new. I always deemed you to be the old-fashioned one, but I guess Im wrong. ”

”What do you mean? ”

”And isn it obvious for two people — who had sex to be responsible for one another? ” Percy said the words like it was the most obvious thing, ”You were the one who kissed me, and you
e saying you don want to take responsibility? ” Percy matched her gaze, a hint of playfulness glimmering in her eyes.

Did I really kiss her? Ginny ponders, utterly shocked by the information, mentally slapping herself in between. She composes herself, subtly unfazed.

”Its just that — I can remember anything that night… and Im so sorry if I did that. ”

Percy was silent for a while, staring profoundly at her like a predator waiting to pound her prey.

”Green, do you like someone? ” She asked gradually.

Ginny ponders the sudden question. She couldn fathom why she asked such a random thing.

Is this some kind of trickery? She thinks yet again, carefully analyzing her opponent.

”No. I don like anyone. ” She honestly replied. She matched Percys intense gaze, not breaking eye contact.

She doesn want to pretend that she likes someone because lying can only lead to misunderstandings. What she wanted to express to Percy was just simple, she doesn want to be in a relationship, and she must respect that.

”Great. So do I. ”

Ginny was waiting if she was going to say something rational — like breaking their recent predicament or announcing her as her girlfriend to everyone was a mistake. Ginny urged her to say more.

”I don like anyone either, so we can date. ” Came Percys simple reply.

There was no sign that Percy was backing down from her decision. She already said what needed to be said, but it seemed like Percy acted like she didn hear anything.

Before she could argue further, Percy gingerly closed their gap.

”I miss you. You disappeared without saying goodbye. I was disappointed because I cooked breakfast for you. ” She pouted.

It was adorable, Ginny admits mentally.

Percy is gorgeous. And this gorgeous woman is wooing her. Some people might just melt and propose to her at the drop of the hat, but Ginny doesn feel anything. Shes immune to the girls charm.

”Would you like to have lunch with me later? ” She reached out and intertwined their hands, gently caressing the back of her hand with her thumb while the other one was fixing her bangs.

Ginny was taken aback due to the bold action. She never thought Percy would be this affectionate, especially in public places. A bunch of people were looking at them.

Great. Now, people are going to believe that they
e an item.

Lets just say Ginny is just being nice, thats why shes doing this. Percy guilts her for leaving without trying her food. But she never asked Percy to do those things. Ginny could only sighed. Its really hard to say ”no ” to people.

Her initial plan was to have lunch with her just once, then after that, shell go incognito for the rest of her university days.

”What do you wanna eat? My treat. ” They
e now sitting in a restaurant just near their university.

”Oh, let me- ”

”No, I insist. ” Percy took the menu and scanned it.

Ginny blinked blamelessly. Percy wants to buy her lunch, but it should be the other way around since she felt a bit guilty the other day.

She doesn want to argue with that anymore. Since Percy insisted, she just nods.

Once this is finished, everything will be back to normal.

They ordered their respective meals and waited for them to be served.

”Thank you… ” She shyly utters.

”My pleasure. ” Percy beams.

She doesn understand why the latter doesn stop smiling while looking at her. She doesn want to sound overly dramatic yet again, but anyone could fall for that smile, anyone but her.

Ginny doesn like initiating small talk so she averted her eyes from the latter. As she was observing the people outside, a scene caught her attention. Ginny let out a tired sigh.

e doing it again…

Shed seen the ups and downs of Ashley and Jennys relationship, and she was sad to conclude that their relationship is nearing an end. Now, the couple is arguing again just around the corner near the restaurant they
e at.

”Friend of yours? ”

”No. ”

”They seem to be fighting. ”

”Theyd been doing that for days now, and Ive had enough of it. ”

”Sounds like you
e stalking them. ”

She narrowed her eyes in a disagreeable manner, ”Im not stalking them, they
e in my line of view thats why, and they always quarrel in public places like this. ”

She hums, ”Probably the issue is much more complicated. ” And shrugs.

”If they
e just gonna end up like that, they should break up. I think its better for both of them. ” She muses in a bored manner.

”Breakups are not always the solution in everything, Ginny. ”

”Trust me it is. Its gonna save people from getting attached more than mending a broken relationship. ”

”Theres no such thing as a perfect relationship, thats the reason people try to fix things. ”

That is true, Ginny doesn beg to differ. Theres no such thing as a perfect relationship. It only exists in movies and books. Thats why being in a relationship is too bothersome.

”Why? ” She unconsciously muses, ”Why do some people try to mend things that have already been damaged… ”

It was a statement. A statement because she wasn really looking for an answer because she already knew what it was.

Percy just smiles, ”Its because you love the person. ”

It was a simple answer, yet she felt no satisfaction and rationale from such words.

Love. Of course, its always been the answer — A simple explanation for an unfathomable question. Ginny can fathom whats so good about having a flawed relationship.

Her lunch with Percy was a bit short, much to her liking. Percy has a class to attend, but she never fails to show her discontentment about that matter, pouting and looking at Ginny with puppy eyes, saying that shed rather spend time with her.

It wasn the usual get-to-know-each-other setup, more like they were debating about Ashley and Jennys relationship.

”See. I told you theyll make up. ”

Ginny looks at the two, hugging each other tightly, both smiling and crying at the same time. Ginny didn say anything. She stared at Percy, then shrugged the thought. That still doesn change her perspective though.

What was supposed to be a one-time thing turned out to be like a daily scenario.

Ginny wasn shocked when she saw Percy, back facing a wall, waiting for her class to finish. She didn give the latter information about her schedule. Thats why lying to her from the very beginning was never an option because the girl knows how to obtain the truth.

Well, it wasn like this before. Percy didn start doing this after the incident yesterday…

Ginny was annoyed because Natalie ate the gummies shed been storing in her locker. Its not that she doesn want to share it — its just so happened that her best friend is a glutton and ate the whole pack of it.

While in the middle of grumbling her curses, she received a text from the so-called little devil, saying that shell replace them.

Oh, you better be.

Before she could respond to Natalies text, a loud voice startled her from afar.

”Ginger Green! ” Called by an unknown girl, marching, fuming, walking towards her.

”How did you manage to seduce Percy? ”

All eyes are on them. Why does she feel like shes in some sort of a rom-com drama series?

”I didn seduce her. ” Came her simple reply, closing her locker with such displeasure.

”So are you saying that the picture was fake? And Percy was lying? ”

Ginny doesn understand this girls logic. She knows well that she doesn need to fuel the rumors swirling around about Percy Campbell and her. But shes annoyed because Natalie ate her gummies, shes late for her Bio class, and this person is pissing her more.

”Why do you sound so jealous? Are you her girlfriend? ”

”I—No, I was just curious. ” The girl was taken aback, she didn probably expect that the latter would fight back.

Honestly, Ginny despises nonsensical confrontation, and couldn care less about it. It just so happened that this girl barged in at the wrong time.

”Curious? Well, your face doesn say it at all. ” She mutters uninterested. ”So what if I happen to seduce her then? ”

”Huh? ”

”So what if I happened to seduce Percy, whats it to you, anyway? ”

The girl scoffed and rolled her eyes at her, ”Whore. ”

How dare this person make such comments about her.

”Are you talking about yourself? ” She answers in a deadpan tone, ”Look, Miss, I don know who you are and I doubt Percy knows you exist either. So why don you just leave me alone before I break your nose in half, hm? ”

”You bitch! ” She fumes. Ginny knows the person is soon to smack the crap out of her. Shes going to stand her ground. Shes not gonna walk out of here without putting up a fight.

”What do you think you
e doing? ”

She felt a hand on her shoulder, and soon Ginny realized that Percy hooked an arm on her in a securing manner.

”Percy we— ”

”Apologize. ”

”What— ”

”I don wanna hear your nonsensical explanation. Apologize to Ginny right now. ”

And thats what happened yesterday.

Its been days since Percy kept on attracting and distracting attention, and its been days since Ginny kept on ignoring the embarrassment she was feeling from her classmates.

After that incident, Percy started walking her to her classes and they started eating lunch together.

”Ginny. Lunch? ” All eyes are on them. She doesn want to attract any more attention so she just nods in response.

”Can I hold your hand? ”

For the past few days, Percy has been like this — invading her personal space. Percy likes to intertwine their hands when they
e walking, whether it be in the cafeteria, the hallway, or walking Ginny to her classes.

Ginny didn know how it all began, but the latter assured her that this is just a way to stop people from attacking her out of nowhere.

She refuses at first, saying that she can take care of herself alone, but the girl was so persistent and straightforward.

She doubted Percys confession of unrequited love, but that soon vanished when…

”Ginny, I would like to court you, and Im serious about that. ”

She recalled Percys words the other day.

If she proposed to someone else, she might get a positive reply — just not to her. Ginny is not the same as those people. Percy is just wasting her time.

”Percy, I can give you what you want. Its not gonna happen. ”

Percy was the reason why she was stuck in this position. She was still annoyed by that fact, and it seems like the latter doesn have any desire to leave her alone.

”I know, youll say that… ” She smiled a bit, ”But, I wanna try, at least. ”

After those words, Percy continued her courting the next day.

Before she could utter her refusal, Percy held her hand and smiled at her yet again, blue eyes flickering with such tenderness — but Ginny didn feel anything.

”Lets go. ”

One thing that people say about Percy Campbell is — she has a bit of an overbearing personality due to her high social status. She also likes to abuse her power to some extent, so no one dares to defy her in some sort of way. A typical Queen Bee in a chick flick movie, as cliché as it could be.

Those were the rumors.

But Ginny is not the kind of person who listens to baseless rumors. Shed rather look for the answer first before she makes her judgment.

Percy is very affectionate. Shes also attentive and very caring which is something she never expected. She seems to be the perfect example of ”The Perfect Girlfriend ” anyone would want.

Percy likes to pamper Ginny with all love and affection. That all means — threatening all the guys and girls who were trying to get into her pants. Ginny knows well that those people are just curious about how and why Percy chose her, so she never really tried to entertain anyone of them.

That curiosity soon led to jealousy and hatred. But those people who were jealous of her for being Percys ”girlfriend ” didn have the chance to harass her since Percy blocked them almost immediately. And not a single strand of her hair was touched.

Ginny was overwhelmed. The last thing she didn want to experience was being squashed by hundreds of people obsessed with Percy Campbell for being her girlfriend. She was more than pleased when Percy told her that shell never allow anyone to hurt her in any sort of way.

It was flattering and heartwarming at the same time. Some parts of her felt at peace when she was with Percy. These things led her to ponder more. Spending time with Percy doesn seem that bad. Maybe if Percy would just drop the courting part, they could become good friends.

Ginnys impression of Percy is the typical cold-hearted protagonist in a chick flick movie, but deep inside shes soft and the type of person who turns mushy, sweet, and gentle when in love, and goes extremely mad and cute when jealous. She was indeed right. She knows well because shed seen a lot of people like her.

She had met one of Percys friends the other day, and it was something shed never expected to happen…

”Oh, who do we got here? ” A short-haired girl greeted her. ”Percy got a girlfriend. ”

”No, we are n— ”

”Whats your name? ”

”Ginny. Percy and I— ”

”How old are you? You look like a kid. ”

”Im 20, Im not a kid. You
e being rude right now. ”

”Feisty. I love her already, P. ” She grins in amusement. ”You weren lying, she looks cute though. ”

”Chill, P. ” Percy immediately snakes an arm on Ginnys waist in a possessive manner.

”Im not gonna take her from you — well unless she wants me to. ” Percy tightens her hold. Ginny was still processing the bold action, feeling trapped inside.

Ginny was at a loss for words. Not just because she failed to explain her side that she and Percy were not a thing, but also the fact that this person flirted with her, in front of Percy irks her the most.

In every chick flick movie, theres always a troublemaker thatll annoy and constantly mess with everyone around. She can feel the trouble radiating from this person, and Ginny knows better than not to be close to this one.

”Too bad, shes taken. ” Percy glared.

”Geez. Alright, Ill stop. Im Raegan by the way. One of Percys friends. ” She directed her attention to a confused Ginny. ”My offer is still open. Call me if you change your mind. ” She winks.

Theres no freaking way shell call this person. Ginny mentally noted that she doesn like Raegan any bit. When Raegan was out of sight, Percy loosened the grip on her waist.

”Im sorry… ” The latter apologized for her action. Ginny just nodded like it didn bother her much. ”Ginny… if youll ever take Raegans offer, let me know, please… ”

”Id rather die. ” She scoffed in disbelief. ”Compared to you she seems insufferable. ”

”Are you saying you like my company more? ” The grin on Percys lips is radiating.

”Don get ahead of yourself. ” Ginny averted her gaze, not in the mood to justify herself.

Ginny lets out a bunch of fake laughs and coughs, here and there, when Raegan asks whos the top. She wishes the ground would just swallow her whole due to embarrassment.

Why is she eating lunch with Percy again? Well, blame her cheapskate personality that can resist free food, and Ginny doesn like refusing either. Shes not justifying herself. Seriously, shes not.

”Aw, Green is getting shy. ” She doesn like Raegan and itll never change, especially since the latter likes teasing her whenever she sees her.

Natalie snorted from her side and commented, ”Ginny? Shy? Id never thought Id see that coming. ”

She does understand why Natalie is here since shes part of the popular kids. What she doesn understand is why a normal student like her was sitting with the popular people. She hates attention, yet shes the one getting all the attention from these people.

”Remind me again, why are you two here? ”

They were in the cafeteria sitting at the popular peoples table, as cliché as it sounds.

”What do you mean? Im here to eat lunch with my best friend! ”

Ginny rolled her eyes. Her best friend was showing her fake-sweet side yet again and that doesn mean Natalie will get a free pass from eating her gummies.

”You still owe me a pack of gummies. ” She glared at her, ”Also, Im capable of having feelings, stop assuming that Im some sort of a heartless being. ”

”Yea, heartless when it comes to love~ ” She utters in a singsong tone.

She cringed and glared at Natalie.

”Its a good thing Percy has you on a leash already. ”

Right. She hasn told Natalie about whats really happening between Percy and her. Ginny mentally notes that shell tell her later.

”Do those feelings involve sexy time with Percy too? ” Raegan, with her oh-so-annoying presence, wiggles her brows teasingly, joining Natalie in the teasing. Oh, how Ginny wanted to smack the perverted grin on their faces so badly.

Sexy time. An image of a topless Percy from their one-night stand flickers in her mind which she then immediately scratches, mentally slapping herself to get back to reality.

These two are insufferable. She internally groans.

”No, we
e not — shes not — ” Ginny fumbled, the image of a topless Percy came back in a flicker.

These two frustrate her. As she was about to explain herself for the nth time, the hiccups stopped her from doing so, ”I—**hiccup** ”

This dang hiccups. She mentally curses.

”**hiccup**Percy and**hiccup** I**hiccup**are not **hiccup** **hiccup** ”

”Ginny constantly hiccups if she feels stressed out, ” Natalie answered Raegan and Percys questions in mind.

”Here. ” Percy hands her bottled water. ”Are you okay? ” She rubs the latters back gently, looking concerned.

Percy felt bad. It was amusing to watch Ginny get flushed from the teasing but she knows she can continue the lies she started from their friends, thats why she chose to tell them—

e not together. ”

Ginny was a bit taken aback that Percy was the one who cleared the misunderstandings.

The two were in disbelief, ”Then, what about the picture— ” It was Raegan who asked.

”Im courting her. ” She looks at Ginny who was silently hiccupping, and smiles softly, then looks back at them.

Ginny deems that anyone could fall in love with this person, and she kinda hates why her heart doesn flutter even a bit with that confession.

”So its like the other way around — Ginny has you on the leash instead. ” Came the latters tease yet again.

Raegans teasing stops after Percy gave her the death glares, making her mutter an apology.

Ginny tries a lot not to remind herself and Percy about that night. Percy hadn kissed her sober, so far, nor touched any appropriate area of her body. Some of the most intimate things shed ever experienced from Percy were the constant hand-holding, the kisses on her temple, and the way she caresses and mends her hair. Thats it, and she was extremely thankful for.

Ginny is not into skinship that much. She doesn hate it, though she doesn like initiating it either. Its baffling why she lets Percy touch her like its the normal thing. Its completely baffling indeed.

”Surely, Im the top, ” Percy whispers in her ears, making sure that it is only meant for her to hear, ”But Ill let us switch if you want. ” Ginny was left dumbfounded, caught in a series of painful and annoying hiccups after their lunch.

Ginny didn go to school the other day because the chances of not meeting Percy are nonexistent. She feels like shes losing the purpose of her plan, so she needs a break from everything.

She knows she can avoid her forever. So she was thinking of some options on how to change Percys mind. Sounds utterly impossible, but she gotta try at least.

Since she brought this to herself. Her initial plan was to play cupid at this upcoming party at Raegans house. Persephone Campbell and Ariel James should get together. That was the plan…

”Why are you trying to set me up with other people? ”

Ginny feigns ignorance and lets out a nervous laugh. They were now standing awkwardly in a parking lot near Raegans house. The mood was heavy, which Ginny dislikes a lot, but it was inevitable, her indifference about their situation must need to be voiced out.

This need to end.

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