Liam Garcia

I sat in my office waiting for Jade to come in. I could not get my mind off her since I saw her yesterday but I doubt she felt the same way. My cousins had teased me about how Jade made me blush for the short period that I spoke with her.

I denied it in front of them but I couldn deny it to myself.

I was dressed like a student yesterday, so today Im in a sober navy-blue suit and a high-collar white shirt with a double top button, of course, I had to leave a few buttons open to let some stem and sexiness off, while also looking like a professor.

Jade did something to me, I can deny that. Maybe its her beautiful silky red hair, her big brown eyes, or her hourglass shape which gave pride to the beautiful flowery blue dress she was putting on. Or was it the way she talked?

Her skin was so bright; it gave the oaken chair right outside my office meaning.

Now each time I see the chair, Ill think of her.

I think I am falling hard for this one, but I can encourage this feeling. I hope its just a lusty feeling.

Itll fade away! It has to!

I sat quietly in my chair as I listened to Jade pace around my door, running through her practice speech over and over again. She is nervous about the job, while Im nervous about Jade.

Her voice! Her scent! Her cute little lips! It was torture to me that she wouldn just come in.

I needed to see her again.

I waited for a short while, listening to her rehearse and omit her speech to start all over again. I realized that this might take all day or she might just get nervous and leave, so I opened the door to let her in.

”oh if you were leaving, I can come back… ” she said as our eyes locked.

”I was opening the door for you. ” I let out a mild sneer while maintaining eye contact.

”How did you know I was…? ” She walked in slowly and I ignored her question.

She looked around my office filled with boxes, historical books, and antiques.

”Are you coming or going? ” She browsed through.

”Im here but what is the point of unpacking when you have to pack it again at the end of the semester. ” I tried to keep my answers simple.

”Whats the point of inhaling if you
e just going to exhale? ” Jade asked rhetorically.

Of course, shes smart too. I smiled at her sarcasm.

”Zeus right? ” she pointed at a book while taking a tour around the office. ”just as hes about to seduce Leda. He couldn come to her in his true form, because she wouldn have him. ”

She quotes some sentences from my book.

”I didn know that before but I read your book yesterday and I know that now. ” She tried to impress me.

You don need to do too much to impress me Jade I already am.

”You read my book… ” I echoed.

”Look, I need this job. And I won take no for an answer. ” I could sense nervousness in her voice.

I was quiet, I wanted to pick my every word with her because she seems anxious.

”Take a seat. ” I led her to the chair and took a seat too.

”Uh, look, Ill be honest, I don think that this is going to work out… ” I say.

”Why not? ” her face let a little frown.

”Well for starters, other than my book, do you know anything about anthropomorphic religions? ”

Jaden seems confused.

”Well the… the job is for a typist, not a T.A, so I don see… ” she stuttered.

”But I dictate, and theres a lot of specific terminologies. I don have time to train you. ” I explained cutting her short. But I can tell she hates me now.

”I don need to be trained, Im quite self-sufficient. So if you put me in the right direction… ”

”Right! ” I cut her short again. ”How do you spell Tlingit? ” I ask.

”Seriously? ” She seems to be angry now.

”It will be part of my new book so how do you spell it? ” I say.

”Does it start with F.U? ” She said with a cold look on her face.

Ooh! Burn! She is fierce too!

She got up angrily. ”If you don want to hire me then don , but stop looking for reasons not to. Because there aren any. ” She headed for the door.

”Wait! Before you go write this down… ” I say.

She got a pen and book out.

”T.L.I.N.G.I.T, Tlingit. They are indigenous people from the pacific west coast. ”

I can tell she had run out of words. She just froze there thinking of a befitting comeback for this cunt.

”You begin at 9 a.m. tomorrow, ” I said and got back to work like I didn give a **.

She slowly walked out of my office with a confused smile on her face.

I hate to see her go but I love to watch her leave.

I left the impression of an arrogant boss on her but I had to. She wouldn take me seriously if Im all nice at first.

Who was I kidding anyway? I was going to hire the shit out of her even if she couldn spell her name!

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