Miss Not so Typical Consider me Humored (GL)

Ch 10: A Not so Typical Emotion

One of the most embarrassing experiences Ginny had ever had was the time she went to the wrong restroom back in high school. It wasn a big deal for her since it was an accident. Its just that the most annoying part was that Natalie couldn stop reminding her about that embarrassing experience.

Right now, she was also, sort of, experiencing that similar embarrassment. And its Natalies fault as always.

She tried to recall how her best friend managed to trap her in such a situation. After a moment of thinking, she still couldn figure that out. But she still tries to ponder yet again…

”Are you ready? ”

”Y-Yes… Just do it. ”

”Ill put it on slowly because it might hurt. ”

”Yes, no worries. Ill be fine. ”

”What are you doing? ” Natalie abruptly interrupted the two in the kitchen, hoping that shell find them in an inappropriate position.

”Hi, Nat! ” Percy greets.

”Ginny accidentally scraped her finger while chopping. Im trying to disinfect her wound, but shes being a big baby. ” She said while holding a piece of cotton buds and Ginnys left hand, while softly chuckling.

”Im not a baby. It stings. I don like it. ” The other person just pouts.

”I told you Ill be the one cooking, but you didn listen. ” Percy can help but smile just seeing how adorable the view was.

”But I wanted to help. ” She pouts yet again.

”Alright, alright. My bad. ” Percy chuckles.

Natalie just narrowed her eyes while shaking her head in disbelief. Shed been observing her best friends actions towards Percy these past few weeks. And all she could say is — ”This woman is very much in denial. ”

She always fights the urge not to roll her eyes every time Ginny was having some relationship issues with Percy.

Now, she just couldn control herself. Natalie just rolled her eyes and proceeded to go to her room leaving the two, but without saying, ”I thought you were having sex. ”

The atmosphere became so awkward after Natalie left. There was a moment of silence, but it broke when, out of nowhere, Ginny began hiccuping.

”Im **hiccup** sorry **hiccup**. I don know **hiccup** why shes so grumpy **hiccup** these days. ”

Ginny can look Percy in the eye due to the embarrassment shes feeling. She had already forgotten about their one-night stand, but it all came back after Natalie made her remember.

”Gosh, you
e so adorable! ” Percy pinched her cheeks as she cooed. ”Its totally fine. I don really mind. ” Then, she stares at her intensely.

Ginny continued hiccupping with a stoic expression on her face, but the way her face reddened in embarrassment gave it all away. Shes still not really accustomed to Percys affection.

She couldn fathom why they ended up in such a situation. Just a while ago, Ginny was in the library, almost trying to murder anyone who would come near her. She was in the middle of finishing a group project. She was supposed to do it with someone. But that person suddenly just ditches her for no reason.

And Percy, being the lovely person she was, saw her cramming and helped her. After they finished the project, out of nowhere, Ginnys stomach growled loudly, making her embarrassed. She mentioned to Percy that she hadn eaten anything, making the other person worried.

They ended up stopping in Ginny and Natalies dorm since Ginny doesn want Percy to buy her food again. She doesn want to take advantage of Percys kindness. The latter offered to cook something for her. It was such a sweet gesture, and Ginny was so grateful.

Ginny doesn know how to cook because Natalie was in charge of that task. Yet being indebted and embarrassed to Percy, she kinda wanted to help the latter but ended up cutting her finger instead.

Their little moment was cut off when Natalie went out of her room and announced, ”Alright, nerds. Pack your bags. ”

Both of them look at her, confused.

”Huh. Why? ” Ginny asked.

e gonna go on a road trip. ”

Thats what happened. Aaaaand thats how she ended up in this position.

Ginny couldn fathom why she let herself be stuck in such a situation, and she also wasn sure how many times shed asked such questions to herself.

They were in a small conversion van, cramped all together like sardines.

Ariel and Natalie were engrossed in a conversation together. Ginny narrowed her eyes on her best friend. Somethings fishy between those two. She could smell it.

Ginny tries to determine each character of Percys friends. And heres what she came up with.

She looks at Yvannah who was munching on some snacks. She feels comfortable with Yvannah. She couldn help wondering why the same comfort she feels is similar to her best friend Natalie. Maybe its the best friend vibes that give it off, she thought.

”Would you like some snacks? ”

Unlike Yvannah, she doesn like Raegan. The latters whole being screams trouble. She likes to pull pranks on people and do some stupid things like that. Ginny dislikes those kinds of childish things. Also, she wouldn stop flirting with her and with every person she came across with. It was so annoying. And Raegan was just doing that to annoy her, she figured.

”What are you looking at? Do you find me pretty? ”

”Dream on. ” Ginny rolled her eyes.

Followed by the rest of the crew which Percy had introduced to her a while ago. Rian, Cherry, Mark, and Taylor together with Yvannah and Raegan were part of the dance club.

They are… kind of like… How should she put this… um…

”Im too handsome to be stuck here. ” That was narcissistic Taylor.

”No one told you to come, Mr. Egoistic. ” Thats savage Cherry.

”That sounds like a good title for a cringy manhwa, ” The nerdy member of the group, Mark, remarked, writing something on a small notebook, his thick glasses peering.

Ginny had never seen such a high prescription. She wonders how he can dance with that. Percy also mentioned that hes an aspiring manhwa writer.

”What are you doing? ”

”Im taking note of that. ”

”Eggnog noodles? ” That was the always-hungry-Rian.

”Thats not even close to what I said. ”

”Are we going to eat now? Im starving. ” She whines.

”Come again, pardon me? ” That was Taylor, reacting to Cherrys comment about him.

”I said no one invited you, so stop complaining. ”

”Im sorry, come again, pardon me? ” Taylor tried to lean his ears to Cherry. Genuinely trying to understand her.

Percy also mentioned that he has some hearing problems.

”I saaaaaaid no one invited you, so stop complaining. ”

”Pardon me, come again? ”

At this time around, just like Percy said, Cherry will lose her patience and will start releasing a menacing aura.

”She said you can hear shit! ” Mark shouted directly in his ear.

Every one of them gasps in shock.

”Marky! ” That was the angelic, slash babysitter of the group, Jasmine, Rians older sister. ”How could you say that to your friend? ”

Mark eventually felt guilty about what he did.

”Oh! ” Taylor exclaimed, realizing something. But then he continued, ”One more time, come again? ”

Then, the tension went away after that.

Natalies stepbrother, Ken, was driving the van.

”Sorry ladies and… gentlemen. We don have much space since someone just informed me last night that we
e going on a trip. ” He rants out. But eventually stops when someone, her little sister, to be specific, hits him with a flying slipper on the head.

”My god, woman! Why are you so violent? ”

”Just drive, brother, ” Natalie said casually.

Poor Ken. He didn rant again, worried that he might get hit by something else other than a flying slipper.

”Are you comfortable? ” It was Percy.


Ginny remembered her unexpected predicament. Since the van was small, they were forced to stack up with each other. Ginny is now sitting on Percys lap, while the latters arms are wrapped around her waist.

She blamed Natalies impulsiveness for this embarrassing situation.

”Yes, no worries. ”

”You can lean your head on my shoulder if you want to rest. ”

The kind gesture made Ginny smile.

Anyone can fall for Percy for being such a sweet and caring person, and she totally hates herself for being built differently, and for being the only person who couldn do that.

”Thank you. ” She softly mutters.

Ginny doesn want to address the depths of her feelings for Percy — or if theres even an ounce of romantic love, to begin with.

e still in the process of knowing each other. And she has all the time to build the kind of relationship shed always wanted.

Shes not saying that Percy would be her endgame, but shes also not closing her door for that sort of commitment.

The intensity of Ginnys peering made Percys heart race rapidly. Their position was also not helping since she could feel the latters body flush against her front.

She pressed her lips together, a habit that she always does when she feels anxious or excited about something.

Its been weeks since they started dating. And Percy couldn ask for more. Shes fully aware that Ginny doesn have feelings for her. It was clear from the very start, and its sort of a risk on her end.

What if Ginny will never like her the way she does? What if she falls to someone else? What if everything would never work out between the two of them? Those were the what ifs shed formulated in a span of knowing the latter.

Percy is well aware of that, well aware of the consequences of her action. But its now or never. Not pursuing and liking Ginny would be something that she would probably regret not doing. She doesn want to think about those what ifs because her actions in the present would reflect the things thatll happen in the future.

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