Miss Not so Typical Consider me Humored (GL)

Ch 6: A Not so Typical Attraction II


If you see some ellipses (…) after a sentence, that means the next scene is a flashback.

Ginny is such a sucker for love confessions, especially young love. Theres just something so innocent, yet so excitingly cliche throughout the process of it. She always feels hopeless whenever she watches some of her favorite rom-com movies or reads some of those cliche romance novels that she always pulls an all-nighter just to finish.

Hopelessly hopeless, thats what she is. Hopeless that shes living in reality, that every word, scene, and characters were all just a product of ones minds imagination. Totally such a bummer for a non-believer of love like her. What an irony. Such a big irony that she doesn fancy such a thing for herself.

Ginny only likes the concept of falling in love in fiction and itll always be that way. Some people might beg to differ with her views, most probably those who have claimed that theyve found the love of their life would. Much to her dismay, she wouldn argue with such things. People are meant to have their own beliefs, which is why some people are entitled to their own, just like her.

Love for her — never felt real, like those other people have perceived. Shed watched a lot of people drift apart from one another. Her parents, friends, and strangers. Even though shed always deemed herself as a spectator whos just solemnly observing for the sake of entertainment — she would always silently mourn for the love that had been gone — silently wishing that itll find its way back again, even if all possibilities have been lost.

But people get tired. People move on. It has always been like that, even if she hopes for it to change — but it never will.

But that statement seems to have been proven to have a lesser meaning when — insert the epitome of unforeseen disaster — Percy Campbell came to her life. She recalls the conversation they had inside Percys car after the party…

”Percy, I don have feelings for you. ” Ginny let it out yet again, trying to give Percy the opportunity to run away from her.

”I know. ” The latter answered simply, still busy dying Ginnys hair with a towel.

”I don want to accept it because I don want you to feel that you
e just a subject for my curiosity — or for you to feel that Im just messing with your feelings. ” She mutters softly, subtly observing the latters long lashes.

”I don think youll— ”

”You can tell Percy, ” She muses, her habit of overthinking was clouding her mind yet again. ”You don know me that well. Also, we don know each other that well either. ”

Percy stops what shes doing, and stares at Ginny directly, blue eyes softened at how adorably small and lovely she looks, ”Then, lets start getting to know each other first. ” Percy offered a soft smile, flickering those long lashes that Ginny always found attractive, ”Id love to take everything slow as long as you feel comfortable. ”

”Didn you hear what I— ”

”I completely understand everything you said, Ginny. ” She mends the top of her hair and tucks some between her ears. ”And if you
e curious what will happen between us after this, Id like you to know that Im absolutely down for it. ” She was invading her personal space yet again. Ginny had the scent of Percys distinctive vanilla perfume. She never really paid attention to it, but due to the latters perseverance and countless pursuits, the scent was rubbing all over Ginnys, which was something shes accustomed to now.

”I—I don know, Percy… ” She let out a doubtful sigh, not for Percy, but for herself.

”Use me. ” She intertwined their hands, ”If you would like to discover more about your feelings, use me. Im willing to help you — I want to. ” Ginny can see how determined the other person is, such an admirable sight to see.

”But—what if it doesn work? ”

”Then, well make it work. ”

And thats what happened the other day.

Ginny always knew that theres something more in Percy than meets the eye. The latter is like an enigma full of positivity. Its like she knew all the answers to the hardest questions that Ginny found difficult to fathom.

After the failed shenanigans at the party, Percy continued to pursue her. Much more to her dismay, the latter was more determined than ever.

Ginny gave herself some time to ponder on Percys preposition. Silently, wishing not to meet the latter anytime soon because her thinking process literally takes days to finish, or sometimes ages. But, Ginnys wish wasn granted pretty easily, especially since she remembered she has the oh-so annoying Natalie as a friend. Totally, a little devil in disguise.

They have lab together. Ginnys usual seat was always near the window with Natalie. But instead of Nat, Percy sat near her. She gave Natalie a puzzled look as she remained seated near Ariel James. Natalie just gave a wink in return.

Percy just beams a smile, flashing those gorgeous blue eyes, no words utter, just silently staring at her.

She told Natalie what was happening between her and Percy the other day. To her dismay, Nat didn take the idea pretty seriously, saying that someone needs to tame the beast inside Percy Campbell.

It sounds cringed as heck, as she would have remarked. She wasn partially interested in taming the campus Princess since shes not an animal in the first place. Uhm, not an ACTUAL animal that has fur and canine teeth, to be specific.

Though shes indeed intrigued to see a mushy side of Percy hovering over her lover — but not her, not Ginny. Someone like Ariel James. Right. Probably.

She recalled another conversation she had with Natalie about the same matter…

”Give the two of you a chance. She might be he one. ” She mutters grunting with displeasure while in the middle of her yoga session.

”What if it doesn work? ” Ginny was on the couch, arms wrapped on her knees, contemplating.

”If it doesn work, then, try again until the both of you can work it out together. Oh, fu—. ” She mutters faint curses while trying to do the bow pose.

”Language. ” Natalie just groaned in response. ”Thats not how a relationship works, Nat. ”

”How does a
eal relationship work then, Gi? Its not all sugar and spice and everything nice. Oh, god Im dying—. ”

Ginny watches her best friend struggle doing the camel pose, as indicated in the yoga workout tutorial she was following.

”You haven even started dating, yet you
e perceiving that its impossible already. ”

”Because it is. ”

e thinking too much. And also, I feel like my womanhood is being stretched. Oh, God. Why do people do these things. ” She watches the latter do a leg split, muttering profanities everywhere.

”No one told you to do yoga. ”

”I know. Thats why Im regretting my life choices now. Im already committed, so I gotta finish this shit. ”

”Language. ”

”Ugh. I can help it, Mom, Im in the middle of tearing my vagina. Oh, gracious, Im gonna be sore after this. ”

Ginny never fails to be amazed at how Natalie always manages to put sexual innuendos in her sentences. ”Go on a date with Percy first before you conclude its impossible. By the way, did you apologize already? ”

”Not yet. ”

Ginny wouldn probably bother doing such a thing if the result was a success, but unfortunately, it wasn . Now, she has to embrace the consequences of her actions.

”You should. I didn raise you to play with other peoples feelings. ”

”I don play with peoples feelings, thats why Im showing my indifference. ”

”Gi, you tried to push the girl to Ariel, her friend, without knowing. I would be pissed too if youd do that to me and Ariel. ”

”But you like Ariel. ”

”Of course I like her, shes pretty cool. And don change the subject or else Im gonna force you to do yoga with me. ”

Ginny thinks that Natalie is probably good at hiding or shes just oblivious about her feelings for the Japanese girl, and shes more intrigued to know more about it.

”Im planning to talk to her tomorrow. So you could stop nagging, Mom. ”

Ginny should be happy that shes back to her old routine but she was feeling rather — dull. She dislikes such things, and the only way to fix this is to see the girl and solve — whatever shes feeling.

She doesn really understand why shes feeling sorry. It was probably the most rational thing to do. Whats done is done and she needs to move on, but not seeing and talking to Percy for days was sort of felt — empty.

The last time Ginny saw Percy was three days ago, back when they were in her car having their heart-to-heart talk. Now shes watching the latter together with someone. Ginny doesn want to assume things, but she found the person clinging to Percy is absolutely clingy — to the point that Ginny can see that her bosoms were rubbing against Percys arm.

She was planning to apologize for her behavior on the night of the party. But she doesn feel like disturbing Percy and the womans moment together. She was about to turn around when she made eye contact with the girl. She was supposed to just ignore it but then—.

”Is that your girlfriend? ”

”Ginny, ” Percy called. Ginny sighs and then faces both of them.

”Hi. ” She lamely greets.

”What are you doing here? I know youve class at this hour. ” Percy untangled herself from the other person and intertwined their hands. Ginny just looks at their locked hands.

”The professor can make it, so I have an hour break before my next class. ”

”Oh. ” Percy just stares, looking a bit dazed. She snapped from her reverie when the girl elbowed her. ”Oh! ” Getting the hint, she introduced the both of them, ”This is my best friend, Yvanna Louise. Yva, this is Ginny Green. ”

”Hi! Oh god, Ive been meaning to meet you, but my friend here just wants to keep you to herself. ” Yvanna pushes her friend to get a better view of Ginny, which makes the other person amused, ”Shes absolutely adorable just like youve said, Percy. ” She looks at Percy and back to her, ”Is she bugging you too much? Im very sorry shes such a persistent child. ”

”Yva! ”

”What? Its true though. ”

”Ginny doesn need to hear that. ”

”Ignore her. Lets chat more before I go to my class. ” Yvanna hooked their arms, suddenly marking her as a friend, but before she could do further, Percy pulled Ginny by the waist, hands locked with each other, then urged the latter to run together with her. ”

”We don have time. Well chat later, Yva. ”

”Percy! ”

Percy led her to a vacant classroom, hands still locked with each other.

”Your best friend is something. ”

”True. But shes a little menace to my existence. ”

”She can be that bad. She can be worse than Natalie, that girl is the epitome of evil. ”

e right, Natalie is way worse. ”

She remembers the time when the little devil snuck a liquor bottle while in the middle of their literature class. Deeming that itll help them channel their inner Shakespearean side, which resulted in a montage of unfortunate disasters, much to her dismay.

”Ginny… Why did you come to see me? ”

”I—I wanted to apologize for pushing you to your friend, I shouldn have done that. ”

”What happened already happened, we could just forget about it and move on. Also—, ” She trails off, subtly closing their distance, ”I didn get the chance to say that you look so pretty at the party. Im not saying you don look good every day, its just that — its different from the usual baggy shirt and thick-framed glasses that you always wear. ”

”Im not that pretty. Have you looked at yourself in the mirror? ”

Percy started playing with her hair.

”Always. ” Well, she didn expect such cockiness. Ginny scoffs playfully.

e underestimating yourself, Ginny. You don know what other people — what I see in you. The baggy clothes and glasses can hide how gorgeous you are. ”

Ginny soon realizes that Percy trapped her, back against the wall, while the latters hand was still playing with the tip of her hair.

”You have such pretty eyes… Do you know that? They
e so brown and mesmerizing. You don know how many times Ive been drawn by just looking at them. ” Percy doesn seem to know that she also has attractive blue eyes that always glimmer when light touches. Compared to her, her blue ones are more mesmerizing to watch.

”And your nose, ” Slowly, she bumps both of them together, Ginny can feel the other persons breath on her face. ”So adorable. ”

”Also, those lips ” Blue eyes linger on her lips, ”I always wanted to kiss your lips. Though I don wanna scare you, so Im refraining myself from doing so. ” She looks her in the eyes, ”Am I scaring you now, Ginny? ”

”No. You
e too pretty to be scary. Try another method. ”

”All right. ” Percy giggled amusedly, ”What if — I kiss you now, will you run away from me, Ginny? Yknow the last thing that I don want to do is for you to hate me. ”

”Hate is a powerful word, Percy, I wouldn hate you, though Im not sure about the running part. ”

Ginny wanted Percy to kiss her. She wanted to feel it to confirm something. She was hopeful. If what Natalie said is true, then giving both of them a try will probably be worth a try.

”Ginny? ”

”Hmm? ”

e zoning out again. ”

Screw this. Lets think about the consequences later. She mentally remarks.

”Lets do it. ” Ginny firmly said, facing Percy, with a look of hope gleaming in her eyes.

Percy pauses, and continues, ”What do you mean by lets do it, baby? ” Ginny was taken aback by the sudden endearment.

”Lets try it — whatever this is. ” Percy was silent, staring at her with her mouth agape. Slowly, but surely, she grins widely, radiating. Shed been waiting for Ginny to say those words and she can hide how happy she is right now.

”So — I can kiss you whenever I want, right? ” Percy slowly states, eyes full of tenderness. She locked both of their hands and leaned gradually. Ginny nods, eyes full of anticipation, waiting for her heart to beat or feel any butterflies in her stomach any time soon.

”Id like to kiss you now, but not here. ” Much to her dismay, Percy kisses her cheeks instead, ”Id love it to be special. ”

Ginny doesn know what to feel about the cheek kiss. Though, she doesn dislike it either. Maybe she just needs to adjust since its been a while since she was in a relationship with someone. Percy leaned her forehead on her shoulder, ears red. Ginny doesn seem to fathom how the latter can be so bold and then turn to mush right after.

”Ginny, ” Percy slightly peeks, ”Im having lunch later. Um… if youd care to join me—. ”

”Yes, Id love to. ” She smiles a little, finding the scene adorable.

”Really? ” She shyly asks, averting her eyes from hers.

”Yes. ”

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